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DDDV Ch 127 Part 1 – Alchemy Mist (I)

“Little Martial Aunt? Little Martial Aunt, are you awake?” came a series of calls from outside the door. After a while, the quilts in the second-floor bedroom stirred, and a slightly chubby face with sleepy eyes poked out from under the covers.

Lu Yaoyao’s face still carried the drowsiness of sleep, her usually lively eyes refused to open. She sat up for a moment, her messy hair standing up in all directions. After a brief moment, she lay back down and instantly resumed sleep mode.

Suqing knocked on the door several times, growing more anxious as time was running late. “Little Martial Aunt, I’m coming in!”

Suqing waited outside for a while before pushing the door open and entering. She approached the inner room and saw that the lump on the bed remained motionless. “Little Martial Aunt?” Concerned, she stepped closer. Normally at this time, her Little Martial Aunt would have been up and full of energy. Seeing her so unusually still, Suqing began to worry that Lu Yaoyao might be sick.

“Little Martial Aunt, please wake up. You’re going to be late for class.”

“Little Martial Aunt?” Suqing pulled down the covers, revealing a slightly reddened face, breathing steadily, apparently deep in sleep. She reached out to touch Lu Yaoyao’s forehead and then checked her pulse, finding nothing unusual. Still, she continued to call her to wake up.

Amid the repeated calls, Lu Yaoyao struggled to open her eyes. In a soft voice, she mumbled, “Just let me sleep a little longer?” Her plump figure rested on the bed, her limbs seemingly paralyzed, and she felt sealed in by the bed, unable to get up.

“You will be late!” Suqing lifted Lu Yaoyao up, helped her get dressed and freshened up, and then gave her a few sips of spirit-nourishing porridge. She also packed some snacks in a small pouch for her to munch on later.

With her eyes closed the entire time, Lu Yaoyao was escorted out of South Fifth Peak by Suqing, still half asleep. She had been engrossed in reading storybooks, only briefly closing her eyes right before dawn. She felt like she had just fallen asleep when Suqing woke her up. Now she was feeling drowsy as if she could fall asleep again the moment she lay down. However, since she had to attend class, Lu Yaoyao forced herself to wake up and hurriedly ran to the Hall of Knowledge. She was a bit late today; the teacher had already stepped onto the stage by the time she rushed in and took her seat.

Wen Zixing wanted to talk to Lu Yaoyao, but upon looking at the teacher on the stage, he suppressed the urge to chat.

Teacher Mu naturally noticed the student who arrived even later than himself. He gave her a quick glance, observing her innocent expression, and chose not to comment. “Today, let’s delve into the topic of demons and devils. As we all know, the Yuanqi Continent is inhabited by three major races coexisting harmoniously… Demons and devils possess a savage and ruthless nature, devoid of humane qualities. We must eradicate them whenever encountered…”

“The two races excel at disguising themselves, so whenever you venture outside to gather experience, you must never let go of your vigilance…”

Lu Yaoyao’s head began bobbing; she was eager to continue listening, but the weight of drowsiness was proven too lethal. Leaning forward on her desk, she succumbed to the rhythm of the teacher’s words, gradually dozing off. Even in her half-sleep state, she couldn’t help but interject her thoughts. Demons and devils did possess humanity; her childhood friends were pure-hearted and kind demons…

And her Daddy, the Devil Venerable himself, always treated her the best!

They were nothing like the cruel and savage beings the teacher described them to be…

As Teacher Mu lectured, he normally paid little attention to whether students were fully engaged. But in the stillness of the classroom, his voice carried a commanding and solemn presence. However, a sound of steady breathing soon joined the tranquility, rising and falling in harmony with his words.

Several students soon noticed this and pressed hard to suppress their giggles.

Teacher Mu: “…”

There was a brief pause in Teacher Mu’s speech as he wavered between forbearance and exasperation. Unable to endure any longer, he walked over to Lu Yaoyao’s side.

Wen Zixing glanced at Teacher Mu’s frowning face and anxiously gave Lu Yaoyao a slight nudge.

Pretending not to have noticed the movement, Teacher Mu lightly tapped his desk with a ruler.

Seeing her continue to doze, Wen Zixing pretended to cough loudly and used his hand to nudge and shake her.

Suddenly jolted from her dream, Lu Yaoyao wondered if there was an earthquake. The loud coughing next to her made her turn her head in confusion as she slowly regained her awareness, “Did you catch a cold?” She asked groggily.

Wen Zixing shook his head and covered his mouth, trying his best to convey messages via desperate winks. Lu Yaoyao was confused, and before she could figure it out, a slight cough came from behind her.

Lu Yaoyao’s body suddenly tensed as she remembered where she was. Realizing her own situation, she stiffly turned around, “T-teacher…”

Teacher Mu asked sternly, “What should you do when encountering demons or devils when you are venturing outside?”

Lu Yaoyao stood up and thought for a moment before responding, “If they are bad guys, kill them. If you can’t defeat them, run away and seek help… If they are not evil, we can spare them.”

“Absurd!” Teacher Mu hadn’t expected that he would ask such a simple question and receive such a ridiculous answer. “How can there be non-evil among demons and devils? They are cut from the same cloth. Kill every single one that you encounter!”

Lu Yaoyao couldn’t help but retort, “Just like there are good and bad humans, there must be good and bad people among demons and devils, too. Can’t we judge them individually?”

“A demon is always a demon, and a devil is always a devil. Those who are not humans are all sinister and cunning. If you show mercy to demons and devils, you’ll meet a terrible end!”

“I…” Lu Yaoyao was about to continue, but was quickly interrupted by Wen Zixing, who then stood up and passionately declared, “Teacher, you’re absolutely right! They are not of our kind, so they must be different in nature! When facing demons and devils, we must treat them as enemies, just like the autumn wind ruthlessly sweeping away fallen leaves, cold and merciless!”

Teacher Mu nodded in approval, casting a quick glance at the young girl in red. He had assumed this disciple would be a well-behaved one, but it seemed that her thinking was already skewed despite her young age. Nevertheless, it was his duty as a teacher to look after naïve young disciples and correct their misguided nations, “Go back and write the rules ten times.” Teacher Mu decided on a minor disciplinary action before turning back to continue the class.

“Next, we will learn how to distinguish demons and devils in disguise…”

Lu Yaoyao took her seat, her small face pouting in dissatisfaction.


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  1. It’s no wonder there’s such hatred between the three races, especially if each race is being taught that any race not like their own is evil and must be killed if encountered. It seems she’ll have a long way to go change such thinking. Although, I’m pretty sure the teacher is mostly correct about the devils having cruel natures, lol.
    Thanks for the chapter! 😀

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