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DDDV Ch 125 Part 1 – Fundamental Courses (I)

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Murong Liluo was reprimanded, and only then did she realize that she had behaved improperly. Looking at the other disciples’ gazes, filled with scrutiny and doubt, turning towards her, her face turned pale in an instant. She dared not speak anymore. Murong Liluo was accustomed to being unrestrained and often forgot that this wasn’t a place where she could behave recklessly. As for Lu Yaoyao herself, she also didn’t want to sit next to someone who clearly didn’t get along with her. Sitting at the back was much better–her friends were there, and she even had a new friend!

Well, she was a big girl anyway, so she shouldn’t argue with a small girl. With this in mind, Lu Yaoyao ignored Murong Liluo and directly asked the teacher, “Teacher Mu, can I take these cushions and sit in the back row?”

Teacher Mu’s frown deepened.

Lu Yaoyao explained earnestly, “My friends are sitting in the back, and I want to sit with them.”

Teacher Mu lowered his head and looked down at the small disciple. The white uniform robe was draped over her plump figure, making the little girl look especially adorable. Her shiny eyes looked at him playfully, filled with a sincere request. After a moment of pondering, he finally relented.

Lu Yaoyao immediately thanked him happily and picked up the cushions from the empty seat next to Murong Liluo, bouncing back down.

Wen Zixing was happy to see Lu Yaoyao was back and quickly helped to arrange the cushions.

Lu Yaoyao sat down again, her eyes were finally higher than the desk. But for her, it was still too low. She added another cushion and raised her line of sight enough to read and write comfortably on the desk.

Teacher Mu proceeded to start the lecture. “For today’s first lesson, let’s talk about the history of the Yuanqi Continent…”

Guiyuan Sect’s fundamental course covered a wide range of topics. The ‘Yuanqi Record’ was essential knowledge for the disciples. It was not a regular history lesson, however, as it covered the evolution and changes that happened to the continent itself. Among others, the lecturer would explain the emergence of secret realms so that disciples wouldn’t be clueless when encountering one during their future experiences. The rise and fall of various sects on the Yuanqi Continent were also discussed during the class, summarizing historical points and learning from past mistakes. While Teacher Mu explained, he would occasionally operate a tablet, projecting images for the disciples to see.

The disciples were very attentive. Those who had privileged upbringing had mostly learned about this basic already, but there were unique insights exclusive to the Guiyuan Sect. Some disciples were enlightened by the new knowledge, while those who had never taken a lesson were eager to absorb everything.

Lu Yaoyao initially gave her total focus on the lesson, but as she listened, she realized that the teacher was essentially teaching her what she had learned from her Father as a child. Before she even learned to speak, Father had recounted the history of the continent almost every day!

She had always treated it as a bedtime story. The history Teacher Mu was narrating was quite similar to fragments Father had told her, but she found Father’s version more engaging. Lu Yaoyao’s eyes drifted, lost in thought for a moment, before returning her focus to the lecture. She could just regard it as a review.

This lecture lasted for half an hour. Afterward, there was a break from the time it took for an incense stick to burn, and Teacher Mu left the classroom. As soon as the teacher’s figure disappeared from their sight, the quiet atmosphere in the hall quickly dissipated, replaced by liveliness.

Lu Yaoyao turned to her new friend, “Senior Brother Zihui, let me ask you. If we already understand all the lessons the teacher teaches, do we still need to attend the classes?”

Lu Yaoyao was extremely curious. The teacher had never explicitly explained the rules of the classroom or the grading criteria. If the subsequent lectures were all things she had known beforehand, she would soon be bored to death! What a waste of time!

“In general, if you can ensure you pass the exams, you don’t necessarily have to attend these basic classes. However, if you fail, your future won’t be so smooth.” Yan Zihui explained. In reality, disciples with some status had mostly learned the fundamental curriculum while at home. The current attentiveness was due to the new disciples’ initial obedience. After spending enough time in the sect, skipping classes was quite common.

Even Yan Zihui himself usually skipped classes. He came to attend the first lecture today mainly to see the new batch of juniors. Having met a kindred spirit named Lu Yaoyao, this trip was absolutely a fruitful one.

Meanwhile, Yan Zihui’s explanation caused Wen Zixing to shed tears of envy. This system was too accommodating. Attendance was not required, and even if only one person showed up, the teacher would still earnestly complete the lecture. Everything would be alright if you passed the exam, and if you did not? Just enjoy your trip into the hell called ‘repeating grades.’

“How did you provoke that Murong Liluo?” Yan Zihui asked curiously. As the self-proclaimed know-it-all of the Guiyuan Sect, he was well-informed about the backgrounds of the new disciples. Naturally, he knew that Murong Liluo was a young miss from the Murong family, and it was solely thanks to her family’s connection with an elder that she was accepted as an inner disciple.

That little girl had average talent, but an overly spoiled temper. Even if she had just arrived, she wasn’t well-received by the elders. Every disciple who passed the test and joined the Guiyuan Sect was a talent in their own right. It was one thing for this girl to have used her connections to become an inner disciple, but she didn’t even understand humility and modesty. Who would tolerate her bad temper?

Lu Yaoyao shook her head. “We were staying at the same inn before. In fact, we haven’t even had a proper conversation these past two days, just exchanged glances.”

“Maybe she’s jealous that I can go out and play whenever I want, while she’s being held back by her family’s people.” Aside from this, Lu Yaoyao couldn’t think of any other reason she might have offended this Murong Liluo to the extent of holding a grudge until now. Regardless of the other party’s blatant hostility, Lu Yaoyao always maintained her composure and didn’t argue.

Everyone: “…” Isn’t this too rash?

Nevertheless, it was a fact that Murong Liluo harbored hostility toward Lu Yaoyao. After class, she seemed ready to pick a fight again. However, when she stood up, she saw that Lu Yaoyao was surrounded by a group of so-called friends, while she…

Murong Liluo looked at her side and found that only a guard from her family was by her side. This made her feel even more resentful. At home, everyone fawned over her, seeking her favor. But since she came to Guiyuan Sect, nothing went her way.


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  1. Murong Liluo is such a brat, so I can’t wait for her to learn the harsh reality that people don’t really care about her, but rather are only putting up with her due to origins. Unfortunately, I don’t think she’ll ever get any character growth in the story and will only serve as cannon fodder.
    Thanks for another chapter! 😀

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