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MSRV Ch 108 Part 2 – A Single Guy’s Guide to Pursuing A Woman (II)

“Don’t worry; I’m fine…” Si Yue didn’t finish his sentence before the door opened.

The doctor who entered the ward was the same young doctor who had performed Si Yue’s surgery, but he had been wearing a mask before, so Fu Yunruo hadn’t seen his face clearly. Now his mask was gone, revealing a handsome, young face. He looked to be in his early thirties, but something about him seemed familiar.

“Hello, Miss Fu,” the man greeted Fu Yunruo with a friendly smile and a warm greeting. “I’ve heard a lot about you.”

“Hello, and thank you so much!”

“You don’t need to thank me. Our family has had a long-standing relationship with the Si family for several generations, not to mention that it’s a doctor’s duty to save lives and treat patients.”

Fu Yunruo soon realized that she wasn’t mistaken. No wonder this doctor seemed so familiar; he resembled the doctor who had treated her when she was ill a few months ago.

Fu Yunruo looked at Si Yue with puzzled eyes.

Si Yue explained: “His surname is Meng. You can call him Doctor Meng.”

It turned out that Fu Yunruo was correct. This doctor surnamed Meng was the younger cousin of the doctor who had treated her before. The Meng family had a long history of practicing medicine, making them a well-respected medical family. Every member of the Meng family had inherited the family’s medical talents, and it was said that they learned medicine as soon as they could read. As a result, all the children of the Meng family excelled in the field of medicine.

Despite his young age, this Dr. Meng had already achieved the rank of associate chief physician and was the attending physician in charge. He had performed numerous surgeries of varying sizes.

Dr. Meng’s older cousin was currently abroad for an exchange program and wouldn’t be returning for a while. So, when Si Yue had the accident, it was this Dr. Meng who took charge immediately.

As for the relationship with Si Yue’s family, they had been close for several generations. Members of the Meng family have continuously made extraordinary achievements in the medical field, but they have no business talent, while the Si family has some industries related to medicine, whether it is top-notch medical equipment, the pharmaceutical industry, or high-end private hospitals, they have all been involved.

Furthermore, the Si family also owned several biotechnology research institutes, as well as private estates used to grow valuable medicinal herbs and plants, and seemingly endless capital.

The long-term partnership between the Meng family and the Si family was mutually beneficial. The Si family unconditionally supported the Meng family’s medical research and development, while the Meng family provided services to the Si family. Members of the Meng family worked in various fields related to medicine, such as genetics research institutes and hospitals. The Si family was generous and allocated shares in these research institutes and hospitals to the Meng family.

With this arrangement, members of the Meng family didn’t have to worry about financial matters, allowing them to focus solely on medical research, while the Si family had a trusted medical team at their disposal, ensuring that they received top-notch healthcare. It was a win-win collaboration.

Furthermore, the Meng family had a distant relationship with the Si family through a marriage that had taken place several generations ago. Although the connection had faded over time, they still had some distant familial ties.

Of course, the deeper, more complex relationship between the two families wouldn’t be explained to Fu Yunruo at the moment. After learning that this Dr. Meng was a younger cousin to the Dr. Meng she had met previously, she felt a sense of warmth.

Fu Yunruo then inquired about whether Dr. Meng had arranged for a nurse and when they would arrive.

Dr. Meng slapped his forehead in embarrassment and said, “We haven’t found a suitable private nurse at the hospital yet. As you know, he’s a public figure, and most of the nurses in the hospital are his fans.”

“Female nurses aren’t suitable for providing care in this case. As for male nurses, there weren’t many to begin with, and the best ones have already been hired elsewhere. The remaining few are also fans of Si Yue. Now that he’s injured and unable to defend himself, if those male nurses have any ill intentions… you see what I mean?”

