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DDDV Ch 124 Part 2 – First Day of Class (II)

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As two pairs of eyes met and surprise collided, at that moment, two words popped into their minds: kindred spirits!

The man leaned over the table, his handsome face approaching Lu Yaoyao, “I love ‘Sadistic Love Amidst the Flame of War.’ The conflicts between love and hatred in there are even more exciting than all the fighting!”

“I haven’t heard of that one. Is it really that exciting?!”

“Absolutely, let me tell you…”

Wen Zixing: “…” He finally figured out what they were talking about. He looked at his friend, who had abandoned him to chat fervently with someone else, feeling lost. ‘Quest for Immortality’ was a novel, but not from this era. He had been contemplating it for a while now, and in the process, he hadn’t even bothered to bond with his senior brothers. He had finally sensed something was amiss.

He hadn’t done anything yet, but the plot had already changed. There was definitely more than just him who had transmigrated! Wen Zixing pondered, and the only variable he could think of was Lu Yaoyao. Thus, he couldn’t wait to confide in one another and share a bond with a fellow transmigrator.

In his opinion, Lu Yaoyao was quite impressive! He only wanted to ensure that Chao Muxue was safe and not killed; he hadn’t even considered fundamentally altering the plot.

Now that Chao Muxue was not Dao Venerable’s only disciple, she certainly wouldn’t receive special treatment, attract the attention of the Devil Venerable, and eventually lead to the final conflict. Right — they could simply resolve it from the root, couldn’t they?

But he hadn’t expected that Yaoyao seemed unaware of the novel… Was she really transmigrated? Wen Zixing was once again caught in a dilemma.

“What are you all chatting about? So lively?”

Wen Zixing looked up and saw Chao Muxue walking in, followed by Du Qianshan.

Lu Yaoyao lifted her excited, slightly flushed chubby face, “Muxue! Qianshan! You’re here!”

The seats next to Lu Yaoyao were empty, so Chao Muxue and Du Qianshan sat there.

“This is my new friend, Senior Zihui!” Lu Yaoyao exclaimed happily, then she introduced her friends to the young man.

Zihui lazily greeted, “Hello, junior brothers and sisters!” Zihui’s eyes would only light up when it came to his hobby, and at other times, he wore a lazy expression.

“Hello, Senior Brother!”

Lu Yaoyao noticed that the hall had become very lively. She tilted her small body to look up and saw that almost all the seats were taken. Upon closer inspection, she recognized several familiar faces. Lu Yaoyao realized that most of them were inner disciples and personal disciples who had joined in the past two days, but Li Dazhuang was nowhere to be seen.

“Inner disciples and outer disciples take fundamental classes separately,” Zihui explained. He was a veteran in the class. Those who took fundamental classes would undergo final exams every three years, and those who failed had to retake the classes with the next batch of new disciples. Zihui, who repeatedly failed the exams, had become a permanent student, a true ‘expert’ to speak.

Lu Yaoyao’s eyes sparkled, “Senior Brother Zihui, you know so much!”

Zihui proudly responded, “Of course, there’s nothing in Guiyuan Sect that I, Yan Zihui, don’t know!”


“Qianshan, Muxue, how are things on your side?” Wen Zixing naturally asked about their relationships and treatment. Then he learned that Chao Muxue had her own independent small courtyard, while Du Qianshan shared a double room. The treatment varied between personal disciples and regular inner disciples, as well as among different main peaks. Compared to Du Qianshan’s shared accommodation, his single room was better, although not the best.

Lu Yaoyao and Yan Zihui soon engaged in an animated conversation. The topic, of course, was about the stories they both loved so much. Yan Zihui was a veteran in this aspect, seemingly knowing countless of them. Lu Yaoyao listened with great interest and sometimes reacted with exclaims and applause.

Soon, an elderly man dressed in a white Confucian-style robe stepped onto the stage. The hall instantly fell silent, and the disciples who had been chatting and had left their seats quickly returned to their places.

Facing the students, the old man cleared his throat and sternly began, “I am your instructor for this course, and you may address me as Teacher Mu.” He scanned the room and nearly missed the short figure of Lu Yaoyao, who was barely visible above her seat.

Teacher Mu thought he might have been mistaken, but when his gaze returned, he indeed saw a short little dumpling sitting in the back row.

“Younger students should sit in the front row.” He said.

At first, Lu Yaoyao didn’t react, but she noticed that the teacher was looking at her.

Lu Yaoyao: “…”

Wen Zixing nudged her: “Hey, the teacher’s looking at you.”

Lu Yaoyao stood up and walked to the front, feeling frustrated. How could she make others believe that she wasn’t a child, but just hadn’t grown tall yet?

Most of the new disciples this year were quite young. There were several small kids, but Lu Yaoyao still looked the youngest. Murong Liluo was also sitting in the front row, and when she saw Lu Yaoyao, her gaze turned hostile. The only empty seat was next to Murong Liluo, and as Lu Yaoyao approached, before she could even ask if she could sit there, Murong Liluo said in disgust, “You’re not allowed to sit here!”

Lu Yaoyao stopped in her tracks, looking startled; her big eyes widened, as if she hadn’t quite understood.

Teacher Mu frowned in displeasure, “The classroom is no place for loud disturbances!”


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  1. I already like Yan Zihui! His personality and hobby definitely suit Lu Yaoyao and he seems like an interesting character overall. I also really like that Wen Zixing is fine with altering the plot and not being excessively concerned about the consequences of straying from the original novel, unlike a lot of other transmigrated people in novels.
    Thanks for the chapter! 😀

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