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DDDV Ch 154 Part 2 – Grand Memorial (II)

Lu Junyang took Lu Chongyun’s order and left to manage the affairs. Understanding his Master’s intent, he realized they didn’t need to justify their actions to anyone. He just had to handle the matter according to sect rules. As for the ensuing debates, people were free to have their opinions.

Once Lu Junyang grasped his Master’s intention, he smoothly arranged everything. If anyone inquired further, he had his response ready.

Soon, Lu Junyang, as the sect’s representative, made a clear stance. The Guiyuan Sect had no intention of causing disputes; any conjectures, opinions, and ideas expressed by individuals were solely their own, not the sect. With the return of the previous elder’s remains, Guiyuan confirmed his demise and opened all his writings and teachings to the library pavilion. Regardless of his controversial ideologies, the elder’s unique insights into cultivation could enlighten many disciples to come.

As the leading figure among Guiyuan’s current generation of disciples and a prime candidate to succeed Sect Leader Lu, Lu Junyang naturally possessed a unifying and centripetal force. Upon his return, the initially restless sect quickly settled down, with disciples conducting themselves in an orderly manner.

The Guiyuan Sect specially invited the head of the Divination Pavilion to calculate an auspicious day, and the nearest suitable time for holding a grand ceremony was in ten days. This period was neither too long nor too short, providing ample time for the sect to prepare. Leaders and elders from various sects in the Cultivation Realm had already arrived at the Guiyuan Sect. Even if those who couldn’t come in person had also sent representatives.

In the Cultivation Realm, there were few people over a thousand years old. Even among those, many were still very young when Elder Lu shone the brightest. It might take the older generation a while to recall Lu Yuandao, but once mentioned, they have a deep impression of this person. After all, Lu Yuandao was an extremely dazzling figure at his time, known throughout the Three Realms. When the world learned of his demise, the entire Cultivation Realm lamented for a long time. It was said that no one knew where he lost his life. Unexpectedly, after a thousand years, his remains could still be found.

As such, almost all powerful figures over a thousand years old in the Cultivation Realm had come for the grand memorial. Apart from Dao Venerable Hengwu’s millennium birthday celebration, this was probably the busiest event hosted by the Guiyuan Sect.

Even Lu Yaoyao and Wen Zixing, initially almost bored to death, also found themselves caught up in the busyness. Their masters brought them to greet the elders of various sects, receiving many meeting gifts in return.

After the greetings, the elders had their conversations, and the younger generation took their leave. Lu Yaoyao followed her senior brothers out. Because of the importance of the ceremony, none of the disciples were in seclusion, and Lu Yaoyao’s four senior brothers were all very busy. Eldest Senior Brother Ziwang was having a friendly exchange with other sects’ alchemy cultivators, Second Senior Brother Ziwen was even busier handling the South Fifth Peak’s affairs, while the Fourth Senior Brother Ziting ran out to meet his friends and escape the peach blossom debts1 he had accumulated.

Lu Yaoyao’s three senior brothers had told her of Ziting’s flamboyant nature and his popularity among women. Apparently, he had countless intimate friends, which he didn’t deny. However, Lu Yaoyao didn’t have a direct understanding until recently, when she finally realized the true extent of Fourth Senior Brother’s popularity: in just a few days, dozens of female disciples from various sects came looking for him, sometimes even several at once, with the current record seeing three or four different batches of beautiful women in just one day.

What’s more amazing was that these women, when they accidentally ran into each other, would greet each other friendly and chat for a while, creating a very harmonious atmosphere with no signs of jealousy or fighting.

The first time Lu Yaoyao saw this, she was stunned, but after seeing it a few times, she got used to it. Her Fourth Senior Brother… really impressive!

As Ziting’s little junior sister, Lu Yaoyao received many gifts from these ‘elder sisters.’

She must say something: these sisters are really nice, and the fickle-hearted fourth senior brother doesn’t deserve them!

