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MSRV Ch 41 Part 2 – Fu Family’s Young Miss (II)

At Fu Yunruo’s insistence, her fans seldom sent generous gifts during the livestream broadcast. But once haters or antis began to attack Fu Yunruo, they didn’t bother to even argue and directly sent gifts that immediately sent Fu Yunruo to the top of the popularity list on the homepage.

Most of Fu Yunruo’s fans were of working age, and many were even of grandparents age. These people had independent financial ability and their own sense of proportion, so they could not be easily misled.

Each time a malicious comment was sent, there would be twice the rebuttals, complete with reason and evidence that made the opponents lose their words and doubt their lives. In addition to reasoning, there were hackers who directly went to plant viruses on the haters’ electronic equipment and lawyers who made their appearance using legal languages. In the end, those paid haters and antis would rather return the money than take this order. These fans were too scary — there were real lawyers, and more than one or two at that!

Following this lesson, other livestreamers in the industry were all very friendly to Fu Yunruo, and not even their most brainless fans dared to do something that might offend her. Of course Fu Yunruo herself kept a low profile and never initiated troubles. As long as others did not provoke them first, Fu Yunruo’s fans were basically a bunch of friendly and easy-going folks.

And such fans now found out that their Yunyun had been bullied without them knowing any better, and was bullied so badly on top of that!

In an instant, the well-connected fans immediately inquired their contacts to find out the details of the situation, while the wealthy fans directly ordered their subordinates to check the truth of the matter. In less than thirty minutes, the basic information about Fu Yunruo was presented to them.

When Fu Yunruo became a livestreamer under Yunjuan Yunshu alias, she kept her identity secret. Her fans respected her privacy and never deliberately inquired. Now that her real identity had been exposed, some wealthy fans found that she seemed to be in the same social circle as them. Although they had heard her name before, they were not familiar with her.

After the fans finished reading the information they collected, they shared it among themselves and quickly figured out the first twenty years of Fu Yunruo’s life experience. Then, after the fans corresponded the information in their hands with the information in the video…they instantly boiled in rage!

They were all old seasoned foxes; how could they not see the problem? So it turned out that their Yunyun had been so miserable before!

No one protected Yunyun when she was bullied in the past, but it was different now. Whoever wanted to bully their Yunyun had to pass their dead bodies first!

Not long after, various trending tags emerged one after another.






The top nineteen tags on the trending topics list list were all about Fang Xueruo. Those new tags were very organized, with only one video that steadily occupied the top spot without wavering.

The Clouddust 1 expressed: since you are so kind to send our Yunyun on the trending topics list, it is just proper for us to reciprocate with courtesy!

Indeed, all of those tags were about Fang Xueruo, but the comments accompanying the tags seemed to be off.

[#ProsperousLotusXuelian# Oh-ho, so her original name was actually Fang Xuelian? I laughed so hard that I almost fell from my chair, hahahahaha.]

[#ProsperousLotusXuelian# This name matches her so well!]

[#FangXueruoIsNotAThirdParty#How can you say that Miss Fang is a third party? She is just in love and cannot help it! Don’t be so cruel, heartless, and unreasonable, alright?]

[#FangXueruoAndChangZhuyouIsANaturalCouple# Today is another day to envy the legendary love between a well-known actress and an n-th generation rich man.]

[#TheMiserableLifeOfAMotherAndDaughterWhoMarriedIntoAWealthyFamily# To be honest, I also want to experience such a ‘miserable’ life.]

As a couple, Fang Xueruo and Chang Zhuyou had also been on the trending topics list many times before, such as whenever Chang Zhuyou did something romantic to Fang Xueruo. Many people liked to follow their news to eat the dog food they spread around. But this time, when people clicked on the tags and took a look, they suddenly felt that the dog food was not delicious at all???

[Ah, today is another day to cheer for a certain couple’s beautiful love! Please stay with each other forever and do not go to harm innocent people!]

[Sister Xuexue is really like her name, pure white like a snow lotus2. In the entire world, only Chang Zhuyou is worthy of you!]

[What a natural couple! A perfect match! This pair of scumbag and bitc—…excuse me, a pair of golden boy and jade maiden is really a match made in heaven. Please be sure to stay together forever!]

After reading the comments, people began to watch the video…

The video told a story about a stepmother and her daughter, then also a story about a girl who fought for a man with her stepsister…it was an exciting behind-the-scene gossip about a wealthy family, and starring the famous Movie Empress Fang Xueruo on top of that. The amount of information provided by this video corresponded to the comments on the trending tags below and provided a stark contrast.

So the Fu family actually still had another young miss? Fang Xueruo’s mother was a stepmother, and she brought Fang Xueruo with her marriage into Fu family, so Fang Xueruo was just a stepdaughter…

It turned out that Chang Zhuyou was the fiancé of the real daughter of Fu family, but he later hooked up with Fang Xueruo…

[If you have a stepmother, you will also have a stepfather. Ancient people indeed said it correctly.]

[Like a mother, like a daughter! The real daughter was bullied by the stepmother and was forced to hide in the remote village, yet Fang Xueruo refuses to let her go!]

Folks inherently liked to gossip about wealthy people’s scandals, and many netizens went to dig up more juicy details. In no time, the past that Fang mother and daughter pair tried hard to downplay was dug up and exposed.

Oh, I heard that the Eldest Miss born from the late first wife was very vicious and liked to bully her stepmother and stepsister since a young age. Many people in the wealthy circle knew that Mother Fang was a good wife and good mother, while Fang Xueruo was gentle and strong. It was Fu Yunruo alone who was extremely vicious.

But what vicious thing did you say she did? She bullied her stepsister and stepmother! If not, how could her ex-fiancé scold her for being stupid and vicious, and then pity her poor stepsister?

However, in fact, the so-called bullied people actually had a very good life. One enjoyed the life of a wealthy madam with a good reputation, while the other relied on Fu and Chang family as her backing to have a prosperous career in the entertainment industry.

And the so-called ‘bully’ could only hide in a remote mountainous village and make a living by growing flowers.


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  • My Whole Family Are Villains
  1. Cloud refers to Fu Yunruo fans. Since the ‘Yun’ in her stage name Yunjuan Yunshu means ‘Cloud.’
  2. Snow lotus: Xuelian.

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