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DDDV Ch 127 Part 2 – Alchemy Mist (II)

Lu Yaoyao took her seat, her small face pouting in dissatisfaction. She was fully awake now; her anger had driven away any trace of drowsiness. If humans keep giving extreme teachings to the younger generations, it would only deepen the rift between the three races. Prejudices would take root, deepening in every generation as humans’ initial reaction upon encountering demons and devils would only be hostility and wariness. In such situations, how could they even consider understanding the thoughts of other races? However, this issue of perspective had taken root for a long time, and she couldn’t outright declare it wrong. In this environment, her thoughts were radical and unconventional. Pondering this, Lu Yaoyao’s mood sunk, and she remained in a gloomy mood even after the class ended.

Seeing Lu Yaoyao’s sunken face, Wen Zixing patted her shoulder reassuringly. “Don’t be sad. I share your perspective.” Wen Zixing’s words were meant to comfort her. Having read the original novel, he knew the deep-seated animosities among the three races were like an unbridgeable chasm, impossible to resolve. In the novel, even as the world faced destruction, the relationships among the races didn’t ease and only grew even more intense.

Wen Zixing still wasn’t sure if Yaoyao was the same as him. He had observed her for so long, finding her intelligent but without any particular peculiarity. Even when facing Chao Muxue, she seemed unaware of the plot, still engrossed in the idea of reconnecting with the last of the group: Li Dazhuang.

Wen Zixing himself was thankful Li Dazhuang was in the outer sect, separated completely from them. He wished for their relationship to fade, so the other party wouldn’t have the chance to approach them again. He believed Li Dazhuang, this cunning spy, would surely find opportunities to get close to them!

Chao Muxue chimed in, “I agree. All living beings have spirits. The distinction between demons, devils, and humans is just a societal construct. We’re all sentient creatures.”

“Everything has yin and yang, just like our human race. There are those who embody righteousness, magnanimity, and selflessness, and then there are those who are cunning and deceptive. We haven’t actually understood demons and devils and haven’t lived among them. How can we be so certain they are purely evil?”

Lu Yaoyao’s eyes sparkled. Touched, she looked from one friend to another and held their hands. “I think the same way.” She was deeply moved! They say birds of a feather flock together, and her friends share her beliefs.

Du Qianshan looked around, feeling left out. Born in peaceful times, his impression of demons and devils came from his surroundings. Since everyone loathed them, he followed suit, merely echoing what others said. But what his friends said made sense, too. After pondering for a while, he put his hand on Lu Yaoyao’s shoulder and said seriously, “I agree.”

Wen Zixing knew that Chao Muxue held such beliefs, so it wasn’t surprising. After all, she was the novel’s female lead who dreamed of the three races resolving their differences and coexisting peacefully rather than fighting at every opportunity. What was unexpected was that Du Qianshan shared the same thoughts.

Wen Zixing knew that demons and devils had emotions, just like humans. However, what he had eagerly anticipated was Chao Muxue’s brilliant scene of defending her belief. Why hadn’t that happened yet? It should have occurred during this period. Could it be because Lu Yaoyao was the one being called up and her answer was so provocative that Chao Muxue no longer had the turn?

Yan Zihui turned his gaze back to the group of little ones, not partaking in their discussion. He chuckled silently, knowing that once they came into contact with demons and devils, they would understand how naïve their current ideas were.

Meanwhile, the conversation made Lu Yaoyao feel a closer bond with her friends. Excitement surged within her, but she couldn’t suppress a yawn, revealing the resurfacing fatigue that had been forgotten.

Yan Zihui saw this and asked curiously, “What were you up to last night?” It looked like she had been staying up late last night.

Lu Yaoyao was surprised, “Senior Brother, you’re here?” Her cheeks flushed as embarrassment crept in. “I was reading storybooks last night and lost track of time.”

“Did you go down the mountain? Which books did you buy?”

“No, it was lent to me by Martial Nephew Sujing. He…” Lu Yaoyao’s words were interrupted when Yan Zihui suddenly stood up and roared, “Sujing?!”

Lu Yaoyao was taken aback, “Y-yes, what’s wrong?”

Yan Zihui looked at Lu Yaoyao with a touch of sorrow, “I’ve asked him to lend me books many times, and he’s never willing to give me even one…” Why? Why would Sujing lend books to a little kid but not to him? Could it be because he’s not cute enough?

“Uh…” Lu Yaoyao was at a loss for words.

“Not only did he refuse to lend them to me, he never allowed me to take even a single look. I haven’t entered his study before,” Yan Zihui continued with a tone of resentment. Could a tiny kid like her even understand the content of the storybooks? Wouldn’t it be better if Sujing lent them to him?

Lu Yaoyao blinked innocently, her little face full of confusion. She didn’t know why either. It must be that Senior Brother Yanzi offended Martial Nephew Sujing before!

Wen Zixing was curious, “What storybooks? Can I take a look?” He also enjoyed reading novels! What kind of books could keep Lu Yaoyao up all night?

“Only if Martial Nephew Sujing gave permission.” Lu Yaoyao tilted her head, “Xingxing, can you read yet?”

Wen Zixing: “…” He forgot, he was currently illiterate and couldn’t read the characters of this world. It was indeed a sad fact.

Lu Yaoyao laughed. Despite being punished for transcribing the rules ten times, her improved mood remained unaffected.

As the break time was about to end, a sudden cry rang from outside, “Look!”

“It’s the highest level purple dawn mist! Someone has successfully refined a high-ranking pill!”

“And that golden light!”

Hearing the commotion outside, Lu Yaoyao and the others rushed out, eager to see what was happening. The area was already crowded with people, all staring in awe in one direction. Lu Yaoyao bounced along at the back, unable to see anything.

“Over here, Yaoyao!” Yan Zihui grabbed Lu Yaoyao, and they climbed a scenic hill to get a better view. The sight before them was breathtaking—a burst of purple mist tinged with golden light was forming into a haze. Such a phenomenon, even on the Yuanqi Continent, was an extremely rare spectacle, a breathtaking sight.

“It’s the South Five Peaks.” Yan Zihui exclaimed, “It seems Martial Uncle Mo has refined an incredible elixir.” Hall Master Mo’s excellence in alchemy rivaled that of his contemporaries in the Medicine Sect.

“Yaoyao, your master is amazing!” Chao Muxue praised.

Lu Yaoyao unconsciously puffed out her chest, her expression radiating pride. Her eyes gleamed as she declared with fervor, “I want to become an alchemist as formidable as my master!”

“I want to create the most powerful talismans!”

“I want to become the strongest sword cultivator!”

Ignited by excitement, they declared their most ambitious goals.

Yan Zihui shook his head and sighed. These kids surely were young and full of energy. An old salted fish that he was, on the other hand, truly couldn’t compare to their youthfulness.

“What are you all doing standing there? Are you attending class or not?” Teacher Mu naturally spotted the condensing mist. As he returned to his senses and realized his classroom was empty, he huffed and puffed in irritation.

Upon hearing Teacher Mu’s shout, the disciples outside hurriedly scurried back into the classroom in a flurry of panic.


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