Needless to say, this matter caught the eye of their Master, who became even more disgusted with his fourth disciple. If it weren’t for the inappropriate timing, Ziting would probably be facing a long confinement.

Ziting was also afraid of being punished by their Master, so he went into hiding.

As a result, Lu Yaoyao could only stick with her Third Senior Brother Ziwan, who was relatively idle and was not forced into hiding. She liked to listen to the gossip Ziwan shared, which she found more exciting than any storybook!

One day, Ziwan mysteriously said to Lu Yaoyao, “Come, I will take you to meet someone.”

“Who is it?” Seeing his expression, Lu Yaoyao tilted her head in confusion, feeling like Third Senior Brother was about to take her to do mischief.

Ziwan just laughed mysteriously. “You’ll know when you see,” he casually scooped Lu Yaoyao into his arm.

Lu Yaoyao, with her face down and her short arms and legs dangling around, puffed her cheeks in dissatisfaction. This small body of hers was too inconvenient, being carried and held at every turn!!! She looked up at Ziwan, trying to see him, “Third Senior Brother, let me go! I’m feeling sick.”

Ziwan looked down, belatedly realized with an “Oh,” and then put the little dumpling on his shoulder before continuing to stride forward.

Lu Yaoyao’s view suddenly elevated. She stabilized herself and looked around, very satisfied with the new position.

Who does Third Senior Brother want to take her to meet? Lu Yaoyao was very curious, but Ziwan obviously didn’t plan to satisfy her curiosity.

Well, it doesn’t matter. She would meet the person soon enough.

Ziwan brought Lu Yaoyao to the top of the small hill on the South Fifth Peak. From afar, Lu Yaoyao saw a person standing in the scenic pavilion on the cliff top. Ziwan quickened his steps and, before even reaching the pavilion, called out, “Xiao Yu!”

The person in the pavilion turned around upon hearing the voice. Dressed in a yellow cassock with red accents, the young man’s handsome features were not diminished even with a shaven head. Hands clasped together, his eyes were tranquil, appearing detached from the dirtiness of the mundane world. When he looked at you, it felt as if in an instant, your entire being was cleansed, and your mind became clear.

For an instant, Lu Yaoyao felt as if the person before her was radiating golden light, halo and all.

“Amitabha, greetings to the two benefactors,” the young monk spoke gently.

Ziwan walked over and familiarly nudged him with his elbow. Then he lifted Lu Yaoyao up, like presenting a treasure, “Xiao Yu, this is my junior sister, Lu Yaoyao. Remember, she is our South Fifth Peak’s disciple.”

Ziwan especially emphasized the last sentence, and then introduced the young monk to Lu Yaoyao: “Yaoyao, this is my best friend I have known since childhood, the disciple of the Ten Thousand Buddha Sect and also the Buddha’s heir, Yu Chanzhi.”

Ziwan had a reason for bringing Lu Yaoyao to meet Yu Chanzhi. Although the divination and physiognomy of the Ten Thousand Buddha Sect weren’t as renowned as the Divination Pavilion, they were still quite notable. A while back, Ziwan, concerned about the imbalance of Yin and Yang in his home peak, suddenly wanted a junior sister. So, when went to see Yu Chanzhi, he took the opportunity and pestered the other party to divine the likelihood of him getting a junior sister.

That time, Yu Chanzi divined that Ziwan would only have one junior brother and no more.

Indeed, after the Master took in him and Ziting, he stopped taking more disciples. Ziwan had even inquired, upon which his Master confirmed that wouldn’t accept any more disciples. Ziwan had lost hope, but to his surprise, after many years, Master took in his final disciple, an adorable little girl.

So, when Yu Chanzhi came to the Guiyuan Sect this time, Ziwan remembered this matter and brought Lu Yaoyao to meet him.


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  1. Peach blossom debts: romantic debts/romantic entanglements

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