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ATCF Ch 12 Part 2 – Someone Is Jumping off the Building! (II)

After leaving the school, Feng Yun was in a daze. She somehow felt that she had forgotten something important, but couldn’t remember what it was. When Jiang Huai returned home in the evening, he was met by his wife’s absent-mindedness. Seeing this, he frowned and asked, “Didn’t you go to see Jiang Li today? How is it?”

Feng Yun sighed, “She is clearly still blaming us. Speaking of which, we indeed didn’t take good care of her. No wonder she blames us.”

Jiang Huai snorted, “We have provided her with a good educational environment, good food, and good clothes. It’s her who doesn’t know to be grateful. Looking at her behavior, it was as if we owe her.”

Hearing the words “Provided her with good food and good clothing,” Feng Yun was startled. Her eyes suddenly widened, and she finally recalled what she had forgotten. She went to the school to find Xiao Li today, one of the reasons was to have a good chat with her daughter, and another one was to give her living expenses. But after being treated so coldly by Xiao Li, she completely forgot her original purposes and went home in a daze.

“I… I forgot to give Xiao Li the money today.” Feng Yun’s expression collapsed, and she said stutteredly.

Jiang Huai still looked indifferent, “It’s not a problem. Just transfer the money now.”

“But…but Xiao Li doesn’t have a mobile phone.” Feng Yun said guiltily, feeling that she was indeed not a competent mother.

“Then transfer the money to Ruoruo and let her give it to Jiang Li.” Jiang Huai suggested again.

Feng Yun shook her head, “Xiao Li thought that Ruoruo had stolen her life. If Ruoruo comes to give her money, I am afraid she will resent Ruoruo.”

Having his suggestions rejected repeatedly, Jiang Huai lost his patience, “Then you should figure it out yourself. I am going to take a shower.”

Feng Yun frowned. She hesitated for a moment, then took out her phone and sent Jiang Zhou a message, asking him to take some time to give Jiang Li money.

Mingjiang International School High School Division, class 2-1. Jiang Zhou was burying his head on the desk, redoing some questions he answered wrong when the phone in his pocket suddenly vibrated. He took out the phone and unlocked the screen. After reading the message, he sneered and threw it on the table.

Sending money was no problem, but when to send it depended on his mood.

Jiang Zhou was about to continue with the questions when the screen of his mobile phone lit up again. Seeing Shen Mian’s name on the messaging app, he frowned and replied perfunctorily before putting the mobile phone back into his pocket.

But after two minutes, Jiang Zhou suddenly smiled meaningfully. He took out his mobile phone again, unlocked it, and began to write a long message to Shen Mian.

Since Shen Mian wanted advice, he didn’t mind giving her one. As for what action she would take after seeing the message, it was none of his concern.

All the parties concerned — teachers, parents, and students — paid special attention to the last mock exam at Mingjiang International School. Teachers of all subjects posted the precautions for the exam in the group chat, hoping that every student could perform normally and achieve excellent results.

Strangely enough, Tong Yi found that Jiang Xiao Li seemed to have a lot more free time with the mock exam coming soon. Unlike before, she no longer buried her head all day long doing questions.

Tong Yi couldn’t help but ask curiously: “The special scholarship is only granted to one top scorer. Aren’t you nervous?”

Jiang Li shook her head, “I think maintaining a good mental state is more important.”

In the book, the top scorer in their grade was always the same person, that is, the male lead Qin Zheng, who was also the female lead’s childhood sweetheart. After transmigrating, Jiang Li had not seen the male lead. Apparently, the male lead was sick and hospitalized a while ago, and he also applied to postpone taking the P.E. exam because of this. According to the book plot, he should return to school in time for the last mock exam.

Jiang Li was not fully sure she could surpass Qin Zheng’s score, but knowing oneself and knowing the enemy was the key to winning a hundred battles. This mock exam was a perfect opportunity to test the gap between her and Qin Zheng.

As for the scholarship, even if she couldn’t get the special scholarship, the honors scholarship was practically already guaranteed.

Seeing Jiang Li’s leisurely appearance, Tong Yi reached out and snatched away the bear-shaped biscuits in her hand, “Classmate Jiang Xiao Li, you have been eating too much recently.”

Jiang Li took out a hundred yuan from her pocket and pushed it to Tong Yi’s desk, “I’ll pay you.”

Although the school kiosk also sold bear-shaped biscuits, they were not as delicious as the one Tong Yi brought. Recently, she seemed to have become addicted to them.

Tong Yi: …

He just wanted to remind Jiang Xiao Li that eating too much junk food was not good for her health. How come she thought of him as such a stingy guy?

Still, Tong Yi reached out and took the money into his pocket. Once Jiang Xiao Li finished squandering the money, she surely would restrain her junk food habit a little!


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