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TGCF Ch 19 Part 1 – To Go to Yan City, First We Must Flatter Dr. Ning. (I)

Xia Mian didn’t even bother looking back when she heard a rustling noise behind her. Instead, she swiftly grabbed Brother Long’s wrist, the one gripping the knife. With a tap of her slender hand on his wrist, the not-so-sharp fruit knife dropped to the ground. No one there saw how her fingers moved, but the small knife flipped in her hand, casting beautiful shadows. Holding the knife gracefully in one hand, Xia Mian sneered coldly at Brother Long, pinching his wrist with her other hand, “Let me teach you how a knife should be used.”

As her words fell, Brother Long felt the world spin and found himself thrown to the ground. By the time he gathered his senses, the tip of the knife was hovering steadily above his eye, cold murderous intent seemed to emanate from the icy metal tip…

She wasn’t just threatening; she was truly ready to stab down! The frightened Brother Long had only this thought in his mind. As he struggled in terror, his neck was gripped in a chokehold to silence his screams, allowing only a faint gasp to escape, “Ugh, ah…” The next instant, a foul smell filled the air.

His two accomplices didn’t even dare to move. The only one who still could speak, Jitou, said tremblingly, “X-Xia Mian… n-no, I mean Miss Xia… L-let’s talk this out, okay? We can talk…”

“Who is Miss Xia?” Xia Mian glared at him, then looked down at Brother Long’s wet pants and frowned in disgust.

Seeing her shift the knife away, Brother Long breathed a sigh of relief, but his relief only lasted a few short seconds when he felt a sharp pain in his shoulder. Without hesitation, Xia Mian had stabbed into his shoulder and now was watching him with a smile, “I said I would teach you how to use a knife. Did you think I was just bluffing? I generally don’t like to just scare people — I always get real.”

“I told you, didn’t I? I’m a minor, and you guys are trespassing with malicious intent. You were not just trying to rob me, right? Whatever I do to you is legitimate self-defense…”

Brother Long tensed up even more.

Xia Mian sneered coldly; she had no more patience for this scum. Her wrist moved, and the blade sliced through the skin, splattering bright red blood. “So, even if I stab you a few times, or even accidentally kill you, the law cannot do anything to me…” she whispered; very gently.

Leaving Brother Long trembling like a leaf, Xia Mian’s gaze shifted to Brother Hu. Brother Hu swallowed nervously. He stepped back in fear; his whole body stiffened. He had many experiences extorting students, who usually would instantly quiver like frightened chicks the moment he drew a weapon. But it was his first time facing someone as fierce as Xia Mian!

“M-Miss Xia, p-please let him go… you-you’re choking him to death.” Jitou pleaded fearfully. His eyes fell on Brother Long, whose face was turning red from holding his breath in fear.

Xia Mian glanced down casually, as if just realizing Brother Long was struggling to breathe. She scoffed and stood up, casually wiping a bit of blood from the fruit knife onto the dragoon tattoo on Brother Hu’s arm, then tossed the knife to him.

Brother Hu took the knife, but by this point, he had lost all the courage to fight back. No matter how slow, they now understood that the girl before them was crazy, and they definitely weren’t her opponents.

Sitting on the couch, Xia Mian looked down at the trio, now crumpling on the floor like a group of ugly worms, “Tell me, what did Zhang Qiming ask you to do?” She lifted her chin.

Fifteen minutes later, A’Hu and A’Long, each wearing only a pair of underwear, lying together on the bed in Zhang Qiming and Huang Xiaojuan’s bedroom, hugging each other affectionately.

The camera they brought had shifted from Jitou’s neck to Xia Mian’s hand. There was also an open bag at her feet, containing hemp rope and duct tape and such — these thugs had come prepared. But Xia Mian didn’t need them. She looked at the two men on the bed and instructed impatiently, “Didn’t you hear me? Get closer, closer! Weren’t you planning to do the same thing to me? Now do it! Hug him closer!”

“Tsk, I haven’t even told you to kiss, what’s the big deal? Stop being stubborn. Are you going to do this forever?”

A’Long and A’Hu looked at each other in horror, trying their best to cover their chests with their hands. They were a pair of best buddies who ate from the same plate together. But at this moment, this overly intimate posture was killing them!

This was an era where homosexuality was still regarded as a mental illness and the general public treated gay people as if they were spreading the plague. As such, even lowly scoundrels like these two thugs had a strong aversion toward homosexuality.

But so what? No one could challenge her, Xia Mian, without paying the price! She was merely practicing an eye for an eye!

How outrageous it is? She, a gentle and beautiful little angel, almost got forced by these scum of society and had her n**ed photos taken!

The more Xia Mian thought about it, the angrier she became. She picked up the fruit knife again and threatened, “We can finish it while my baby is still sleeping, or you can wait until he wakes up; your choice. It won’t be a bad idea to keep you tied up for one or two nights before we resume filming.”

A’Long and A’Hu: …

What choice is this?

As if reading their minds, Xia Mian sneered, “It’s a choice between long-term pain and short-term pain. The longer you drag this out, the worse my mood gets, and the more difficult the poses will become. Make your choice, or you can wait until tonight. Filming at night surely will bring a better mood.”

A’Long and A’Hu lowered their arms, crying inside. They might be thugs, but they were not idiots! Realizing they had no other option, they closed their eyes, steeled themselves, and, drawing on the deep understanding forged through years of camaraderie, hugged each other simultaneously.

Xia Mian watched coldly, “Don’t worry, I am a fair person. Both of you will take turns with all the poses, so no one will be at a disadvantage!”

If they could, A’Long and A’Hu would really want to curse out loud: What do you mean by ‘fairness’? That’s clearly a double dose of suffering!

However, could they argue about fairness with Xia Mian? Of course not. So, the pair of arrogant and violent thugs were forced to resign to their fates. Swallowing their pride, they ‘caressed’ each other’s chest and buttocks, posing very intimately in front of the lenses. Xia Mian kept her word and, in a very ‘fair’ manner, had them change the top and bottom position, doubling the humiliation…

Xia Mian also didn’t enjoy the photo session, but she endured it. After taking more than twenty shots, she retrieved the film and tossed the camera back to Jitou. She then turned to ask A’Long, “How much did Zhang Qiming pay you to do this?”

Jitou, who had been trying to reduce his sense of presence, shuddered at the question, reminded again of the fear of being robbed the day before.

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