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MSRV Ch 108 Part 1 – A Single Guy’s Guide to Pursuing A Woman (I)

After Yuan Xin finished reporting the results of their investigation, Si Yue’s expression turned ice cold, and a glint of severity flashed in his eyes. He had been careless. He had initially believed that completely blocking Fang Xueruo, causing a decline in the Chang family’s assets and their withdrawal from the entertainment circle, would suffice. But now, he realized he had been too lenient.

The Chang family had continuously supported Fang Xueruo. To make her truly disappear from the entertainment industry, he had to completely get rid of her support system, too.

The Fu family, on the other hand, was Fu Yunruo’s original family. Blood ties couldn’t be severed, so he had turned a blind eye to the Fu family as long as they did not provide resources to Fang Xueruo or explicitly support her career. As for the Chang family, he had been slowly weaving a web to weaken their influence. It had just started showing results, but now it seemed like he had acted too slowly.

As for why he didn’t choose to let the Chang family break off the engagement and no longer be Fang Xueruo’s reliance, that’s because he agreed with a certain opinion on the internet: this couple was meant to be together, so they should be together forever. Being the conscientious person that he was, Si Yue would gladly do the world a service by not breaking this wonderful union.

Of course, there was also a small worry that without the engagement, Chang Zhuyou might go and pester Fu Yunruo.

Currently, Fang Xueruo’s resources mainly come from the Chang Group. As long as the Chang Group declined, she would disappear from public view completely.

After thinking for a moment, Si Yue said to Yuan Xin: “This matter isn’t entirely unrelated to Fang Xueruo. Find the evidence within the next two days. Even if it’s not definitive, manufacture it for me.”

“As for the perpetrator who broke the wires… follow the legal process and see that he is being charged with maximum sentences.” The man’s action already constituted a predetermined murder. Furthermore, the target was a child, making the crime exceptionally heinous.

Previously, because the mother and son hadn’t acknowledged him yet, Si Yue had not assigned many bodyguards. He also used to feel at ease because he was mostly with them, but this incident made him change his mind.

“By the way, there are various speculations online now. Should we continue to suppress them?” Yuan Xin asked. Their public relations team had been keeping this matter under wraps, so it hadn’t been exposed yet. However, it was only a matter of time, with so many eyewitnesses on-site. Even if they managed to silence everyone, someone would eventually slip up.

Furthermore, this production had been getting huge attention from begin with. It surely wouldn’t take long for the media to sniff out this incident.

There were already rumors circulating online, and even if it was just to reassure the fans, they needed to make an announcement.

Si Yue said calmly, “There’s no need to suppress it.” They were the victims, and they shouldn’t expend so much effort to cover up for the perpetrator. This time, they should let it all out — the bigger, the better.

“Rest assured, leave it to me,” Yuan Xin readily agreed.

Outside the ward, Fu Yunruo was still chatting with her friends, soothing their emotions. Wenwen had been holding onto her all this time, his head resting on her shoulder. As he listened to the adults talking, he soon drifted off to sleep again.

Seeing this, Tiantian and the others quietly took their leave, preparing to visit again tomorrow.

Uncle Guo had initially wanted to stay, but under Chi Weicheng and Fu Yunruo’s firm persuasion, he had no choice but to leave as well.

After seeing everyone off, Fu Yunruo couldn’t bear to put Wenwen, who had fallen asleep and looked so dependent on her, down.

He looked so uneasy even when sleeping; if she put him on the bed, what if he suddenly woke up again and found her not by his side? She couldn’t bear that.

Fu Yunruo glanced around and noticed that Yuan Xin had not come out of Si Yue’s room. Could it be that they had already found out the investigation results?

Fu Yunruo was weighing the option of coming in and listening to their conversation when she saw Yuan Xin come out of the room.

“Ah, Brother Yuan.”

Before she could ask, Yuan Xin said, “We don’t have concrete evidence about who the mastermind behind the scenes is yet, but we have some leads.”

He didn’t hide anything and directly told her that a crazy fan of Fang Xueruo had tampered with the wires, claiming to do it on his goddess’s behalf to seek revenge.

As expected…

Fu Yunruo’s suspicions were confirmed — this matter was indeed connected to Fang Xueruo. As for the mysterious person who had induced the perpetrator, she also guessed it was Fang Xueruo. Fu Yunruo just couldn’t understand why Fang Xueruo would use her own fan to carry out such a heinous act. Did she really think it wouldn’t be traced back to her? Was she so confident she had cleaned her tracks?

Or maybe that was her aim? Did she want to create the appearance of a star implicated by the crime committed by a fan, so as to draw sympathy her way and turn herself into a victim?

Yuan Xin left soon afterward. With Wenwen in arms, Fu Yunruo knocked on Si Yue’s door and entered when she heard his voice.

Si Yue was still sitting on the bed, leaning on the cushion. His gaze shifted to Fu Yunruo as she entered. Seeing that she was still holding Wenwen, he said, “Why don’t you put him on the bed?”

This boy might be small, but his weight was not at all light. Holding him continuously would be too tiring.

Fu Yunruo whispered, “I’m afraid Wenwen won’t sleep soundly if I do.” Whether it was adults or children, getting plenty of rest was essential for a speedy recovery when one was sick or injured.

Si Yue understood why Fu Yunruo was so concerned. Today’s incident had frightened not only Wenwen but also her, and she needed to feel her son in her arms to truly feel at ease. Realizing this, he suggested softly, “What if you put him on my bed, and you stay by his side?” With them there together, Wenwen should be able to sleep soundly.

Fu Yunruo hesitated for a moment but ultimately didn’t refuse. She carefully placed Wenwen on one side of the bed and covered him with a blanket. Thankfully, the bed in the VIP ward was much more spacious than a regular single bed. There was plenty of space for another Wenwen to sleep comfortably on Si Yue’s side.

After Wenwen lay down, he shifted slightly, but Fu Yunruo gently comforted him and was relieved to see he didn’t wake up.

Fu Yunruo breathed a sigh of relief and sat down on a nearby chair. Her eyes never left the sleeping child, watching over him intently. From time to time, she gently massaged her arms, which had become sore and numb. It took her a while to shift her gaze to Si Yue and noticed that his lips were dry. Finally realizing that she had neglected him, she hurriedly went to pour him a glass of warm water.

“Have some water,” she said, feeling guilty inside. Although she was concerned about Wenwen, she shouldn’t overlook Si Yue, who had been injured for them.

Si Yue gave a soft thanks and then looked at her, asking, “Are you going to feed me?”

Fu Yunruo was momentarily taken aback, her gaze wandering over his cast hands. With his hands mobilized, he couldn’t drink alone.

“I’m sorry; I forgot.” Fu Yunruo felt even more apologetic. She bent down slightly and handed the glass to Si Yue’s waiting lips. After he finished drinking, she placed the glass aside and then whispered, “Is there a nurse in the hospital? With your hands like this, you’ll need some help, right?”

Fu Yunruo was worried. With Si Yue unable to use his hands, there would be many inconveniences in daily life, and he needed someone to take care of him.

“I’m already looking into it.” Si Yue replied. As a public figure, there were many to be considered when hiring a nurse.

“Don’t worry; I’m fine…” He didn’t finish his sentence before the door opened.


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