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DDDV Ch 154 Part 1 – Grand Memorial (I)

Since he first ventured out for training at the age of twenty, Lu Junyang had returned to Guiyuan Sect many times, but he had never been greeted at the gate. Of course, the unpredictability of his return time was a factor. However, this time, seeing Lu Yaoyao and Wen Zixing, his junior brother and sister, waiting for him at the entrance, Lu Junyang felt an unprecedented sense of joy. He quickened his pace and scooped Lu Yaoyao up by her waist, lifting her into the air.

Just as Lu Yaoyao rushed to Lu Junyang, she found herself soaring. She laughed joyously, her short legs dangling, “Brother Junyang, you’re finally back!”

Lu Junyang responded with a light chuckle.

Wen Zixing politely greeted from the side, “Welcome back, Eldest Senior brother.”

Lu Junyang turned to Wen Zixing with a smile, “I’m home, Junior brother Wen.”

With Lu Yaoyao in Lu Junyang’s arms, the trio walked toward the interior of the sect.

Lu Yaoyao was very embarrassed. Although no one believed her, she was already eighteen, and yet everyone still treated her like a baby!

“How’s the sect recently? Has there been any troubles?” Lu Junyang asked as they walked. As the Cultivation Realm’s leading sect, any movement within the Guiyuan Sect was closely watched, and news spread quickly. He was aware of the recent happenings in the sect, but because of the matter’s complex nature, it was impossible to discern the details just from the gossip and rumors he heard on the road.

“Well, there were a lot of opinions, but no one dares to act rashly,” Lu Yaoyao sighed internally. She actually hoped for more uproar. The greater the stir, the more it would plant seeds of thought in people’s minds, potentially growing into a towering tree one day. However, the discussions were largely one-sided, leaving no room for heated debates. Even those who detested the elder’s ideology didn’t dare to openly denounce him. Now, with the influx of visitors from other sects, everyone has ceased their discussions, maintaining the demeanor befitting the disciples of a major sect.

Knowing Lu Junyang’s influence in the sect, Lu Yaoyao curiously asked, “Brother Junyang, what do you think?”

Lu Junyang didn’t immediately voice his thoughts. He first needed to understand what his Master, or rather, His Venerable, intended to do.

When they reached the main peak, a disciple approached them, “Eldest Senior brother, the sect leader awaits you in the Shang’an Hall.”

“I understand.” Lu Junyang proceeded to Shang’an Hall, setting Lu Yaoyao down before entering. “Go have fun.” He patted her head.

Lu Yaoyao, reluctant to leave, said, “Brother Junyang, come find me when you’re free.”

“Of course.” With that, Lu Junyang entered the hall.

When Lu Junyang entered, Lu Chongyun was alone in the vast Shang’an Hall, standing with his hands behind his back, gazing toward the window.

Lu Junyang, stopping at a respectful distance, cupped his hands and performed a formal bow, “Disciple greets Master.”

Lu Chongyun turned around, his stern expression softening slightly, “It’s good you’re back.”

Lu Junyang began by delivering a detailed report of his recent mission. He had to admit it was not a success, “As we expected, devils were spotted in Tiangu Valley, but we were one step too late. When we arrived, two families in the small town near the valley had been slaughtered, and we couldn’t prevent the tragedy.”

Lu Chongyun snorted coldly, “Those crazed devils are bloodthirsty by nature, casually wiping out entire families without a shred of humanity.”

Lu Junyang continued, “We tracked for several days, nearly catching the culprits, but we were a step late. An unknown force took them away…” He detailed his experiences in Tiangu, concluding, “We searched for a day without finding any traces, so we left.”

In fact, Lu Junyang had another concern. Whoever could silently whisk away the devils under their noses must possess profound skills. Whether friend or foe, this unknown force was much stronger and wanted to avoid direct confrontation. Worried that persistent probing might be taken as provocations and invite dangerous trouble, Lu Junyang prioritized safety and concluded the investigation.

Furthermore, he was also in a hurry to return to the sect. Without him overseeing, Lu Junyang didn’t feel comfortable leaving Gan Zilan and the others behind, so he directed them straight to the Jitian secret realm. To prevent a slim risk that they had fallen under the culprits’ trap, he had also asked some friends to keep watch over Tiangu.

As he listened to his disciple’s report, Lu Chongyun also couldn’t immediately think of who would do such a thing, but Lu Junyang’s handling of the situation was satisfying, so he didn’t make any further comment.

“Yang’er, you are the chief disciple of our sect and the closest lineage to your martial granduncle. You’ll be fully responsible for his grand memorial.” Since the sect announced the retrieval of the previous elder’s remains and planned a grand memorial about a month ago, Lu Chongyun had not made a public statement, waiting for his disciple’s return.

Lu Junyang had expected this much. He accepted the task, then inquired, “Master, why has the sect never mentioned this martial granduncle?” Others might not dare ask directly, but Lu Junyang, having grown up in the sect, felt entitled to know, especially given the unusual scale of the event.

Lu Junyang had his suspicions, but he couldn’t quite believe them. He grew up raised by Lu Chongyun and thus understood his Master deeply, but this understanding only made it harder to believe. Could it be possible?

And why do this without cause?

Lu Chongyun looked at Lu Junyang. A complicated emotion flashed in his eyes, but in the end, all he could say was: “Your martial granduncle was quite rebellious from a young age, and his relationship with your grandmaster, my father, wasn’t good. The sect nearly faced destruction because of his actions. In a fit of anger, your grandmaster erased everything about him.”

“He ended up losing his life in an unknown place. When his life-name plaque1 suddenly shattered, we searched for many years but never found his remains, until now.”

“Speculations are currently growing rampant. Master, shouldn’t we provide an explanation?” Lu Junyang asked tactfully. Despite considering himself somewhat astute, he couldn’t fathom the intentions of his Master and His Venerable.

Lu Chongyun’s expression turned stern, “Even in his angriest moment, your grandmaster never expelled your martial granduncle. Guiyuan has always been his home. Everything will be done according to the sect’s rules.”

Lu Junyang, initially puzzled, quickly understood and affirmed, “I understand.”

Lu Chongyun nodded, a relieved smile emerging, “You may go.”


Lu Junyang took the order and left to begin managing the affairs. Understanding his Master’s intent, he realized they didn’t need to justify their actions to anyone. He just had to handle the matter according to sect rules. As for the ensuing debates, people were free to have their opinions.

Once Lu Junyang grasped his Master’s intention, he smoothly arranged everything. If anyone inquired further, he had his response ready.


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  • Greetings, Ninth Uncle
  1. Life-name plaque: Often appears in the Xianxia setting, this is a special plaque that connects to an individual and will shatter when said individual lost their life.

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  1. It’s interesting that Lu Junyang didn’t mention their discovery of a half-devil, probably because he understands his master’s views. I’m just glad his views are more in line with Lu Yuandao, so hopefully he can play a pivotal role in changing people’s views one day.

    Thanks for another chapter! 😀

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