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MSRV Ch 100 Part 3 – Movie Premiere (III)

After the two left, Wenwen’s face was deep with displeasure. “Mom, you were talking to Uncle Yue again!”

Fu Yunruo gently booped his small nose, “Alright, let’s quickly take a bath and go to bed. We have to get up early tomorrow.”

Wenwen snorted in response.

Fu Yunruo suddenly said with surprise, “We have a little piggy in our family!”

“???” Wenwen looked puzzled. What piggy?

“Because he keeps snorting, isn’t that just like a little pig?” Fu Yunruo said with a straight face.

“!!!” Wenwen realized what she meant, “Mom, you’re making fun of me!” She called him a little pig!

Seeing Wenwen’s face puffed up in anger, Fu Yunruo quickly surrendered, “Oops, my bad.”


“Pfft!” Fu Yunruo couldn’t help but laugh.

“I’m not going to talk to you anymore!” Wenwen said, pouting like a pufferfish.

Fu Yunruo hurriedly went to soothe the sulking boy.

The next day, the mother and son were affectionate again, with Wenwen completely forgetting his words from last night about ignoring her.

The filming formally started a few days ago, and by the time they arrived, everything was already in full swing.

When Wenwen and the group arrived, the director and assistant director personally came to greet them.

Yuan Xin was responsible for communications, so Fu Yunruo only needed to smile.

After exchanging pleasantries, Wenwen went for makeup and costume fitting.

Although Wenwen had only a few scenes, he still had a temporary dressing room.

The little guy put on two custom-made sect robes, looking extremely adorable, just like a small, white bun.

With his good complexion, there was little need for heavy makeup. They just added a small wig, turning Wenwen into a little cultivator boy.

After the photographer took his headshots, Fu Yunruo couldn’t resist asking the photographer to share the photos with her as keepsakes.

In addition to the sect costume, they also took photos of Wenwen dressed as a beggar boy, depicting the male lead’s life before joining the immortal sect.

After taking the two versions of headshots, the morning passed by.

In the afternoon, Wenwen officially began filming.

Fu Yunruo kept her eyes fixed on him, while Si Yue somehow found his way to sit beside her.

This was the first time people saw that Si Yue voluntarily approached a woman, which inevitably drew some surprised glances. Many people couldn’t help but steal a few more looks.

Si Yue was used to being watched and paid no mind to it, while Fu Yunruo didn’t even notice.

As the two watched their son, Si Yue smiled with a hint of pride in his voice, “Wenwen takes after me.” In terms of acting, the boy was full of spirit.

Fu Yunruo was also proud, but she had concerns, “Won’t this spoil him?”

“No,” Si Yue said confidently. The role they had Wenwen play was easy and short, almost like playing around. Under his watch, the crew wouldn’t dare to put pressure on Wenwen.

Wenwen was very popular among the crew and his fellow cast. Everyone in the set loved him, either to please the people behind him or simply because he was such a likable child. He adapted to the environment effortlessly, just like a fish entering the water. Because of his popularity, no one had an objection when he took time off soon after joining the filming.

Wenwen’s first movie premiere was of great importance to Fu Yunruo. She specially dressed up in a long ice-blue gown and styled her long black hair into big wavy curls.

Fu Yunruo rarely wore makeup, so this refined appearance stunned everyone present.

Si Yue had seen various charming beauties before, but only Fu Yunruo’s beauty stirred his heart. “You look stunning,” he said. His gaze was full of pure appreciation.

Wenwen acted like a joyful little bee, circling around Fu Yunruo and cheerfully praised, “Mommy looks so pretty!”

Fu Yunruo smiled warmly, “Wenwen looks very handsome too.”

Wenwen, dressed in a custom-made child suit, looked cute and handsome at the same time.

When Fu Yunruo met Si Yue’s gaze, she paused for a moment before she reciprocated, “You look handsome too.”

Si Yue was in a good mood, “Thank you for the compliment.”

The group quickly headed to the premiere venue, where many journalists were already waiting. Because of the public’s high expectations for the movie, there was a competition to get first-hand information, whether it was positive or negative, and thus the media couldn’t wait to interview the attendees.

Invited guests entered the venue one by one, and the journalists could easily identify each one of them by name.

“Isn’t that the famous film critic?”

“Even Mr. Jiang is here. He’s known for his sharp critics.”

“And there’s Si Yue; he’s the only one Mr. Jiang has openly admired.”


Fu Yunruo and her group didn’t enter through the main gate; they were discreetly led in through a side entrance by the staff.

The premiere venue was filled with people, many of whom had already arrived. However, everyone seemed to remember their business and already took their seats.

Si Yue led Fu Yunruo and Wenwen to the front row. “Our seats are here,” he said, pointing to the clearly best seats in the venue.

As they walked by, Fu Yunruo could feel the gazes coming from all directions. Fortunately, she was now used to being watched, so she remained composed.

Wenwen quickly took the middle seat as soon as they arrived.

Si Yue didn’t say anything and sat on the left side of Wenwen, while Fu Yunruo took the seat on his right.

They quietly waited for the movie to begin.

A staff member suddenly approached Si Yue and whispered something in his ear. Si Yue nodded, and the staff member left.

Fu Yunruo turned to him and asked, “What’s going on?”

Si Yue smiled, “Nothing.” Then he asked back, “Are you nervous?”

Fu Yunruo honestly replied, “A little.”

Si Yue chuckled softly, “I’m a bit nervous too.”

Fu Yunruo was surprised, “Really?”

“Really, I’ve never been this nervous, even during my first movie premiere.” Throughout his life, he had never experienced what it meant to be nervous. Even when entering the entertainment industry, he became an overnight success with his debut as the male lead in his first movie.

However, this mother and son pair had made him experience many unfamiliar emotions.

Meanwhile, Wenwen looked to his left and then to his right. He clearly sat in the middle to separate his mom from Si Yue, but only now did he realize that his short stature was completely useless.

Wenwen was sulking in silence. Both Mom and Si Yue had been neglecting him!

Fortunately for Wenwen, the premiere started in no time, cutting short Fu Yunruo and Si Yue’s conversation.

The director and representatives from the production committee went up for a short speech. They didn’t waste much time and quickly got to the point, starting the premiere.

The lights dimmed, and the big screen in front lit up.

Fu Yunruo unconsciously sat straighter. Her gaze fixed on the screen, afraid to miss a moment.

The movie began with grand and spectacular scenes that immediately grabbed the audience’s attention and drew them into the story.

The special effects were done by a foreign company known for both its skills and high fees. The result was simply remarkable.

In fact, Fu Yunruo had watched most of the scenes when they were being shot, but the editing and special effects made them look totally different on screen.

While watching on set, she didn’t feel much because there were no special effects, and the serious expressions and actions against the plain green screen looked quite amusing.

But now, with the addition of special effects and the tight storyline, the audience was completely absorbed, following the ups and downs of the thrilling emotions portrayed in the film.

Until the movie’s credits rolled, Fu Yunruo was still immersed.

Someone behind her was the first to applaud, and the sound of clapping was unusually clear in the hushed atmosphere.

Then, sporadic applause gradually turned into a resounding and continuous applause.

Fu Yunruo clapped her hands vigorously, pride and tears filling her eyes, “Wenwen, you were amazing! Mom is so proud of you!”

Wenwen stood up straight, wanting to smile with joy, but also feeling he should be reserved. He pressed his lips together forcefully, but he couldn’t hide the upward curve of his mouth.

Fu Yunruo knew that this movie would definitely become a hit.

And not just because of her bias — even without her son playing in it, she would like to rewatch the movie multiple times.

It was such a masterpiece.


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