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GNU Ch 129 Part 1 – Ruthless (I)

Dou Xiyin didn’t expect this, and thus was stunned.

She originally planned to borrow Empress Dowager Yang’s hands to get rid of the child in Cheng Yujin’s womb today. After all, heirs were the most important for the imperial family, and it was particularly crucial from whom the Emperor’s eldest grandson was born. If Cheng Yujin’s child was really a boy, he would undoubtedly become a heavy boost for the Eastern Palace. Unless Li Chengjing lost his mind and rebelled, his position as the crown prince would practically be unshakable.

Dou Xiyin deliberately leaked the news to Empress Dowager Yang, causing the latter to order the palace Mamas to touch Cheng Yujin’s belly. For obvious reasons, Dou Xiyin couldn’t be present on the scene, so she waited impatiently in the side halls. However, instead of receiving the good news, she was startled by the “There’s fire!” cries.

Dou Xiyin was startled and quickly ran out of the hall. The Cining Palace fell into chaos, but in the end, no fire was found in any part of the palace. Dou Xiyin sensed something was wrong, but Cheng Yujin had already taken advantage of the chaos to escape. The panicked Dou Xiyin suddenly became wise, and she hurriedly ran to Kunning Palace, reporting the mess and seeking Empress Yang’s aid.

It was a pity that they arrived a step too late. Or they actually weren’t too late, but no matter what Empress Yang said or how she attempted to explain, the Emperor was more willing to believe in Crown Prince and Crown Princess. When Dou Xiyin saw how the Emperor sent his personal physician to diagnose Cheng Yujin’s pulse, followed by the said physician publicly declaring that he had not detected twin fetuses in Cheng Yujin’s belly, she felt very regretful and did not believe a word of the physician’s statement.

Dou Xiyin was sure that Cheng Yujin must be pregnant with twins. Otherwise, why such a huge reaction?

But the imperial physician was personally ordered by the Emperor. Since he dared to make such a declaration, it only meant that this was the Emperor’s instruction. Obviously, the Emperor wanted to cover for Cheng Yujin.

Dou Xiyin was extremely disappointed. Today’s failure was nothing, because there would be more opportunities in the future — Dou Xiyin consoled herself. However, she did not expect Cheng Yujin to suddenly call her out.

Although Cheng Yujin seemed to be asking a question, the eyes staring at Dou Xiyin were full of ruthlessness and were piercing hostilely.

Of course the Emperor could see the meaning behind such thinly-veiled words. He first looked at Cheng Yujin, who was pale and fragile-looking but stood straight on her own, and then turned to look at Dou Xiyin, who was ruddy but hiding beside Empress Yang this entire time. The Emperor frowned and said with disgust, “It’s you again?”

Dou Xiyin was suddenly thrown into the spotlight and was totally panicked as a result. Before she could think of a way to refute Cheng Yujin’s accusation, she was hit by the Emperor’s harsh words. Completely frightened, Dou Xiyin forgot everything and immediately fell to her knees with a plop, pleading without regard for her own image, “Father Emperor, please listen to this daughter-in-law. This daughter-in-law doesn’t know anything. It’s all misunderstanding.”

When Cheng Yujin began to attack Dou Xiyin, Empress Dowager Yang originally planned to protect her grandniece, but when she was about to speak, Dou Xiyin was faster, quickly assuming innocence by claiming that she didn’t know anything. Empress Dowager Yang’s face instantly sank; Dou Xiyin didn’t know anything, so who was at fault here? Was Dou Xiyin blaming her, the Empress Dowager, for causing the misunderstanding?

Empress Dowager Yang’s expression was ugly. Dou Xiyin was of a younger generation, and her rank was lower than that of a crown princess, so Empress Dowager Yang never planned to involve her from the beginning to the end. But people’s heart was so complex — it was one thing for Empress Dowager Yang to protect Dou Xiyin, but it was another thing if Dou Xiyin wanted to absolve herself with no regard for Empress Dowager Yang.

Another thing made Empress Dowager Yang feel indignant — she was still here, yet Dou Xiyin dared to talk nonsense and shift all the responsibility to her. What would Dou Xiyin do if she was not here?

Annoyed and angry, Empress Dowager Yang was no longer in a hurry to protect Dou Xiyin. Seizing the opportunity of Empress Dowager Yang’s passiveness, Cheng Yujin quickly opened her mouth again: “Empress Dowager spends most of her time practicing Buddhism, full of benevolence and kindheartedness. Why does such a compassionate person suddenly wants to attack a child who has not yet been born and whose gender is still unknown? There must be a reason hidden behind it. Besides, Empress Dowager has been recuperating in seclusion these past few days. Even the imperial physicians cannot tell if I am carrying twins or not, so why did Empress Dowager suddenly have this suspicion? Very coincidentally, everything happened right after Shou Wangfei visited the Cining Palace, and the Empress seemed to also come here after being informed by Shou Wangfei. Shou Wangfei, could you please explain these too many coincidences?”

Dou Xiyin hesitated for a moment and quickly turned to Empress Dowager Yang for help. However, Empress Dowager Yang didn’t even look at her, so Dou Xiyin could only bite the bullet and say: “I went to the palace today to pay respect to Empress Dowager, and then later went to Kunning Palace for the same reason. It’s been a long time since I have last seen the Crown Princess, and naturally, I have no idea if the Crown Princess may be carrying twins or not.”

“Oh, so Shou Wangfei doesn’t know anything? However, you clearly went to Kunning Palace after I left Cining Palace. You actually claimed that you haven’t seen me, and you also don’t know what happened in the main hall?”


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  1. I still have trouble believing that anything will happen to Dou Xiyin other than a bad smell sticking to her. But that was already the case even before this.

    Thank you for the chapter!

    1. The Emperor can’t easily touch the Empress or the Dowager, but that isn’t the case with Diu Xiyin. I could see the Emperor taking his anger out on her. She could even end up dead.

  2. The worst thing in a game is not having a strong opponent but that you have a stupid team mate ☺️… Yang clan had a super stupid team mate and impatient.

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