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GNU Ch 109 Part 1 – Miscarriage (I)

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Cheng Yumo was leaning on the bed. She was so skinny that her body was only skin and bones, and her pale face was tear-stained.

Ruan-shi also sat on the side of the bed, wiping her tears: “Mo’er, you and the Marquis are still young. There will always be opportunities in the future.”

This sentence poked into Cheng Yumo’s pain, and her already calm emotions were agitated again. These past two days, Cheng Yumo had cried too much. Grief and pain overwhelmed, and she seemed to have exhausted her tears. Her red eyes were so painful, almost as if she was going to be blind. Even now, she was wailing, but no tears came out.

Ruan-shi became even sadder seeing her daughter like this. She held Cheng Yumo’s hand tightly and said, “Mo’er, you can’t be like this. The Marquis didn’t mean to harm you. It must be the child’s fate for coming at such an untimely moment. No one knew that you had been one month pregnant, which is very tragic. Maybe the child is here to block catastrophe in your place. He is gone, and the catastrophe that was about to befall you has now been solved.”

“Mother.” Cheng Yumo clutched her chest tightly, as if she wanted to dig her heart out, “I know, but I cannot help but hate. My still unformed baby, gone just like that! I have been looking forward to him for one year!”

Ruan-shi cried again. Cheng Yumo let out another dry wail, still unable to shed a single tear. Her eyes were red and full of despair. She suddenly grabbed Ruan-shi’s hand. Caught off guard, Ruan-shi was startled: “Mo’er?”

“Mother, all is that wicked woman fault! I hate her!” Cheng Yumo grasped Ruan-shi’s hand violently. Her eyes were full of hatred, as if she couldn’t wait to devour her enemy. Ruan-shi looked both distressed and frightened. She hurriedly took her daughter’s hand and said, “Mo’er, mother knows that you feel bitter, but she is your mother-in-law. You can never say such things.”

It was precisely because Huo Xue-shi was Cheng Yumo’s mother-in-law that Huo Xue-shi could scold her openly when she failed to get pregnant. When Cheng Yumo was pregnant but unexpectedly miscarried, Huo Xue-shi scolded her again for losing the child. Cheng Yumo suddenly felt another cramp in her lower abdomen, and she couldn’t help bending down. Ruan-shi was frightened: “Mo’er, what’s wrong with you?”

Cheng Yumo clutched the bedding tightly. In just a few days, she had lost a lot of vitality because of the miscarriage, and she looked almost like a different person. Cheng Yumo opened her mouth, but was unable to cry. She could only hold her mother’s hand and repeated: “Mother, my child is gone, he is gone! But the wicked woman still refuses to give up, and she wants to give the Marquis a concubine!”

“My poor Mo’er!” Ruan-shi’s tears couldn’t stop falling. She hurriedly wiped her tears with a handkerchief. After quickly looking around, she leaned over and whispered to Cheng Yumo, “Mo’er, everything started from that vixen surnamed Su. She behaves timidly and speaks weakly, but who doesn’t know what she is thinking about? Mo’er, precisely because of her attitude that you cannot fall behind. If you become cold with the Marquis, isn’t it just what your mother-in-law and that surnamed Su want?”

When Cheng Yumo heard this, she was both sad and aggrieved. Obviously, she and Huo Changyuan were in love. Obviously, she was the one who had rescued Huo Changyuan in that snowy mountain. Obviously, she was Huo Changyuan’s first and only wife in this life. Why did things turn out like this?

“Mother, but Su-shi is Marquis’ maternal cousin, and she is backed by mother-in-law. I just lost a child and can’t even get out of bed. What should I do?”

Ruan-shi hugged Cheng Yumo distressedly. It was as if her heart was pierced by a knife, painful and bloody. Ruan-shi gritted her teeth, brought her lips near Cheng Yumo’s ear, and said in a low voice: “You can’t do anything to your mother-in-law, but there is still the Crown Princess.”

Cheng Yumo was shocked. Maybe Ruan-shi didn’t notice her daughter’s reaction, or maybe she didn’t care, but she continued: “You are Crown Princess’s younger sister. If Huo family doesn’t give you a face, it is equivalent to not giving the Crown Princess a face. Fortunately, the Mid-Autumn Festival is soon. We can tell your grievances to the Crown Princess after the banquet. Why should you fear that Huo Xue-shi?”

Cheng Yumo closed her eyes in despair. Seeing the lack of answer, Ruan-shi couldn’t help but urge: “Mo’er, mother is talking to you.”

