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MSRV Ch 102 Part 2 – Charity Auction (II)

Chang Zhuyou’s vanity instantly swelled, and in front of his beloved woman, he felt incredibly confident. “There’s a charity gala tomorrow night. Will you come with me?” He asked.

Fang Xueruo pondered for a moment and smiled, “Sure.” Then she hesitated, “Will Sister be going too? There would likely be many celebrities attending this charity event, right?”

“Wenwen is really promising now. Everyone cannot stop talking about him. They praise him endlessly and say that he is the second coming of Si Yue.” Fang Xueruo’s tone was full of joy and pride, but she suddenly lowered her eyes, “Unfortunately, I failed the audition. It would be great if I could have worked with him.”

Upon hearing this, Chang Zhuyou remembered an unpleasant incident. When he found out that Xue’er had gone for an audition for this Xianxia drama, he tried to invest to get her directly in, but the other party rejected his investment.

He later found out that the project was funded solely by Si Yue, leaving no room for anyone else’s interference.

This Si Yue was indeed his nemesis!

Thinking about it, a hint of ruthlessness flashed in Chang Zhuyou’s eyes.

Fang Xueruo hesitated before saying, “There’s something I’m not sure if I should tell you…”

“Is there a secret between us?” Chang Zhuyou said softly.

“Wenwen, he… he is the child my sister had with Si Yue,” Fang Xueruo said, quickly adding, “I can see they don’t want it to be made public, so you must keep it a secret! Otherwise, I’ll be angry.”

Upon hearing this, Chang Zhuyou felt even more disgusted, and his dislike of the child grew exponentially.

“You can trust me; I know what to do.” Well, he certainly would make good use of this information!

Fu Yunruo accompanied Wenwen every day as he filmed. Despite sitting under a parasol and being fanned by a large fan, she still felt hot as the scorching sun blazed outside.

This time, shooting was much harder than the last one. Previously, most scenes were shot indoors, relying on post-production and special effects. But for this Xianxia movie, they needed to shoot outdoors frequently, especially under the scorching sun.

Seeing Wenwen’s cheeks turn red from the heat and sweating profusely, Fu Yunruo felt extremely distressed. Several times, she wanted to suggest skipping the shooting, but seeing how happy her son was, she couldn’t bring herself to say it and could only prepare more cooling drinks and desserts.

Fortunately, the director was considerate. Fearing that Wenwen’s young body couldn’t bear it, he tried not to let him stay under the sun for too long and arranged for more breaks between shots.

Si Yue also sat under the parasol with Fu Yunruo, both enjoying the breeze from the fan. At first, everyone in the set was excited when the famous movie emperor come to visit them every day. But as they got used to his presence, they treated his presence as normal.

Si Yue noticed Fu Yunruo staring intently at the shooting scene not far away, and he, a very eye-catching handsome guy, felt completely ignored.

He deeply felt that if he were to compete for attention with Wenwen, he would have almost no chance of winning…

Trying to attract Fu Yunruo’s attention, Si Yue spoke up, “There’s a charity gala tonight. Do you want to go?”

“A charity gala?” Fu Yunruo turned her head to look at him.

Si Yue explained, “It was initiated by a highly respected senior in this circle. Although it may be a bit showy, they do genuinely perform good deeds.”

Fu Yunruo had never been to such an event before. The original ‘Fu Yunruo’ had, but those memories only existed in her mind and were quite vague. She was quite interested in experiencing it again.

However, when recalling her savings, she was desperate to find that she didn’t have much money at hand. The only available amount was around two hundred thousand…

“There will also be an auction. You can see if there’s anything you like. The proceeds from the auction will all be donated.”

“It would be nice to take Wenwen with us. Let him widen his experience.” Of course, Si Yue pretty much would prefer to have uninterrupted alone time with Fu Yunruo, but seeing her hesitation, he gave her another reason that she wouldn’t refuse.

Sure enough, when Fu Yunruo heard that she could bring Wenwen along, she was more tempted. Without much thought, she nodded, “If I can take Wenwen, then let’s go.” Children need to experience more; it broadens their horizons.

Si Yue: “…” Well, should he be happy or depressed?

After Wenwen finished filming a segment, the director announced a break with a satisfied smile, and an assistant immediately came hither with a parasol in hand.

Shaded under the parasol, Wenwen hopped over and yelled happily, “Mom!”

Fu Yunruo quickly handed him a cup of chilled mung bean soup. It was specially made by the hotel’s chef, with mung beans boiled to perfection, sweet and aromatic. Fu Yunruo had planned to make it herself, but the chef’s version turned out even better, so she didn’t bother doing it herself.

Wenwen held the thermos cup and drank several mouthfuls before stopping, burping slightly. He felt like all the heat in his body had evaporated. “Mom, you don’t have to wait for me outside. Just wait for me in the hotel room,” Wenwen said, concerned about his mother. It was so hot here. Staying outside, even the air was hot, and it should be much more comfortable staying in the hotel room with the air conditioning on.

Fu Yunruo playfully tapped his nose, “No, Mom wants to be with you.” She had promised to accompany Wenwen during his filming, so she couldn’t break her promise.

“Okay.” Wenwen sighed. Alas, Mom was just too attached to him. He felt a bit helpless but also secretly proud.

“There won’t be any filming tonight, right?”

“No,” Wenwen replied. The director rarely scheduled night scenes for him. He needed more sleep to grow taller quickly!

“There’s a charity gala tonight. Would you like to go?” Fu Yunruo asked for Wenwen’s opinion.

The boy’s eyes lit up, “I want to go!”

Fu Yunruo smiled, “Alright.” Then, she looked at Si Yue, “I’ll leave the arrangements to you.”

Si Yue nodded with a smile.

Wenwen looked at Si Yue in surprise. What? They were going with Si Yue? Could he change his mind?

Well… it seemed too late now. Tsk!

After discussing with the director, Si Yue arranged for Wenwen’s scenes to be filmed in advance, and then he took both of them away from the film set.

Because they had spent a whole day in the sun, Si Yue arranged for them to have a skin care treatment and a good rest.

Fu Yunruo and Wenwen woke up comfortably, their faces refreshed and moisturized, looking smooth and radiant without any burning sensation from sun exposure. It felt incredibly comfortable.

The effect was too good!

Fu Yunruo asked Si Yue for the name of the beautician and took note of it so that she could visit them for skincare in the future.

Then, the three of them had dinner together, put on the evening dresses that were already delivered, and got into the car to set off.

Si Yue also wore a suit.

After over half an hour, the car stopped in front of a magnificent hotel. Fu Yunruo and Wenwen got out of the car, casually glancing around. There were already many high-end cars coming and going, with well-dressed successful individuals and socialites.

After Si Yue got out of the car, a valet from the hotel helped to park the car.

The three of them walked to the entrance, and Si Yue handed over the invitation card, then they were respectfully invited in.

Wenwen didn’t look around. He walked with a straight back, exuding an imposing aura.

This was an auction event, and also a place to expand social connections. The hall was already filled with many people, each dressed elegantly. Their group of three, with Si Yue as a centerpiece, attracted a lot of attention when they entered.

Many directors and celebrities who had good relationships with Si Yue, including the top executives of Apple Entertainment, came over to greet them.

Fu Yunruo only realized belatedly that following Si Yue inside with Wenwen might not have been appropriate. Did she become his female companion?

She then glanced at Wenwen. With him in tow, the three of them looked like a complete family.


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