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DDDV Ch 125 Part 2 – Fundamental Courses (II)

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Murong Liluo looked at her side and found that only a guard from her family was by her side. This made her feel even more resentful. At home, everyone fawned over her, seeking her favor. But since she came to Guiyuan Sect, nothing went her way.

Murong Liluo sat in frustration. Seeing others chatting in groups while she sat all alone only fueled her anger further.

Lu Yaoyao was oblivious to the complexity of the girl’s thoughts. Surrounded by familiar faces, she quickly acquainted herself with her new friends. She was becoming more familiar with the Guiyuan Sect and felt as much in place as a fish in water.

The new disciples had two classes in the morning. After class, Lu Yaoyao still did not feel satisfied and wanted to stay longer with her friends, but as she walked out of the Hall of Knowledge, she found Second Senior Brother was already waiting outside.

Lu Yaoyao hopped over and quickly introduced her friends to Ziwen.

Wen Zixing still had something to say to Lu Yaoyao. He hesitated for a moment and finally said, “Yaoyao, I will see you later!”

“Sure! See you tomorrow!” Lu Yaoyao waved goodbye to her friends and left with Second Senior Brother to the South Fifth Peak.

They would have classes again tomorrow, so they could meet. Lu Yaoyao decided that no matter the content of the class, she would attend it on time. Surely it wouldn’t be boring with her friends around!

Ziwen was like a parent sending their child to school for the first time, incessantly asking Lu Yaoyao about her day in class. They chatted as they happily returned to South Fifth Peak.

There were no classes in the afternoon, but Lu Yaoyao wasn’t idle. In the spirit of enlightening, Ziwen brought her several thick volumes of a compendium of medicine.

In Ziwen’s eyes, although his little junior sister was still very young, she was very smart.

Sure enough, Lu Yaoyao was excited and began flipping through the books with relish.

The first three days seemed to be an adaptation period for the new disciples. Afterward, Lu Yaoyao and her peers plunged into a busy schedule of studying and cultivation. Lu Yaoyao started her day by practicing basic skills at dawn. The basic four arts of music, chess, calligraphy, and painting were also rotated. The rest of her time was spent eagerly studying alchemy at South Fifth Peak. Everyone was so busy that they could only exchange chats during breaks, having no other spare time otherwise.

As a result, Lu Yaoyao had been too occupied to take care of her original goals. Nonetheless, she still found time to inquire around amidst her busy schedule, yet failed to find new leads. After much pondering, Lu Yaoyao decided to seek Yan Zihui’s intel.

In the first few days, Yan Zihui still found the new batch of students fresh and diligently attended lectures every day. But it did not take long for the novelty to wear out and he returned to his old habit of skipping classes. These days, it was rare to see Yan Zihui in the Hall of Knowledge, so the moment Lu Yaoyao caught sight of his figure, she immediately ran over, “Senior Brother Zihui, can you send me back to the peak today?”

After Ziwen picked her up and dropped her off for three days, Lu Yaoyao refused to let him continue. She had so many classes, and having Second Senior Brother shuttle her back and forth meant he couldn’t attend to his own matters. Lu Yaoyao felt that she was already familiar with the Guiyuan Sect and she could go to classes on her own.

Yan Zihui readily agreed to Lu Yaoyao’s request. After bidding farewell to her friends, the two of them headed back to South Fifth Peak. “Yaoyao, we don’t have classes in a couple of days. How about we go down the mountain together? The storyteller has a new story, and it sounded quite interesting to me,” Yan Zihui said.

Lu Yaoyao’s heart immediately raced. She had been in Guiyuan Sect for quite a while now and hadn’t had a chance to go out once, while Yaqing had been staying in Tianyan City all this time. Still, she had many matters to attend to, so she only said, “I’ll consider it next time.”

Walking alongside Yanzi on the stone steps, Lu Yaoyao looked around; they were the only two on the path. So she asked, “Senior Brother Zihui, do you know about Lu Yuandao?”

“Lu Yuandao?” Yan Zihui repeated in confusion.

Lu Yaoyao nodded. “I heard that this person was the first elder of the Guiyuan Sect a thousand years ago?”

First Elder? Yan Zihui furrowed his brows, pondered for a moment, and then shook his head. “I haven’t heard of it. Where did you hear this from?”

“On my way to Tianyan City. I overheard some people talking. They said this elder was incredibly powerful, so I wanted to ask.” Lu Yaoyao looked up at him. Wasn’t Senior Brother Zihui supposed to be the Guiyuan Sect know-it-all?

“Never heard of it.” Yan Zihui’s voice sounded lazy. “I’m not even a hundred years old yet. You’re asking me about someone from a thousand years ago, how would I know? I’ve been in the sect for several decades, and I’ve never heard anyone mention this name.” Even his Master was just a little over six hundred years old. If the name hadn’t been passed down within the sect, no one would know about this person unless they specifically investigated.

“I only know that our sect nearly got wiped out over a thousand years ago. It seems like many powerful individuals perished during that time. In our sect, only His Venerable and the Sect Leader are over a thousand years old. Only they would have a first-person account about the people and events from a thousand years ago.” As he spoke, Yan Zihui looked puzzled. “By the way, how could outsiders know about someone unknown even within our sect? Who did you hear about this from?”

Lu Yaoyao blinked. “I don’t know, really. I don’t know them. I just overheard something on the road and got curious.”

“If you’re truly curious, you can check the Library Pavilion.”

“The Library Pavilion?”

“Exactly. If this person was truly a former elder of our sect, there must be some records about him in the Library Pavilion.” Yan Zihui patted Lu Yaoyao’s head. “Or you could ask your master. I can help you inquire as well. If you find out, remember to share it with me.” Lu Yaoyao’s inquiry had piqued his interest.

Lu Yaoyao nodded, “But Senior Brother must remember to share your findings too.”

Yan Zihui grinned. “It’s a deal.”

As their conversation flowed, they eventually arrived at the foot of South Fifth Peak. Lu Yaoyao’s steps came to a halt. “Senior Brother Zihui, thank you for sending me back.” Taking a few steps forward, she turned back and waved her small hand. “See you later!”

Yan Zihui didn’t insist on sending her off. He remained stationary, returning her wave, and watched as the little girl joyfully bounced and skipped her way back.


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