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DDDV Ch 124 Part 1 – First Day of Class (I)

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The education for the disciples of the Guiyuan Sect was divided into fundamental and specialized courses. Fundamental courses were mandatory for all disciples, while each cultivation branch had its own specialized courses. The Great Dao encompassed three thousand avenues, and it was the duty of the elders of the Guiyuan Sects to teach the junior disciples and share their knowledge with them. Any disciple was free to ask all kinds of questions, helping attain enlightenment and avoid many detours. Needless to say, the Guiyuan Sect’s education has produced countless elites and powerhouses throughout history.

When Lu Yaoyao and her second senior brother arrived at the Hall of Knowledge, there were already quite a few people present. “If anyone bullies you, don’t be afraid, remember their faces. I’ll take care of it for you,” Ziwen said, genuinely concerned. Among the new disciples, his little junior sister was the youngest, and he worried that she might be bullied when he couldn’t be around to protect her, hence his repeated reminders.

“Okay, okay! Senior Brother, don’t worry, I won’t let anyone bully me.”

“After class, I’ll come to pick you up.”


After sending Ziwen off, Lu Yaoyao turned around and immediately spotted Wen Zixing excitedly calling out to her, “Yaoyao, over here!” Wen Zixing occupied the last seat at the far-right end of a long table. He stood up and gestured enthusiastically, catching Lu Yaoyao’s eye. She walked over quickly.

“Yaoyao, sit here!” Wen Zixing invited with enthusiasm. Unlike others who wanted to sit at the front, right under the teacher’s gaze, Wen Zixing was a self-proclaimed flunker who wanted nothing more than to skip classes, hence his strong aversion to the front row. If anything, he wished he could be invisible.

“Xingxing!” Lu Yaoyao sat down on the cushioned seat. Her eye level was almost level with the tabletop, with only her big, bright eyes visible.

“Hahahaha…” Wen Zixing burst into laughter before he could even say anything, clutching his stomach.

Lu Yaoyao: “…”

The Hall of Knowledge was spacious, with three open sides and only sheer curtains hung down, not obstructing the view. Rows of neatly arranged double desks filled the hall. Considering that there were younger students, the cushions on the seats in the first row were higher, suitable for children aged eight to twelve, with those behind the second row were normal seats for adults. Lu Yaoyao, who walked to the very back and sat down, naturally looked so silly.

Lu Yaoyao felt like she was being made fun of and shot an unfriendly glare.

Seeing her reaction, Wen Zixing quickly suppressed his laughter and changed the subject, “How’s it at the South Fifth Peak? Is your Master treating you well? You haven’t been bullied, have you?”

Talking about her peak, Lu Yaoyao couldn’t hide her joy, “Master and the senior brothers are all very nice. I even have my own separate house. I also have an alchemy room. Once I learn how to refine pills, I can start practicing!”

“Yesterday, Muxue and I went all over the places with our senior brothers. But I didn’t see you guys.” Lu Yaoyao quickly recounted her experiences, including how she had curiously asked about the whereabouts of Dao Venerable Hengwu’s residence while familiarizing herself with the sect. Her goal was clear: she wanted to have an audience, hoping to meet him in person.

Who in the Cultivation Realm wasn’t curious about the legendary ancestor? Neither Ziwen nor Lu Junyang suspected Lu Yaoyao of any ill intentions. They simply mentioned that His Venerable disliked having visitors on his East Ninth Peak and had set up a barrier to prevent unauthorized entries. Moreover, he wasn’t even on East Ninth Peak; he was in seclusion at the summit of the extreme cold peak.

When Lu Yaoyao heard that Dao Venerable was in seclusion, she could only regretfully give up and wait for another opportunity to visit.

On the other hand, Wen Zixing was happy for Lu Yaoyao when he heard of her excellent treatment. However, he also couldn’t help feeling a bit envious, “I just have one room.” There were also other senior brothers living nearby! Yaoyao had a separate two-story villa all to herself, while he had at most a single room. Despite them both being direct disciples, why was there such a huge difference?

Wen Zixing held back tears of envy.

Lu Yaoyao extended her small hand and patted his arm reassuringly, “It’s okay, come visit me when you have time. I’ll cover your pill expenses!”

“Hehe!” Wen Zixing also patted his chest to promise, “And I’ll cover your talisman expenses!”


“By the way, have you read ‘Quest for Immortality’?” Wen Zixing suddenly asked, his gaze fixed on Lu Yaoyao to gauge her reaction.

Lu Yaoyao was puzzled. “What’s that?”

Seeing only pure curiosity in her bright eyes without a hint of shock or any other emotion, Wen Zixing couldn’t help but inquire further, “Haven’t you read this novel?”

Lu Yaoyao thought for a moment, “I haven’t. Is it good?” She was quite interested. “Is it better than ‘Dao Venerable Hengwu vs. 108 Devil Generals’ and ‘Supreme Duel! Dao Venerable vs Devil Venerable’?” It had been several days since she had last listened to storytellers in Tianyan City. She hadn’t had enough yet! This title, ‘Quest for Immortality,’ was unknown to her. She wondered if she would have the chance to listen to more stories in the future — at least, she wanted to buy as many storybooks as possible and read them!

“Huh?” It was Wen Zixing’s turn to be perplexed.

“Do you also like listening to stories?” The man sitting at the front suddenly turned around with surprise in his eyes. He looked forward and didn’t see anyone, but he heard an equally surprised and childish voice say, “You like it too?!”

The man’s gaze lowered and first met a head of black hair, then locked onto a pair of bright, shiny eyes.

As their eyes met and surprise collided, at that moment, two words popped into their minds: kindred spirits!


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