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GNU Ch 112 Part 3 – Everlasting Moment (III)

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Li Chengjing stared intently at Cheng Yujin. His gaze was deep and mature, like a jar of old wine, silently attracting people to indulge: “In my life, having one wife is enough.”

Cheng Yujin blushed. She turned her eyes away and refused to look at Li Chengjing, but she couldn’t hold back the smile on her lips.

It was all Li Chengjing’s fault to have such an eloquent tongue. In her opinion, Li Chengjing was a true master flatterer.

Cheng Yujin was merely trying to take advantage of the situation, but she didn’t expect to hear such a declaration from Li Chengjing. In the end, it was her who ended up with a red face. Cheng Yujin couldn’t help but sigh in melancholy. Cheng Yumo and Huo Changyuan had such a deep, passionate, and strong love, but they made such a scene today. In contrast, she and Li Chengjing had never had such a strong relationship from the beginning. The relationship between the two was basically unchanged before and after marriage. It was simply dull and insipid, based on the mutual respect between two people.

She and he were both rational people who were good at putting up appearances and maintaining the scene. After the two got married, they gave each other the respect and trust they deserved. Of course they got along well, but a couple like them lacked the intimacy of newlyweds.

This was also the reason why Old Madam Cheng always worried and suspected that Cheng Yujin and Li Chengjing were just superficial husband and wife. They were so perfect and harmonious together — never bickering, never quarreling. Although outsiders looked at them with envy, there was always a doubt whether such a model couple was actually faking it or not.

When Li Chengjing treated her very well after they were just married, Cheng Yujin also had the same doubt and suspicion. She couldn’t help but speculate the worst: could it be that Li Chengjing did this just to create the image of a perfect crown prince? Family harmony, loving and respecting one’s wife — were all of these merely part of his persona?

But now Cheng Yujin was a little relieved. What a person said didn’t matter; all that counted was their actions. Li Chengjing was a crown prince, a crown prince who had endured in dormancy for many years and waited for an opportunity. She married such a person, so how could she demand too much from him? As long as Li Chengjing kept respecting and cherishing her, why should she care for the reason?

Even if they were not a passionate couple, it was alright. In fact, Cheng Yujin found their current way of getting along to be very comfortable. If she was forced to imitate Huo Changyuan and Cheng Yumo, she wouldn’t be able to bear it.

After Lian Qiao sent Ruan-shi and Cheng Yumo back, she was about to report to Cheng Yujin, but was stopped by Du Ruo just as she entered the main hall.

Du Ruo glanced in the direction of the west hall and said: “Crown Prince and Crown Princess are talking inside. Do not disturb them until they call us.”

Lian Qiao also glanced in the same direction and immediately understood. The two walked quietly along the outer corridor. Lian Qiao sighed with emotion: “When they visited the manor, second miss and Marquis Jingyong were very much in love. Every time second miss talked about the Marquis, her eyes were bright, and her whole person seemed to be covered with love. But when I sent the second madam and second miss off just now, Marquis Jingyong was standing near the carriage when second miss got into it, but the two of them totally ignored each other, not even exchanging a single glance. It’s only been a year. How do they become like this?”

Du Ruo also sighed. She shook her head and said, “That’s their private matter. If I am allowed to say something bold, a couple like our two Highnesses is the one who last long. Crown Princess has always been smart since she was a child. What is even more extraordinary is that she knows how to read people and be considerate of others. No matter whom she married, Crown Princess knows how to have a good life, but she won’t be as relaxed and comfortable as she is with Crown Prince now.”

Lian Qiao nodded, obviously feeling the same. Two people with high intelligence and high interpersonal skill should be together.

Lian Qiao looked in the direction of the west hall. Through the window, she saw the Crown Prince pouring tea for Crown Princess with a smile on his face. The Crown Princess picked up the teacup and smiled back at the Crown Prince. The elegant gestures and the sweet moment between the two were as beautiful as a painting.

Lian Qiao and Du Ruoguang couldn’t help but smile. Not only the two servant girls, but others who served in Eastern Palace also liked to see the beautiful harmony between Crown Prince and Crown Princess and couldn’t bear to see it destroyed.

A lot of things happened today, and it would be another sleepless night for many people in Jingyong and Yichun Marquis Manor. However, in the Eastern Palace where all the changes occurred, the two ‘culprits’ sat and drank tea leisurely, chatting and laughing with each other.

With this contrast, Lian Qiao was very satisfied.


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12 thoughts on “GNU Ch 112 Part 3 – Everlasting Moment (III)”

  1. Hard earned moment of peace of mind for both of them. I’m glad he shared his past and I’m glad she realized how different he is from the men in her society that take women for granted. He’s right, though. It makes no sense to cut half of your potential officials out just because of gender. It also makes no sense to limit what women can do in society because of gender. Yujin is making tiny waves in their society. Flap, Butterfly!!

  2. I love listening in on an intelligent conversation where the people understand each other with few words. It’s so smooth and not awkward, it’s refreshing. Do you get that feeling when you’re interacting with self-aware and environmentally aware people? It can be talking or texting or something subtle like walking side by side on a narrow sidewalk.
    Thanks koffeam for the updates <3

  3. A sweet conclusion to the family drama. Is it a relationship of mutually respecting parties, or a case of slowly smoldering embers that will eventually explode in to flames?

    Thank you for the extra chapters!

    1. ardentreaderrr

      Exactly! She’s like our relationship is the same before and after marriage and I’m like Ma’am I beg to differ haha
      This really is a memorable and everlasting chapter! I adored their open interaction ❤️

      Thanks for the chapter TN and sponsors!

  4. I gotta say, I can’t see their relationship as “dull and insipid,” thoughtless passion and lust is easy and can quickly flare out, lasting mutual respect and trust takes a helluva lot of work! Much more valuable than any hot and heavy relationship…and much rarer…

  5. Any type of passion always fades away when there is no mutual respect. Our leads built their relationship on respect and that’s why their passion may not be overt but it’s their and their love will last long.

  6. I can’t wait for Yujin to fully understand what she has with LCJ and also I can’t wait for her to fully recognize herself too. After everyone’s said it her whole life, she has definitely internalized the idea that she is boring and tasteless, but it’s far from the truth

  7. As someone who found human emotions the most fickle thing in the world. I like the dynamic of mc and ml more. Love is the same as anger, it can come so aggressively and go like it was never there. I have several aunts and uncles who is amazingly still with each other after they grow white hairs and also I also know those that have such passionate love seperate after that love is gone. Of course it’s preferential if marriage is founded with love then along with it is commitment and also develop companionship, that would make the relationship last through your lifetime. But we should also note that this cannot be achieve only by one side, both side should be doing this to make it happen because no matter how much you planned, if the other side fell short in any of this, it’ll be very hard to maintain

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