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MSRV Ch 129 – Go To Work Together

Seeing Fu Yunruo and Wenwen, Lin Ji greeted them with a smile, “Long time no see.”

After Wenwen got injured and hospitalized, Fu Yunruo didn’t return to the villa, and only close acquaintances had visited in hospital. Lin Ji had previously requested to visit but was denied, so he had been waiting for their return.

“Long time no see,” Fu Yunruo replied, genuinely happy to see Lin Ji. She didn’t know the man had tried to visit them at the hospital. After exchanging pleasantries and catching up briefly, the conversation dwindled to an awkward standstill.

Si Yue reached out to hold her hand.

Lin Ji immediately noticed and was startled, “You two…”

Fu Yunruo looked down at their joined hands, then openly said, “We’re together now.”

Si Yue’s lips curled into a pleased smile.

“Oh… I-I see. Well, that’s good. Congratulations,” Lin Ji stuttered. Concealing his disappointment, he quickly offered them a sincere well-wish.

“Thank you.”

“Please keep this between us for now,” Fu Yunruo requested, not wanting to end up in another trending topic again.

Lin Ji nodded, promising to keep it to himself.

After Lin Ji departed, the family of three returned inside. Seeing Si Yue still holding her hand, Fu Yunruo remarked, “Okay, he’s gone now. You can let go, right?”

Si Yue responded frankly, “Holding my girlfriend’s hand is a boyfriend’s natural right.”

Fu Yunruo gave him a glance that said: you think I will be fooled? She and Lin Ji were just ordinary friends; even if he had some liking toward her, it was just a fan’s admiration for their idol. Was there any need to be jealous?

Wenwen’s eyes gleamed with gloating, taking delight in the situation, “Mom has so many fans, they all want to be my stepdad.”

“They can only wish,” Si Yue confidently stated. Even among fans, no one could compare to him: Ruoruo’s number one fan. His username was still proudly displayed at the top of the donation leaderboard.

Si Yue glanced at Fu Yunruo, deciding to keep his online identity a secret from her.

Noticing Fu Yunruo’s dampened spirits because of the encounter with Fang Xueruo, Si Yue suggested, “How about we stay at the flower garden for a few days?”

As usual, Uncle Guo preferred living in the flower garden. He had returned to the villa the day they came back, and quickly went back again after staying just one night.

Fu Yunruo also felt guilty for not spending much time with Uncle Guo recently and knew he must miss Wenwen, so she nodded in agreement, “That sounds good.”

However, it was not easy to visit the garden. Both Wenwen and her had their popularity soaring in a short period of time. According to the manager Sister Wang, fans and reporters alike frequently visited the garden, and Fu Yunruo worried about being recognized and causing a commotion.

Si Yue saw her concern and assured her that everything would be under control. Trusting Si Yue, Fu Yunruo finally agreed.

The family of three quickly packed and headed to the flower garden. There were now plenty of accommodations following the recent expansion, including rooms reserved for Fu Yunruo and her family.

When they told him they would be staying for some time, Uncle Guo grumbled as expected. However, it was evident he was happy to have them around. His usually strict demeanor eased, and he let Wenwen play near him, indulging the boy endlessly.

Fu Yunruo was happy to see the grandfather and grandson enjoying their time together, but she was concerned that Wenwen was still not attending school.

“Is it really okay for Wenwen not to go to kindergarten?” She asked.

Si Yue explained, “Our family has a private kindergarten and elementary school. If you don’t mind, Wenwen could attend there and socialize with his peers.”

The school was exclusive, attended not only by Si family members but also by children from allied families like the Mengs, and wasn’t open to the general public. The Si family elders wanted the next generation to foster close relationships from an early age, so they arranged for most kids to grow up together. Childhood friendships, being the most pure and precious, were highly valued. The Si family already had plenty in terms of wealth and only needed to move steadily, hence the emphasis on familial harmony.

Of course, there might be small cliques, but with proper guidance, any rivalries could promote healthy competition. After all, with countless eyes watching over the next generation’s development, the school was the least likely place for serious conflicts,

Fu Yunruo cautiously asked in detail, and upon hearing the school was near Si Yue’s hometown, she hesitated. Wouldn’t that mean separating from Wenwen? She surely wouldn’t consider moving to Si Yue’s hometown, would she?

Si Yue didn’t press Fu Yunruo to make a decision immediately and quickly changed the topic: “Starting tomorrow, I’ll be busy with work for a while.”

Fu Yunruo actually felt relieved and hastily agreed, “Go ahead and do your work.” That’s good. Seeing Si Yue being around all the time without doing anything made her wonder if he was going to go bankrupt.

“Don’t worry, I can take care of myself. And… you should take care of yourself too.” She added.

Si Yue nodded with a smile, then turned his gaze to Wenwen, who was squatting nearby, playing with a small shovel and mud, “Shall I take Wenwen for a few days?”

Fu Yunruo and Wenwen both looked up at him.

“Children can play anywhere, and it’s also hard for you to look after Wenwen all day. I could take her for a few days, so you can have some time with your friends,” Si Yue offered thoughtfully. Even mothers need their personal space. Being around their children all day, no matter how adorable, can be exhausting, with all one’s time consumed by their children.

Wenwen was also curious about Si Yue’s work. He held up his little shovel and declared loudly, “I want to go!”

“Wouldn’t he be a disturbance?” Fu Yunruo hesitated.

“Not at all,” Si Yue assured.

So, Wenwen happily packed his little backpack and went to work with Si Yue.

The Si family owned many properties in Beijing, many unknown to outsiders. Si Yue took Wenwen to a towering office building in the city center, over a hundred stories tall. This building also belonged to the Si family, with different companies on each floor. Many seemed unrelated, but in fact, they were all part of the Si family’s industries.

Si Yue had his own dedicated office floor and would work there when necessary, but most of the time, he conducted remote meetings from his home. He had a chair brought in for Wenwen to sit next to him before letting his staff report on business matters.

A dedicated secretarial team was formed to assist Si Yue. They were tasked with handling the less important tasks, leaving only the matters requiring his personal approval.

Wenwen listened as various elite-looking executives took turns reporting. Having run a company himself, he understood some of the content. The biggest difference was probably the scale of the numbers involved. He was used to dealing in hundreds of thousands to millions, while they spoke in billions. But as Wenwen thought, when the money isn’t physically in front of you, it’s just a number, so he wasn’t too impressed.

However, his ears perked up when he heard the next report.

“After the Chang Group’s recent investment loss, they’ve become much more cautious…”


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