As a private hospital catering to the wealthy, they had a dedicated team of private nurses who assisted patients when needed. Their fees might be higher, but many patients and their families preferred to rely on the hospital’s recommendation rather than searching for potentially unsuitable nurses elsewhere.

Fu Yunruo was concerned and asked, “What should we do then?” It seemed that there were no suitable options. The weather was hot, and Si Yue needed help with bathing. Moreover, what if he needed assistance in the restroom?

Si Yue needed a male nurse with him now; otherwise…

Dr. Meng said earnestly, “For now, I’ll have a male nurse from the hospital come over. But as you know, the duty of hospital nurses is not the same as private care nurses, and they cannot be here all the time. So, we’ll need your help, Miss Fu.”

Fu Yunruo certainly didn’t refuse. Besides helping with bathing and using the restroom, she was willing to assist with anything else. Si Yue was the lifesaver of both her and her son. Whether it was out of moral obligation or her own feelings, she couldn’t turn down any request in good conscience.

Dr. Meng said again, “The hospital cafeteria is open now, so could you please handle their meals? They need to have easily digestible liquid food. This way, they can replenish their nutrition without putting too much strain on their bodies.”

Fu Yunruo checked the time and realized it was already 6 p.m. Both Si Yue and Wenwen must be hungry by now, so she immediately went to the cafeteria to pack their meals.

“Mr. Yue, can you watch over Wenwen for me?” Fu Yunruo looked at her son. They were speaking quietly, not wanting to wake him up, but he seemed to be sleeping more soundly with the presence of familiar voices.

Si Yue nodded.

Once Fu Yunruo left the room, Si Yue looked at Dr. Meng with a cold smile. “When did I become unable to afford private nurses?”

Dr. Meng chuckled and said cheekily, “Isn’t this for your own good?”

“Oh? For my own good?”

“Of course!” Dr. Meng couldn’t look more sincere. “You know, Si Yue, I’ve actually been wanting to say this for a while.” He clicked his tongue and then winked. “That Miss Fu, she’s going to be our future lady of the house, right?”

“Look at you two; you haven’t even confirmed your relationship yet!” Dr. Meng made a pitiful expression. “With your current approach to pursuing her, how many years will it take until you finally succeed?”

Even facing Si Yue’s icy gaze, Dr. Meng didn’t flinch in the slightest. He continued to talk confidently, full of eloquent: “You see, now that you are injured, it’s a perfect time to show your vulnerable side to her. When you’re in pain, you don’t need to appear so strong. You should know that women are emotional and compassionate beings. If you show vulnerability now, Miss Fu will definitely feel sorry for you…”

Dr. Meng imparted his lifelong wisdom with conviction. “Now that both of your hands are injured and you can’t do much, it’s a great opportunity to strengthen your bond! At times like this, you must not hold back. Don’t allow a nurse to get in your way! Ask her to take care of you personally. Let her help you with bathing, show off your charm, and occasionally pretend to be in pain… I guarantee you’ll have her in the palm of your hand!”

Si Yue: “…”

Dr. Meng was annoyed by Si Yue’s unmoved look. How could there be so unmotivated person! That’s why people who had never dated were so troublesome. Even the way he pursued the woman he loved was so awkward, tsk tsk.

Si Yue raised an eyebrow and slowly asked, “Even with all this expertise, aren’t you single again?”

Dr. Meng: “…” This damn friendship!

“I’ve had three girlfriends!” Dr. Meng emphasized the number.

“Oh,” Si Yue responded coolly. “Aren’t you single now?”

Dr. Meng: “…” Goodbye, friendship. He was done with this guy.

Seeing him so energetic, the exasperated Dr. Meng checked Si Yue one more time and then left in a huff.

If he kept giving Si Yue advice on love, their fragile brotherhood might not survive today!

Si Yue didn’t feel guilty about making his old friend angry. After all, he had only stated the facts. It was quite audacious for someone single to offer relationship advice.

“I heard everything…” a childish voice faintly echoed in the room.


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