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DDDV Ch 146 Part 2 – Fate (II)

“Do you want history to repeat itself? Guiyuan Sect almost perished once. We’ve spent years restoring its glory, do you want it to fall into ruin again?” Lu Chongyun’s voice lowered, “Isn’t the blood of tens of thousands of people in our enough to prove that they were wrong?” He asked harshly, “Yao Hengwu, do you intend to repeat their mistake?”

“Chongyun,” Yao Jiuxiao sighed, “Each of us is stained with blood.” Humans have also killed countless demons and devils. The grudges and disputes, enmity and resentment, even the line between victims and perpetrators — those had long become blurred.

“So, who is naïve? Me for being oblivious, or you for dreaming of the impossible?” Lu Chongyun scoffed, “Have you been blinded by these three hundred years of peace?”

Was the peace brought by a fragile treaty, easily shattered, mistaken for true peace? Who didn’t know how that treaty came about?

Yao Jiuxiao calmly turned his gaze away, overlooking the surging clouds below. “Sitting alone atop the snowy peak, watching the stars move, observing the changes of the world, I still can’t fathom fate. I couldn’t understand the lifeline divined by the Diviner in his last moments until recently, when it dawned on me.”

Lu Chongyun found it laughable, “You mean to say that this is the lifeline?”

“I’ve been wondering what could cause Yuanqi’s demise. Natural disasters? If so, they’re beyond our control. But—” Yao Jiuxiao’s tone shifted, “Perhaps it’s the beings of all three realms that will lead to the continent’s destruction.”

“Chongyun, we are leading ourselves towards our own demise, step by step.”

“No eggs are left unbroken when a nest is overturned. The prophecy from ten thousand years ago has given us a warning, cautioning beings from all walks of life against waging war, or else all would perish.”

“Yuanqi hasn’t seen an ascension in ten thousand years; the path upward has been cut off. All beings here are trapped animals in this large cage we call home. If we don’t unite to find a way out, we will only entrap ourselves further.”

Sadly, the prophecy didn’t awaken the beings but brought endless panic and despair, even hastening their march toward destruction. Perhaps some realized it, but the deep-rooted, unresolved hatred prevented any change. They couldn’t let go, and no one wanted to reflect deeply.

The continent nurtured life, yet life didn’t cherish its birthplace.

Yao Jiuxiao hadn’t seen the world from ten thousand years ago, but that was when the continent was most splendid, with countless spiritual materials and resources that now existed only in legend, and numerous cultivators above the Soul Transformation stage.

War after war harmed the land irreparably, causing aura to slowly decline. Yao Jiuxiao had observed for centuries, and almost no cultivators broke through the Soul Projection stage, let alone Soul Transformation. Fewer and fewer outstanding talents emerged with each generation, and the number of people born with spiritual roots diminished over the years.

Years of endless war had left the continent scarred and riddled with destruction.

Yao Jiuxiao remembered that three hundred years ago, even the air carried an unshakable scent of blood, which only dissipated completely a hundred years after the war ceased.

“This path is difficult, but our predecessors have paved it with their blood and flesh. If we walk again, we can go further.”

Lu Chongyun was livid, “You’re on a path to self-destruction! You are a pillar of the Cultivation Realm. If people learn about your absurd thoughts, they will see you as a traitor to humanity, a disgrace! You will fall from grace, hunted by everyone. Do you understand you will be forsaken by all?”

“Even at the Great Ascension stage, you can die.”

“Perhaps that day will come, but it won’t be worse than a thousand years ago.” Yao Jiuxiao slowly replied. The hardest part of the path had already been traversed; someone had to continue walking the rest.

“You’ve gone mad!” Lu Chongyun, in a fit of anger, brushed his sleeves and stormed off.

Yao Jiuxiao stood still, not turning to look back.

Moments later, a tall figure in red appeared on top of the pavilion, the wind rustling his robe and black hair.

As dawn broke, a muffled scream came from a room. A small dumpling on the bed rolled around excitedly, clutching a corner of the blanket. Her little face buried in it, her short legs kicking in excitement.

