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DDDV Ch 156 Part 2 – She Wants to Be Closer to Her Father (II)

“Moreover, isn’t it said that His Venerable is soon to have a Dao companion? Why are you still so eager?” Because there were many ears around, Xiao Sushuang restrained herself from saying something more extreme. Even so, her words brought tears to Sang Yunsi’s eyes, “Junior Sister Xiao, you cannot spread baseless rumors around. Someone as distinguished as His Venerable, if he truly had a Dao companion, why would he hide her from the world? Please don’t speak nonsense.”

The sight of a cold beauty, her tears unshed, trying her best to maintain her composure, prompting her fellow disciples to rebuke Xiao Sushuang, “Xiao Sushuang! This is your senior sister. Why are you humiliating her and making her sad? What good does it do you?”

The commotion in the Biyun Sect drew attention from disciples of other sects. Seeing this, Sang Yunsi, as Biyun’s chief disciple, took on the responsibility of controlling the situation. She blinked away the tears and spoke calmly, “Enough, let’s stop here. Such behavior is disgraceful, especially at such an important event. It reflects poorly on our sect. Everyone, please forgive Junior Sister Xiao. She has no bad intentions and means no harm.”

Xiao Sushuang was about to retort again. Disgraceful? What grace did they think the sect still had left? Biyun’s last shred of grace had been spent long ago with Sang Yunsi’s frequent, uninvited visits to Guiyuan Sect. Now, even though she was still treated politely, who in Guiyuan would truly pay Sang Yunsi any mind?

So what about the number one beauty? No matter how beautiful, what did it matter in the Guiyuan Sect, where every disciple was a proud child of heaven? Unlike the superficial people in Biyun, even though the disciples of the Guiyuan Sect never disrespect Sang Yunsi openly, they treated her as mere gossip fodder.

Perhaps, if it weren’t for her title as a disciple of the Biyun Sect leader, the Guiyuan Sect would have already banned Sang Yunsi from entering…

But Sang Yunsi was right about one thing. They were representing the Biyun Sect. Internal strife in front of other sects would only further embarrass themselves. Their reputation might have long been tarnished, but that didn’t mean they could afford to tarnish it further.

Reluctantly, Xiao Sushuang closed her mouth. The two disciples also fell silent, heeding Sang Yunsi’s words regardless of how they felt inside.

The area where the Biyun Sect disciples stood quieted down. The other disciples, who hadn’t dared to speak, quietly sighed in relief.

Meanwhile, Lu Yaoyao was unaware of the near commotion caused by her father’s rotten peach blossom. She was focused on the platform. The peak masters and elders stood on either side, with an intricately carved coffin bearing the sect’s emblem lying in the center.

Yao Jiuxiao and Lu Chongyun stood in front of the coffin, facing it directly. The platform, built specially for ceremonial purposes, was occupied by the highest-ranking members of Guiyuan. Among the disciples, only Lu Junyang and Chao Muxue, whose lineage was the closest to the deceased elder, had the privilege to stand there. Other disciples knew this and felt no jealousy, but Lu Yaoyao envied them. She wished to stand there too, closer to her grandmaster and father.

Descending from the platform steps were the heads of various halls, followed by the personal disciples of each peak master, then the regular inner disciples, and finally, representatives from other sects who had come to pay respects. Guiyuan’s outer disciples stood far outside the square, looking towards the ceremonial platform from a distance.

The personal disciples of each peak ranged from one to five and added up to a considerable number. So far, the head of the alchemy cultivators of the South Fifth Peak had the most personal disciples. Some only had a single disciple, while a few, like the East Ninth Peak, had none.

Speaking of which, Lu Yaoyao’s batch of disciples who joined this year had a lot of superb talents. Almost every peak took one or two personal disciples, expanding their numbers.

As the day brightened and a gentle breeze blew, the spiritual cranes in the distant mountains spread their wings and soared across the sky, signaling the auspicious hour was near. Standing on the high ceremonial platform, Yao Jiuxiao turned and walked to the fringe, looking over the silent crowd in the square below. Suddenly, he directed his eyes to a certain direction and spoke softly, “Come up.”

Come up——

The two words, spoken slowly and softly, resonated clearly in everyone’s ears.

The crowd was bewildered and confused. Come up? Who is His Venerable calling to?

On the contrary, Sang Yunsi’s eyes gleamed with the intensity of the blazing sun—her usual composed and cold demeanor was lost to excitement. She breathed rapidly. His Venerable is looking in her direction! He is calling her up! Finally, he acknowledges her sincerity, her devotion!

Sang Yunsi was overwhelmed with the thought that her feelings had finally touched the man she loved. Trembling with excitement, she tried to maintain composure and almost stumbled as she was about to rush forward—

Your Venerable… here she comes…

Yao Jiuxiao’s gaze, however, was fixed on the most noticeable little figure in the crowd. Seeing Lu Yaoyao’s confusion and her oblivious glances around, he called out again, “Yaoyao, come up.”

Yao? Yaoyao? Who is that?

The square fell silent, everyone’s gaze fixed on the majestic figure on the platform, completely perplexed by his sudden words and actions.

Sang Yunsi’s arm was suddenly pulled, and she was yanked back to reality by a stern reprimand, “Yunsi!” Her master’s hushed voice broke into her mind, snapping her out of her daze. She turned around to find her master gripping her arm, frowning at her.

“Master?” Sang Yunsi tried to speak but couldn’t. She wanted to say that His Venerable was calling her up, that he recognized her, ready to publicly acknowledge her presence… her years of waiting, finally rewarded!

However, the unfamiliar name “Yaoyao” echoed relentlessly in her mind, disorienting her. In an instant, Sang Yunsi felt so dizzy that she started shaking. It wasn’t her? His Venerable wasn’t calling her? Then who was he calling?!

“Control yourself,” said the Biyun Sect leader. Looking at his disciple who seemed to be bewitched, his gaze turned gloomy. If Yunsi could gain His Venerable’s favor, it would be a blessing for her and the sect. But if not, it couldn’t be forced. It was completely unbecoming that Yunsi seemed to be developing an obsession.

Sang Yunsi was forcefully pulled back into the ranks, her eyes fixed on His Venerable. Only then did she realize that although he was looking in her direction, his gaze was fixed on a specific spot in front of her. She followed his gaze, wondering: who is he looking at?

Except for her master, no one noticed Sang Yunsi’s momentary lapse, or maybe they were simply unconcerned. A more pressing question preoccupied everyone’s mind—who His Venerable was calling, and what was their relationship?!

Meanwhile, Lu Yaoyao blinked, confused for a moment. Father was calling her! Her face lit up, and she quickly let go of her second senior brother’s hand, walking briskly forward.

Noticing his junior sister’s figure moving through the crowd, Ziwen snapped back to reality. He hurriedly called out, “Yaoyao?”

Lu Yaoyao turned her head, realizing she hadn’t explained to her senior brothers yet. She waved her small hand and called out in her clear, childlike voice, “Senior brother, I’ll explain later!”

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