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DDDV Ch 140 Part 1 – A Double Amount of Punishment (I)

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Lu Yaoyao stood on her desk, comparing the height of the stack of letters to what she remembered. Satisfied, she confidently placed her hands on her hips — as expected, there was nothing she couldn’t do!

What was so hard about this stack of letters, anyway? She could write even more… well, maybe not.

Lu Yaoyao massaged her wrists. Thankfully, this was the world of cultivation, and her body was much stronger. Otherwise, writing non-stop for so many hours might have ruined her delicate hands.

But even if her hands weren’t tired, her mind certainly was! At least, the content of the letters didn’t require her to rack her brain too much, because most of them were similar to the ones she had written to Daddy with just slight differences in some places. But it didn’t mean that she wasn’t tired!

Lu Yaoyao carefully packed the letters and stashed them in her small pouch, ready to hand them over tonight. But the sun had not yet set and it was still early evening. Jumping off the table, Lu Yaoyao ran out of the study. She glanced at the sheer curtains hanging in the doorway, partially blocking the sunlight. The warm late afternoon sun cast a gentle glow on the soft cushions on the terrace, making them especially inviting. The terrace was a relaxation spot Lu Yaoyao had personally arranged; when staying indoors for too long, she could come out there and enjoy the scenery. There were soft lounges, cushions, and throw pillows, all of which she could use for sitting, lying down, or any other way she pleased.

Lu Yaoyao walked over and lay down on one of the soft lounges, feeling so comfortable that she didn’t want to get up again. Lu Yaoyao closed her eyes and instantly fell into a deep, sweet slumber. She felt like she had only slept for a short while when her friends’ voices came over, invading her dreams so abruptly.

“Yaoyao? Yaoyao?”

She jolted awake.

Rubbing her eyes, Lu Yaoyao heard Xiao Xingxing’s voice coming from outside her pavilion. She got up and went to the railing, standing on a stool to lean over and look down. She saw her friends standing outside the building. “Muxue, Xingxing, Qianshan!” Lu Yaoyao waved happily. She then turned and quickly ran downstairs to meet them. “Why are you all here?”

Chao Muxue smiled and replied, “We came to check on you.” She noticed the still-visible dark circles under Lu Yaoyao’s eyes and asked with concern, “Have you rested well?”

Lu Yaoyao shrugged, “Thanks for caring, but we’re all cultivators. A few days without sleep won’t affect us.”

She had simply developed the habit of sleeping, but she could go without sleep for a day if necessary.

Meanwhile, Wen Zixing was looking up at the plaque hanging above the main entrance, inscribed beautifully with a strong and exquisite character. As someone who had been practicing literacy diligently lately, he silently read the inscribed name “Ludan Pavilion,” feeling a bit puzzled to find the ‘Lu’ part written in the character that meant ‘Deer’ instead of Lu Yaoyao’s ‘Lu’.

“Oh!” Lu Yaoyao noticed Wen Zixing’s gaze and explained. In the beginning, she named her pavilion after the ‘Lu’ character from her surname, but her senior brothers misunderstood it. After the plaque was installed, Lu Yaoyao went to see it, only to find the name written wrongly. Since the plaque was already hung up, she couldn’t be bothered to change it back. It sounded nice anyway.

“I’ll show you around,” Lu Yaoyao said with great spirit. It was the first time her friends visited her house, and she was very enthusiastic about giving them a tour.

Led by Lu Yaoyao, the group went through every part of the small pavilion. When they entered the alchemy room and found a furnace there, their curiosity was piqued, so they lingered for a while. Lu Yaoyao explained everything to them, her eyes shining with excitement.

Wen Zixing and the others were extremely envious. They sighed in admiration seeing how much favored Lu Yaoyao was. She hadn’t even started refining, yet everything she would eventually need, from the furnace to various kinds of medicinal herbs, was already prepared.

After touring the alchemy room, Lu Yaoyao took them to the balcony on the second floor.

The space there was relatively large, suitable for entertaining guests.

“Yaoyao’s place is really nice,” Wen Zixing commented with envy. All he had was a single room, so he admired Lu Yaoyao’s two-story pavilion. Although it wasn’t large, it was exquisite in every way and perfect for a single occupant.

Lu Yaoyao was delighted. “It was all arranged by my senior brothers, but this terrace was decorated by me and Suqing.”

Chao Muxue remarked, “It’s very comfortable. If my place also had two stories, I’d want to decorate one too.” She really liked the terrace, which had a setup that instantly lifted one’s spirits, and thought Lu Yaoyao had a knack for decorating. Unfortunately, her own place was only a single story.

As for Du Qianshan, who shared his living space with his fellow inner disciples, he couldn’t participate in this topic.

After everyone expressed their admiration, Wen Zixing looked at Lu Yaoyao with a hint of reproach. “Yaoyao, you skipped class without us. We agreed to skip class together, remember?”

Lu Yaoyao sighed, “But it was an unexpected situation. I didn’t plan to skip class originally.”

Wen Zixing pouted.

Chao Muxue cast a glance at Wen Zixing and said, “Yaoyao, don’t mind him. He’s used to making a fuss over nothing.” Then she changed the subject, “Senior Brother said that he has already arranged everything for Dazhuang. He’ll be at the main peak, so he won’t have to do much work, and it’ll be convenient for us to study together.”

Lu Yaoyao nodded in delight, “That’s great.”

Wen Zixing, still concerned about their original plan, asked, “Didn’t we agree to skip class together? Will our original plan still stand?”

Lu Yaoyao nodded, “Of course.”

Chao Muxue, on the other hand, asked a more practical question, “Will it affect your studies? Can you finish your assignments without staying up late?”

“Don’t worry, Muxue, it won’t affect me.” Lu Yaoyao assured. But she suddenly thought of her two fathers and instinctively covered her buttocks.

Both Father and Daddy were here now — if they found out she had skipped class, would she get a double amount of punishment?

Lu Yaoyao’s eyes darted around, trying to convince herself that Father and Daddy probably wouldn’t pay attention to her activities during the day. Besides, even the teacher himself often turned a blind eye to such things.

Convinced, she felt much more at ease.

Wen Zixing and the others didn’t stay for long. As the sun began setting and the sky was covered by the evening glow, the three of them left together.


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