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DDDV Ch 140 Part 2 – A Double Amount of Punishment (II)

With a pile of letters in her pouch, Lu Yaoyao felt endless confidence and eagerly waited for her Father to come and pick her up. She didn’t have to wait long. Just as the sky began to darken, Yao Jiuxiao appeared before her and took her to the East Ninth Peak.

As soon as she touched the ground, the little dumpling proudly took out the stack of letters that matched her height from her bag and presented them, “Father, these are the letters for you!”

Yao Jiuxiao lowered his gaze and carefully inspected the letters. Once he confirmed they were the same height as the ones from yesterday, his frosty demeanor thawed, and he nodded in satisfaction before putting them away.

With her hands on her hips, Lu Yaoyao declared boldly, “Father, after you’ve read them, you need to write me a self-reflection essay. Think deeply about your inappropriate behavior towards your daughter! Remember, the essay cannot be less than a thousand words!”

Just as she finished speaking, she realized she hadn’t provided any specific requirements for Daddy’s self-reflection. She looked around left and right, asking, “Where’s Daddy?”

She was here, but Daddy was nowhere to be seen?

Yao Jiuxiao’s brow twitched, maintaining his silence.

Since Lu Yaoyao couldn’t find Lu Qingyu, she asked the only person who might know, “Father, where is Daddy?”

Yao Jiuxiao replied coldly, “I don’t know.”

Lu Yaoyao let out a faint sigh. They had only been together as a family for one night, and her Daddy was already missing?

Yao Jiuxiao paid no heed to Lu Yaoyao’s melancholy. He swiftly switched from being a strict father to a stern teacher and said, “It’s time to practice your swordsmanship.”

Lu Yaoyao: “…”

With no other option, Lu Yaoyao took out her small wooden sword and began practicing her swordsmanship.

At this moment, she was relieved that her Daddy wasn’t present; otherwise, he might insist on her practicing her whip techniques too…

She really had it tough!!!

As she practiced, Lu Yaoyao suddenly remembered something she had been curious about for a while. “Father…”


Just as she started to say something, Father’s stern voice cut her off. Lu Yaoyao had no choice but to remain silent and continue her practice. She actually wanted to ask about the arrangements for Grandmaster’s return and learn more about his story. According to the rules of the Guiyuan Sect, Grandmaster had already passed away, so records and biographies about him should be found in the sect’s library. However, despite searching for a long time, she couldn’t find any information. What could be the reason for this?

Someone as formidable as Grandmaster, with such a high status, would have no records at all.

“Don’t get distracted.”

Once again, the stern voice silenced Lu Yaoyao. She quickly regained her focus.

Lu Yaoyao practiced diligently, losing track of time. When Yao Jiuxiao finally said she could stop, the moon was already high in the sky.

“Father, did I make progress?” Lu Yaoyao rushed over to Yao Jiuxiao. Her eyes, bright and glittering, seemed to scream: “Praise me, praise me!”

Yao Jiuxiao lowered his head, met his daughter’s eager, sparkling eyes, and caressed her head in approval. “Not bad, you’ve improved a bit compared to the past few days. However, to return to your level from three years ago, you’ll need to continue working hard and not slack off.”

Lu Yaoyao tilted her head, wondering if that counted as praise.

Well… let’s take it as one.

“Father, what do you plan to do about Grandmaster?” Lu Yaoyao finally asked the question, carefully observing Yao Jiuxiao’s expression.

Yao Jiuxiao’s initial reaction to the discovery of his Master’s remains was tumultuous, but he had since regained his composure. Those on the path of cultivation often battled with life and death, and they had long grown indifferent to it. Countless cultivators had met untimely ends along the way, not to mention that his Master had passed away over a thousand years ago. Yao Jiuxiao had long come to terms with it.

“In a few days, your Martial Uncle and I will send him to his final resting place,” Yao Jiuxiao replied. He then patted Lu Yaoyao’s head. “You will go too.”

“Shouldn’t Grandmaster receive a grand return?” Lu Yaoyao blinked. According to her idea, the return of a former First Elder’s remains should be announced to the entire world, and then a grand funeral will be held with representatives from various sects of the Cultivation Realm attending.

“We should not discuss the matter of the Abyss publicly,” Yao Jiuxiao said with a serious expression. His daughter was young and inexperienced. The moment Master’s remains suddenly appeared, there had to be a reasonable explanation. If they openly revealed it, the existence of the Abyss would be exposed. On the Yuanqi Continent, the Abyss only existed in legends — even Yao Jiuxiao knew very little about it, and its details remained a mystery. The Abyss was like a separate realm within itself, and according to Lu Yaoyao’s description, it was no less than a Cultivation Realm.

And that Abyss could recognize a master.

Except for the grotto-space opened by a cultivator themselves, there was no realm that recognized a master, but a personal grotto-space was incomparable to the Abyss. Even Yao Jiuxiao couldn’t make Cultivation Realm recognize him as its master. If the matter of the Abyss recognizing a master was to become public, it would attract countless unnecessary attention. Everyone, be it human, demon, or devil, would want to obtain the Abyss, leading to conflicts and strife, which was a common occurrence on the Yuanqi Continent.

Yao Jiuxiao didn’t want Lu Yaoyao to attract too much attention at such an early age.

Speaking of which, Yao Jiuxiao remembered the young divine beast that had been accompanying his daughter when he wasn’t around. He had only taken a brief glance at it that day and didn’t pay it much attention. However, after Yaoyao mentioned it later, he started thinking further.

Could that divine beast be trusted? Would he betray Yaoyao in the future because of the Abyss?

Yao Jiuxiao secretly decided to investigate carefully.

Unaware that her Father was wary of Shen Changyuan, Lu Yaoyao listened to his explanation and blinked confusedly, “Father, why don’t we just not tell anyone that I brought him back from the Abyss? Or, we could simply not mention where Grandmaster returned from?”

Yao Jiuxiao patted Lu Yaoyao’s head, “It’s not that simple.”

Lu Yaoyao tilted her head, her small face filled with confusion. She didn’t understand what was so difficult about this. Was this what the adult world was like?

Deciding to drop the subject, Lu Yaoyao asked another question, “Father, I couldn’t find any records about Grandmaster in the library pavilion. Why? I heard from the scribe there…” She rattled off her questions in rapid succession, her curiosity piqued, “…by the way, have you already had your biography written? Can I take a look at it?”


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