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MSRV Ch 101 Part 3 – Never Let Them Take Over the Fu Group (III)

The internet was buzzing at this time, and fans couldn’t wait for the critics’ reviews. Although some people who attended the premiere had already voiced their opinions online, everyone was more eager to see what the professionals had to say.

Si Yue’s fans, nicknamed “Little Moons,” were particularly excited. They didn’t have many opportunities to do things for their idol, but whenever Si Yue’s dramas or advertisements were released, they would be very active on the internet, practically taking over every social media platform. It was such a great contrast to their usually low-key behaviors.

Despite this, the public’s impression of Si Yue and his extremely dedicated fans remained positive. They knew how to strike a balance and wouldn’t do anything to make people dislike them and their idol.

People were very impressed with this handsome and talented movie star. The quality of the dramas Si Yue starred in was enough to make people choose his movies subconsciously, even if they were not die-hard fans.

This was the terrifying aspect of Si Yue. He had an incredibly good public image and was loved by people of all ages. From the elderly to children, he had an excellent reputation nationwide.

Even those who weren’t particularly optimistic about sci-fi films had high expectations when they found out Si Yue was the lead actor.

Sure enough, the online reviews released after the premiere were all excellent. Without spoiling the plot, even the harshest film critics gave positive reviews.

Public excitement reached its peak, and everyone expressed that they couldn’t wait to spend their money.

When Fu Yunruo saw the online reviews and found that Wenwen was also praised specifically by the critic, her face lit up with joy. Though they didn’t mention his name directly, the praise for Wenwen’s performance was evident.

She felt extremely proud and couldn’t stop herself from taking the screenshot of every piece of news and article she could get her hands on.

Tonight, she rarely stayed up late and immersed herself in the online world, capturing all the praises for Wenwen to save them as memories.

After past midnight, Fu Yunruo’s excited mood finally settled down a bit. She was ready to sleep, but she couldn’t fall asleep right away.

She thought about Fu Zonghong, and the words of his assistant also kept circling in her mind.

Fu Yunruo suddenly began to doubt the plot of the original novel. In the novel, Fang Xueruo was the female lead, and she was portrayed as a beautiful and kind-hearted girl, appears weak and pitiful. However, Fu Yunruo, who experienced it firsthand, knew that she wasn’t as pure and kind as depicted.

She thought of a possibility: Could ‘Fu Yunruo’ accidental drowning not be an accident at all?

As for why they were so determined to eliminate her, could it be because of that will?

As long as she existed, they couldn’t rightfully claim ownership of the Fu Group?

Previously, when Fu Zonghong mentioned that the Fu Group belonged to her, she didn’t pay much attention to it. But now, it suddenly came to her mind…

However, regardless of the truth, she could never uncover it. She was still here, still living safely, and those things were just her speculations, eventually buried in the dust of history.

Fu Yunruo furrowed her eyebrows in annoyance. She didn’t want the Fu Group. Not to mention feeling repulsive, it was never hers from begin with. Also, Fu Zonghong told her that the Fu Group originally had a part of ‘Fu Yunruo’ late mother’s hard work. Because of this, she couldn’t bring herself to destroy the Fu Group, nor did she have such ability either…

However, she would never give up the Fu Group to Fang Xueruo mother and daughter. ‘Fu Yunruo’ would never agree, and nor would she.

In the sequel of the novel, the mother and daughter successfully took over the Fu Group and changed it into the Fang Group, using it as a weapon to attack her son, eventually leaving him with no way out.

Thinking of his son’s fate in the plot, Fu Yunruo felt heartache and suffocation. This time, no matter what, she would not let the Fu Group fall into the hands of the Fang Xueruo. She wouldn’t give them a single penny!

That being said, she couldn’t bring herself to accept Fu Zonghong’s inheritance either…

Should she give it directly to Wenwen? She knew her son well. As long as she didn’t accept the Fu Group and forgive Fu Zonghong, Wenwen would never accept it either.

Fu Yunruo thought for a moment and came up with a brilliant idea.

Why not donate the Fu Group to the country?

Perhaps with this sincere act, she could secure a guarantee? As long as Wenwen didn’t engage in illegal activities in the future, the authorities could protect him if he were to face any mistreatment.

However, this was just a thought that crossed her mind, and Fu Yunruo kept it to herself.

On the other side, Fang Xueruo took the initiative to visit the Chang family’s company and meet with Chang Zhuyou.

Lately, the Chang family had been facing a series of troubles. Just as they were recovering from a major setback, Orange Entertainment, a company in which the Chang family held a significant stake, encountered a problem, affecting the Chang Group as well.

And recently, one of their subsidiary companies was caught in a tax evasion scandal and was being thoroughly investigated.

They had never encountered so many problems before, especially in recent years when the Chang Group had been enjoying smooth sailing and even showing signs of surpassing their peers.

Yet, recently, one misfortune after another kept happening.

Chang Zhuyou and some elders in the family speculated that someone might be targeting their Chang family, but after searching for a long time, they couldn’t figure out who was behind it.

Thus, Chang Zhuyou had no choice but to personally oversee the company to stabilize the employees’ mood, leaving him no time for personal affairs.

A stunning secretary in a professional dress walked in with a cup of coffee emitting steam and handed it to Chang Zhuyou, saying in a sweet voice, “Mr. Chang, this is coffee I personally brewed. You’ve worked hard all day.”

Without lifting his head, Chang Zhuyou replied indifferently, “Set it aside for now.”

The secretary leaned against the edge of the desk, slightly bending forward, and coquettishly said, “Mr. Chang, take a break. You’ve been working so hard, and Miss Fang will worry about you.”

Mentioning Fang Xueruo finally elicited a reaction from Chang Zhuyou. He put down his pen and leaned back, stretching his body.

The secretary moved to the side of his chair and began massaging his shoulders, her enchanting figure with a hint of fragrance subtly pressing against him, “That’s the way!”

When Fang Xueruo walked in, she witnessed this scene and smiled coldly.

“Xue’er!” Chang Zhuyou was pleasantly surprised to see Fang Xueruo. He stood up abruptly, “Why have you come?”

“It seems I came at the wrong time,” Fang Xueruo said, turning around as if to leave.

“Xue’er!” Chang Zhuyou hurriedly went over and hugged her, “I’m so happy to see you here!” He truly was delighted because it was always he who took the initiative to see Fang Xueruo; she rarely came to him on her own.

So, every time she came, he was pleasantly surprised.

“Miss Fang, please don’t misunderstand, there’s nothing between Mr. Chang and me.”

Chang Zhuyou was about to confide in Fang Xueruo when a soft and tender voice suddenly interrupted, “Why are you still here? Get out!” He frowned, scolding.

The secretary pouted coquettishly, “Mr. Chang~”

However, faced with Chang Zhuyou’s cold gaze, she dared not say anything and finally twisted her body and left.

Before leaving, she deliberately cast a smug glance at Fang Xueruo.

In her eyes, Fang Xueruo was just the stepdaughter of the Fu family; how could such a person be worthy of Mr. Chang? She was confident that she could win Mr. Chang’s heart!

Chang Zhuyou paid no attention to the secretary’s thoughts. Instead, he quickly ushered Fang Xueruo in, closed the door, and greeted her warmly.

Fang Xueruo felt uncomfortable in her heart. It was unpleasant to have her possessions coveted by others, and anyone in her shoes would feel the same.

“Who is she?” Fang Xueruo’s face remained calm, and though she didn’t ask directly, Chang Zhuyou noticed her hint of jealousy.


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