Cheng Yumo paused for a long time. Her voice was as dry as sand: “…Okay.”

On the Mid-Autumn Festival, Cheng Yujin changed into the crown princess’ yanju formal dress and attended the Mid-Autumn Festival banquet with Empress Yang. Empress Yang wore the empress’ formal dress with a red juyi shirt inside, a bright yellow wide-sleeved blouse outside, and a red tasseled cape with gold embroidery on the outermost layer. Cheng Yujin’s attire was very similar to Empress Yang’s, except that she wore a blue juyi shirt, embroidered with Luan bird1 and auspicious cloud motif on the chest and back. Outside, she wore a red blouse, with sleeves wide enough to almost hang down to the ground. Her shoulders were draped with a dark blue tasseled cape, also embroidered with gold thread, very solemn and long enough that it almost touched the ground.

This kind of wide-sleeved blouse and long cape was very challenging to wear. If the wearer was not good enough, she would be overwhelmed by the attire’s grandness and look unpretentious. However, when such heavy attire was worn by Cheng Yujin, they looked elegant and grand. Different garments were layered on top of another, and from a distance, it looked as if she was wearing a stack of gorgeous clouds.


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  1. Luan bird: a mythical bird just below phoenix in rank. Because an empress is a real phoenix, a crown princess uses luan bird embroidery.

20 thoughts on “GNU Ch 109 Part 1 – Miscarriage (I)”

  1. Thanks for the chapter.

    I don’t know how I feel about Yumo, she is yes a spoiled brat and wants to be the center of attention, but at the same time I think her husband and mother-in-law have gone way too far. I hope that she can change for the better with this wake up call.

    I am looking forward to seeing how our MC is doing against the empress and dowager empress 😉

    1. Since her hubby is not always in the house and also in those time, it is women’s world in the house whereas men is outside the house; poor Yumo is just one person against the MIL. Wonder why she jumps for it when she is rebirth first.

  2. Hopefully Yumo doesn’t drag down her sister while wallowing in self-pity and envy. Her situation is tragic but the difficulty level doesn’t compare to fighting off the Empress and Empress Dowager.

    1. I think theres actually quite some contrasting irony here.

      Initially it’s often believed that Yujin has the ability to please mother-in-laws but not the husband, and Yujin herself believes the importance of this. But in the end, the reason why she’s doing so well now is because she has the support of her husband in spite of her in-laws who hate her.

      Whereas Yumo, whose personality was livelier and supposedly appealed to men more, doesn’t have the support of her husband and is this faring badly against her in-laws.

  3. It’s a pity.. i really hope Yumo can atleast think ahead to live for herself instead getting crushed by her sister.

  4. Thanks for the update. I honestly do not care about Cheng Yumo’s side of the story. Although, she definitely does not deserve to lose her child in such a callous and insensitive way with no remorse from the husband and his crazy mother.

  5. Thank you!

    I don’t like Cheng Yumo but I think her mother in law is worse, I can’t believe they put the blame on her and doesnt even feel guilty or apologise

  6. This story really show us the difference between two marriages and how yujin will be the winner because her abilities and her way of thinking

  7. chinesefanreader

    Oh author I really wanted to see how that scum husband tries to suck up for forgiveness but you skipped to days later🤦🏻‍♀️ And why doesn’t he stop his mother from abusing her after the loss😵‍💫!!! He’s a lost cause and deserves his non harmonious home🤨

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  8. ChengYumoIsn'tEvil

    I take long breaks between reading these chapters, so I’mma be honest, I don’t really remember what Cheng Yumo might have done before. I know she’s jealous, but we need to remember that, for whatever reason, she believes Cheng Yujin maliciously stole her husband from her. This is enough to make her the MC of a different book. My point here is, I really really hope that all of this disturbing stuff isn’t the authors “Haha, now we get to see Yumo suffer in revenge,” arc or whatever. I want this to be a wake up call for Yujin to help her or for Yumo to live for herself or for her husband to realize how he’s wronged her and begin to love her faithfully. Otherwise, this is really disturbing. I know this is a revenge/”haha look where I am now” kinda novel, but this really doesn’t constitute mere revenge against a petty and jealous sister, this is just sickness.

