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DDDV Ch 128 Part 2 – Sending Pill (II)

After a moment, Lu Chongyun said, “Let’s go.”

Lu Yaoyao was led into the barrier by her eldest senior brother. The moment she stepped in, it felt as though the whole world fell silent. As she walked, her bright eyes darted around, taking in every detail of her surroundings.

Among the twelve other peaks of Guiyuan Sects, even the quieter ones had a lively atmosphere and were filled with people. However, the East Ninth Peak was exceptionally tranquil, so quiet that even speaking felt like an instinctual lowering of one’s voice. As they walked through, not a single soul was in sight.

But the scenery of the East Ninth Peak was breathtaking. Countless flowers and plants adorned the landscape, and sacred-looking spiritual beasts roamed the mountains, stretching their beautiful bodies. The rich and abundant spiritual aura in the air rivaled that of the main peak. Being there was invigorating, making one feel refreshed. If aura could take form, one could see it continuously flowing into Lu Yaoyao’s body.

Less than a quarter of an hour later, they arrived at a magnificent building and entered the hall. Lu Yaoyao couldn’t contain her excitement, her fair and chubby face flushed with anticipation. Soon, she would meet the legendary Dao Venerable Hengwu, who might be her father. Here comes the answer!

Lu Yaoyao’s heart pounded relentlessly, and she couldn’t help but feel nervous.

Once they entered the hall, Lu Chongyun and Hall Master Mo left, leaving only Ziwang and Lu Yaoyao behind. Ziwang lifted his little junior sister onto a chair and took a seat himself. Shortly after, a junior disciple who appeared to be around fifteen or sixteen years old came in with tea. “Suhua pays respects to martial uncle and martial aunt,” he politely greeted.

In the vast East Ninth Peak, there were only a few disciples responsible for tasks such as cleaning, tending to spiritual creatures, and serving tea to guests. Suhua was one of them.

Lu Yaoyao swung her legs restlessly, unable to sit still. “Senior Brother, when can we meet His Venerable?”

Ziwang calmly sipped his tea and replied, “Master and the Sect Leader have already gone to meet him.”

“???” Lu Yaoyao blinked in surprise. “They came with us, didn’t they?” Why don’t she and Eldest Senior Brother need to meet His Venerable? What’s the point of coming to the East Ninth Peak, then? Just for a tour?

Ziwang explained, “His Venerable doesn’t like meeting too many people. In our sect, apart from the Sect Leader, only the Elders and Peak Masters have the privilege of meeting him, and it’s not guaranteed every time.”

“Among us disciples, only Senior Brother Lu has the qualification to visit.”

Lu Yaoyao felt as if her world had suddenly collapsed. Was it really this difficult to meet the exalted Venerable?

Seeing Lu Yaoyao on the verge of tears, Ziwang hurriedly reassured her in panic, “Little Junior Sister, don’t be sad. You can come again when we deliver pills in the future. His Venerable occasionally comes to the hall, and you will surely meet him one day.”

Lu Yaoyao couldn’t muster much enthusiasm. When that would be? She turned her gaze around and asked, “Eldest Senior Brother, where do His Venerable meet Master and Sect Leader?”

Ziwang gestured in a direction. “Whenever His Venerable is home, he either cultivates in seclusion at the summit of the snow peak mountain or the core vein of the East Ninth Peak.” Those places were exclusively for his meditation and thus were protected by barriers. No one could enter without his permission.

“Ah, I see,” Lu Yaoyao nodded. She chatted with Ziwang for a while longer, then suddenly clutched her stomach, her face turning red. “Eldest Senior Brother, my stomach hurts. I need to step out for a moment.”

“Are you okay?” Ziwang asked with concern.

“Little Martial Aunt, I’ll take you there,” Suhua offered.

“Thank you. Eldest Senior Brother, please wait here. In case Master returns…” Lu Yaoyao said as she hurriedly dragged Suhua with her towards the exit.

After a while, Suhua stopped and pointed in a direction: “Little Martial Aunt, the privy is over there.”

“Alright, I will take a while, so you don’t have to wait for me. I know the way now. I’ll find my way back later,” Lu Yaoyao said in a rush as she hurried away with her short legs.

Suhua responded from a distance, and when he saw the little figure disappearing around the corner, he turned and went back to the hall.

Not long after he left, a small head carefully poked out from the corner, cautiously turned left and right, and ran out after making sure no one was there.

If the mountain wouldn’t come, she would go to the mountain — no matter what happened today, she must see the Dao Venerable!

Lu Yaoyao carefully concealed her presence and ran in the direction Ziwang had pointed. As she approached, the corner of a roof adorned with lush greenery came into view, with faint clouds and mist swirling around in the background, veiling it in a delicate shroud. Only when she entered did she realize the grandeur of the pavilions and courtyards. This was undoubtedly the residence of the Dao Venerable Hengwu.

Lu Yaoyao peeked through the latticed opening in the wall, her hands struggling to grip the smooth surface. She stood on tiptoe, trying to stretch herself as much as she could, her agile eyes peering through the wall’s openings into the courtyard. Seeing no one around, she quickly circled the courtyard wall, entered through the courtyard gate, and then crouched beside the corridor outside. This place was so big — where should she look?

It seemed that no one was in this courtyard either, so Lu Yaoyao stopped hiding. She walked openly while observing her surroundings, strolling along the corridors until she came across a uniquely styled courtyard that looked out of place.

Lu Yaoyao let out a surprised sound. This courtyard appeared to have been meticulously designed and decorated. Exquisite and refined, it was vastly different from the simple and monotone courtyards outside. Lu Yaoyao stepped inside and peered through from behind a pillar. She stood there for a moment, but didn’t sense anyone inside. Curiosity got the better of her, so she walked in.

The room seemed to be well-maintained, exceptionally clean, and exquisitely decorated with vibrant but tasteful red accents. Lu Yaoyao immediately fell in love with this courtyard. Compared to the ostentatious red of the Devil Palace, the red here was elegant and refined. But wait, wasn’t it said that there weren’t many people in the East Ninth Peak? Why was there such a residence here?

Lu Yaoyao turned around and accidentally pushed open a door. Following the courtyard’s layout, this should be the main room, and curiosity got the better of her once again. Telling herself that she’d just take a quick look, the little dumpling stepped inside with her short legs and couldn’t resist closing the door behind her. Then, she curiously looked around. Wow, it was a bedroom. Although it was clean, it seemed devoid of any signs of life. Had no one ever lived here?

Lu Yaoyao didn’t touch anything in the room. She admired it for a moment, then turned to leave. However, she noticed the room’s door crack open slightly, being pushed by someone from the other side. Lu Yaoyao instinctively jumped and rolled under the bed.


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  1. I find it both funny and sad that she has to go through so much just to find her father, lol. I wonder if she’ll start living there once their relationship is defined?
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