She had regained her cultivation and could now use aura! After just one night’s sleep, she was at the initial stage of Qi Condensation. In a few days, her cultivation would certainly grow further!

Lu Yaoyao happily rolled around for a while before sitting up and looking at her hands. Her plump, tender hands opened and closed flexibly, manipulating the thin spiritual aura available to her.

This was a novel experience for Lu Yaoyao. Having consumed too many spiritual fruits and pills in her childhood, her cultivation had skyrocketed without her realizing it, suddenly reaching the Foundation Establishment stage. This time, it was like starting from scratch, which she found acceptable.

When Suqing came that morning, Lu Yaoyao announced happily, “I’ve initiated aura into my body! I’m a Qi Condensation cultivator now!”

“Congratulations, Little Martial Aunt!” Suqing was extremely surprised and delighted. For such a young child to reach Qi Condensation was truly impressive, worthy of being Hall Master’s personal disciple!

Hearing Suqing’s continuous praises and shared joy, Lu Yaoyao felt excited and a bit shy. She could be even more impressive!

That day’s lesson was about practicing spells. Lu Yaoyao arrived a bit earlier than usual, and there were only a few people in the practice field. She waited a while and was the first to see Wen Zixing, immediately jumping up and waving excitedly. “Xingxing!”

“Yaoyao!” Wen Zixing also greeted her with a bright smile. “You’re so early today?” He thought he was the earliest, not expecting to see Lu Yaoyao there first.

Lu Yaoyao twirled in front of Wen Zixing and then asked expectantly, “Do I look different today?”

Different? Wen Zixing scrutinized the short dumpling, pondering with his chin in his hand. After a moment, he speculated, “Fatter?”

The smile on Lu Yaoyao’s chubby face fell, and she kicked out at Wen Zixing, who jumped back, screaming, “Can’t catch me!”

“Meanie Xingxing! You’re the one who got fatter!” Lu Yaoyao chased after Wen Zixing angrily. Damn Xiao Xingxing, he dared to say she’s getting fatter!

“Hehe, you can’t hit me!” Wen Zixing flaunted his ‘long’ legs… although he wasn’t tall, and his legs weren’t long, compared to Lu Yaoyao’s short ones, anyone would seem to have long legs.

“Stand still and take your beating!”

When Chao Muxue and Du Qianshan arrived, they saw Wen Zixing teasing Lu Yaoyao. Without a word, they joined in, each grabbing one of Wen Zixing’s arms.

“Hey, what are you doing? Let me go!” Wen Zixing protested.

Seeing Wen Zixing restrained, Lu Yaoyao quickly ran up and jumped forward, stomping on Wen Zixing’s foot. She then stepped back, stood in front of him with her hands on her hips, and proudly said, “See if you dare to do it again!”

Wen Zixing winced in pain and pleaded for mercy, “I won’t dare anymore.”

Only then did Chao Muxue and Du Qianshan let go of him.

“How did Xingxing bully you?” Chao Muxue looked at Lu Yaoyao with a smile.

Before Lu Yaoyao could answer, Wen Zixing protested, “You all didn’t even understand the situation and just sided with her against me.” They were all friends! He felt his tender heart had been wronged.

Du Qianshan said matter-of-factly: “It’s obvious you were bullying Yaoyao. She would never bully anyone.”

Lu Yaoyao nodded in agreement, “Right, he bullied me! He said I was fat before and even fatter now!”

Hearing this, Du Qianshan glanced at Lu Yaoyao and then spoke with conviction, “That’s where you’re wrong. How can you say a girl is fat to her face? Even if it’s true, you shouldn’t say it. Otherwise, even the gentlest girl can turn into a fierce tigress. It’s really scary.”

Lu Yaoyao: “…”

Chao Muxue: “…”

“Stinky Qianshan, you’re mean too!” Lu Yaoyao shouted angrily and kicked at Du Qianshan, “This is just baby fat! It will go away when I grow up!”

Chao Muxue didn’t speak, but she also kicked at Du Qianshan.

Du Qianshan, who got hit twice: “……”

Wen Zixing burst into laughter: “Hahaha…”


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