    1. When someone is delusional, I don’t agree that her belief that she was wronged is enough to make her actions legit. She has persistently blamed her sister for everything wrong in her life without even trying to be better herself. Her situation with the crappy MIL is unfortunately not uncommon at this time, but instead of learning to deal with it, she only leans on her husband and complains, which gets her a harsher treatment from MIL – partially because her husband sucks and she’s trying to force him to choose between his mom and her, but her relationship with him isn’t deep enough for that yet, he’s going to support his mom. It sounds like her original marriage with him also sucked and instead of reflecting that maybe it’s because his family was crap, she blamed that on her sister 🙄

    2. Sorry, btu that’s nonsense. She knew better than anyone else that “stealing” is not the fitting term for that. Her sister had indeed rescue HCY too. She took him home from the cave and never asked anything in return. It was him who proposed first, and it was Yumo self who never spoke up.
      Ok, she might not dare to tell the elders, but if she atleast told her sister and HCY about it before it’s too late, I don’t believe that Yujin would have insisted to marry him. But she was the one who insisted to stay mute all the time until her sister was pregnant and happily living with her husband that she just finally can’t stand it anymore and told the truth to “Her Brother In law”.
      I underline it: “he was already become her brother in law and expecting a child”.
      If she wanted to stay quiet then be quiet forever, but if she wanted to speak up then do so early enough. When her sister is pregnant but then she spoke up, that’s evil. She was the one who steal her sister’s husband and her nephew’s father. She destroyed her sister’s marriage and drove her to her death.
      But she didn’T even feel any guilt. What she had is only resentment, up to now.
      That’s not an issue of trauma, but it’s an issue of character.
      What she did was immoral. period. The fact that the one she hurt is her sister, makes it even worse. A proper person wouldn’t even do it to a fellow human being who never done her wrong.
      She knew that her sister is not stealing her lover.
      It was all the circumstance to blame and her own cowardice to speak up.
      But now that she earned a second chance by reincarnation,
      she didn’t correct the wrong rthings properly but her goal is just to take everything that belongs to her sister just to be better than her and to make her sister’s life worse. If the objective is not right, one can’t expect a good result.
      She could have explained things well to correct the wrong thing without having to harm her sister, without malicing anybody you know.
      But I believe she explained it so that her sister looked bad, otherwise why would Huo Changyuan was so hostile towards Yujin?
      If he didn’t go after Yujin to condemn her, she wouldn’t have slapped her and lead into her acquintance with the crown prince.
      So… Yumo’s bad fate was in the end also she herself who cause that.
      It could have been solved better and things wouldn’t have turned this way.
      If she is not petty and hostile towards her sister, Yujin would have taught her how to deal with her MIL better.
      and Yujin had once tried to do it, but she was not reacting positively.
      She had too much prejudice to start with.
      A nonsense prejudice, since her sister, despite her dislike, she never tried to block her nor harm her.
      When her wedding was in chaos, it was even Yujin who tried to save the day.. to save her face.
      Everything happened for a reason. Everything has a cause and effect… you reap always what you sow on your own.

  9. I wish Yumo gets another chance at rebirth IDK 3rd rime’s a charm??? That way she can let him just freeze to death and the root of all their problems (the sisters) is gone. I know I sound like a psycho but I mean…i would work…lol

    1. I would agree with you except I don’t believe she would let go of her victim mentality or make smart decisions she would probably in her delusion run after the crown prince and it would just be lucky if her whole family didn’t end up dead in the end.
      also without that slap our ML and FL would have no point of connection.

    2. As long as she’s incompetent, it doesn’t matter if it’s an older twin sister or someone else, she’d always be begrudging about something not going perfectly her way just like Ruan-shi does. She’s gotta change her mindset, otherwise, no matter how many rebirths, it’s wasted on her.
      Envy is her core personality. If she had a good mother-in-law and husband, the grass on the other side will always be greener. Even though the first life MC had it hard, she can make the best of it, while CYM only knows how to cry about it.

  10. Im taking Yumo’s side on this one she’s a selfish brat but nobody deserves what she’s going though. Her husband basically killed her baby and her MIL is blaming her for it. its really going to far not for Yumo’s sake but for the sake of justice I hope they get what’s coming. they are too disgusting.

    1. In the first place, with a seemingly perfect sister like Yujin and having her own mother constantly saying things about Yujin and poor Yumo. It is a very understandable reason of why she became the way she is. Then, according to the original timeline, Yumo was still young when she passed away, just 5 years after Yujin’s (I’d think she’s probably in her early 20ies at most) with still having MIL constantly putting her against the passing Yujin. It’s still no wonder why she’s like this after rebirth.

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