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MSRV Ch 103 Part 3 – Si Yue’s Jealousy (III)

Si Yue stepped to the side, hiding Fu Yunruo behind him as he confronted Chang Zhuyou, “Mr. Chang, please mind your distance.”

“Si Yue!” Chang Zhuyou gritted his teeth, clenching his fists to resist the urge to punch him.

“Oh, almost forgot, I haven’t congratulated you on getting the item you desired, Mr. Chang. You truly are a generous person, donating so much money to help more people,” Si Yue said sincerely.

Chang Zhuyou snorted, “Can’t compare to you. I wonder how much Mr. Si has donated?”

“Not much, personally, I only donated thirty million.”

Chang Zhuyou: “…”

“If you don’t believe me, you can confirm with Mr. Mu,” Si Yue added with a smile.

Chang Zhuyou’s eyes nearly bulged out, bloodshot veins appearing in his eyes, as if wanting to rip Si Yue into pieces.

Meanwhile, Fang Xueruo looked at Fu Yunruo with a gentle expression, “Sister, when will you bring Wenwen to visit Uncle at home? He… really misses you both.”

Fu Yunruo couldn’t be bothered to talk to her and pretended not to hear, simply ignoring her.

Fang Xueruo’s eyes dimmed slightly, and she forced a smile, “Just now, Brother Chang was joking with you. If you like that crystal diamond, you can have it.”

“We don’t need it.” Si Yue said politely, “If there’s nothing else, please step aside. You’re blocking our way.”

“Si Yue, I won’t let you off!” Chang Zhuyou growled lowly.

Si Yue didn’t take it to heart at all. He had heard this threat countless times before, and in his presence, it was nothing more than empty words.

He signaled Fu Yunruo to go first, then followed and left together.

“Sister?” Fang Xueruo was about to step forward to block them.

“Mr. Chang~” A coquettish voice suddenly came from not far away.

Fu Yunruo turned her head and saw the charming woman from earlier walking towards them in high heels. Before she could take another glance, Si Yue had already put his hand on her shoulder, urging, “Let’s go.”

They quickly got into the car, and Fu Yunruo couldn’t help but look at Si Yue. Why did she feel like he didn’t want her to have any contact with Chang Zhuyou and the others? Actually, she was just curious about how the original plot would develop.

After transmigrating so many years, it was the first time she encountered a scene from the original story.

Si Yue didn’t say anything and instructed the driver to take them back.

It was almost eleven o’clock, past Wenwen’s usual bedtime. As soon as they got in the car, he felt drowsy.

“Mom…” Wenwen’s eyelids were getting heavy, and he murmured in a disappointed tone.

He promised to give his mom a gift but broke his promise…

Fu Yunruo rhythmically patted Wenwen’s body and said, “Mom is here, Baobao, Mom loves you the most…”

“I love you too…” With the rhythmic tapping from his mother, Wenwen’s consciousness gradually blurred, and he soon fell into a deep sleep.

Fu Yunruo continued patting for a while, and when she saw the boy was sound asleep, she withdrew her hand.

“Did you really donate thirty million?” Fu Yunruo asked curiously.

Si Yue nodded, “Mr. Mu is a dedicated philanthropist, and we often collaborate.” Their family had a foundation specifically devoted to charitable causes.

Fu Yunruo sighed, feeling that the money she donated was insignificant compared to theirs. But charity was about giving what one could afford, regardless of the amount, the thought behind it mattered the most.

Si Yue and Fu Yunruo didn’t speak further; the car was quiet, with only soothing music playing.

When they reached the hotel’s parking garage, Si Yue got out of the car and gently carried Wenwen in his arms, entering the elevator together.

Fu Yunruo never let her eyes off her son. The boy was lying on Si Yue’s shoulder, with his chubby face pressed against it and his little mouth slightly open, sleeping soundly.

Just looking at his sleeping figure made Fu Yunruo’s heart swell with warmth.

After arriving in front of their room, Fu Yunruo took out the room card and swiped it, opening the door, and then inserted the card to turn on some of the lights.

Si Yue carried Wenwen into the room and carefully placed him on the bed.

Fu Yunruo turned on the air conditioning and then went to the bathroom to prepare a basin of warm water. She came out with a small towel and whispered, “He’s been sweating all day in this hot weather, let me wipe him to make him more comfortable.” If they bathed him now, the movement might wake him up, so she decided to use a damp towel instead.

“Let me do it,” Si Yue whispered.

Fu Yunruo looked at him for a moment and didn’t refuse.

Si Yue wrung the wet towel, and when Fu Yunruo saw him wringing it so tightly, she quickly said, “You don’t need to squeeze it so hard; it’ll be uncomfortable if it’s too dry to wipe properly.”

Si Yue re-wetted the towel and gently wrung it this time, but it was still too wet.

Finally, under Fu Yunruo’s guidance, he managed to get the towel to the right dampness.

Meanwhile, Fu Yunruo had already gently taken off Wenwen’s little suit, revealing his tender and soft body.

It was obvious that Si Yue had never done this kind of thing before. His movement was a bit clumsy. He was very careful while wiping Wenwen’s back and hands, but it still made Wenwen uncomfortable. His eyebrows scrunched up, showing his displeasure in his sleep.

Si Yue adjusted his actions to be even gentler, and after a while, Wenwen’s eyebrows finally relaxed.

Fu Yunruo glanced at Si Yue’s focused expression and suddenly felt that maybe it was nice for Wenwen to have a father…

After Si Yue finished wiping Wenwen’s body, he practiced putting on his pajamas. Afraid of waking the child up, he was very cautious, and by the time he finished taking care of the little guy, his back was covered in sweat.

Fu Yunruo stepped forward and covered Wenwen with the blanket, saying, “Let’s go out.”

Si Yue carried the basin and went out to pour the water.

Once outside the room, Fu Yunruo let out a sigh of relief, her tone returning to normal. She looked at Si Yue and said, “You worked hard today, thank you.”

Si Yue shook his head, gazing at Fu Yunruo, and sincerely said, “You worked hard.”

Fu Yunruo: “???” She didn’t quite understand what Si Yue meant.

But Si Yue didn’t elaborate; he felt that taking care of a child alone was tough, and he had only helped a little, yet he deeply realized how challenging it could be.

It must be much more tiring and harder when Wenwen was still a baby.

Si Yue was both grateful and distressed, and he regretted not checking her situation earlier. If he had discovered it sooner, he could have helped take care of their child earlier.

However, on the other hand, he also felt that appearing at this moment was not too late; there was still time. From now on, he could help more and take care of Wenwen’s growth together.


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