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MSRV Ch 115 Part 2 – Opening Day (II)

Meanwhile, the fans’ attention, apart from following the case’s progress, shifted to the upcoming movie starring Si Yue and Wenwen. Even if they had low expectations for domestic sci-fi, the movie starred Si Yue and marked Wenwen’s first screen appearance! They were determined to support the movie, even if it flopped, by watching it multiple times.

As soon as the cinema’s online booking channel opened for presales, all available seats were sold out within ten minutes. Those who were one step late vented their frustration online, wondering how others had been so quick. Those who managed to get tickets, on the other hand, boasted openly, leading to a flurry of envious responses. Many people then left messages on the cinema’s official website, requesting an increase in the number of showings.

Initially, the cinema was skeptical about the movie, even if the premiere reviews were overwhelmingly positive. They had experienced similar situations in the past, where sci-fi movies with great initial reviews ended up flopping after they increased the number of showings.

Still, Si Yue’s reputation was on a whole different level altogether, and the popularity of the rest of the cast was also growing steadily on social media, which had a great impact on the promotion of the movie. Seeing this trend, the cinema finally increased the number of screenings to 30% of their total capacity.

But even then, tickets for all showtimes sold out within three days, and many people complained online about not being able to get tickets. Seeing the overwhelming complaint, the cinema hastily convened an emergency meeting and decided to reduce the screenings of less popular films, increasing the movie’s screenings to 50% of their total capacity.

As the anticipation grew bigger, the day of the movie’s release was finally here. Yuan Xin had secured tickets for a VIP box at a nearby theatre for Fu Yunruo and the others. Before leaving the house, Fu Yunruo looked at Si Yue’s still-cast arm and asked with concern: “Will you really be alright? Maybe it’s better if you stay home? I can take Auntie Mei and the others.”

“Don’t worry. I’ll be okay.” Si Yue replied. He didn’t want to miss watching the movie with Wenwen and Yunruo.

At Si Yue’s insistence, Fu Yunruo no longer stopped him, but she also asked for a lot of plainclothes bodyguards to follow them. In the case they were recognized, they would need the bodyguards’ help to escape safely.

Thankfully, things went on smoothly. With several bodyguards accompanying them, the group managed to enter the VIP box without getting spotted.

Today, Fu Yunruo’s phone buzzed continuously with messages. Her friends and acquaintances had come to support the movie, and many were taking their partners and family with them. Those who had tickets were fine, but those who didn’t asked Fu Yunruo if she had extra tickets or ways to purchase them. Fu Yunruo told Yuan Xin about this and managed to secure additional tickets.

At such an important moment, Uncle Guo, Tiantian, and the others were naturally coming together. One VIP box was not enough for their group, so they booked a second box.

Fu Yunruo settled Si Yue in his seat and then attended to her guests.

Wenwen, both excited and nervous, fidgeted on the sofa, twisting from time to time as if there were needles under her buttocks.

The adults absentmindedly sipped on complimentary drinks and waited for the clock to turn.

Uncle Mei and Auntie Mei couldn’t wait for the movie to start and kept asking, “Hasn’t it begun yet? When will it start?”

Fu Yunruo reassured them, “Soon, at ten past seven.” It was only 6:55 PM now, so there was still some time before the movie began.

While waiting, Fu Yunruo chatted with Uncle Guo, asking for his recent updates. Uncle Guo came frequently to visit her and Wenwen, but he had to take care of the flower garden, so he didn’t stay with them. Fu Yunruo was afraid that the elderly man would overwork himself without her supervision, so she repeatedly nagged him not to get too tired.

Minutes passed by, and by 7:07 PM, the big screen lit up with advertisements, drawing everyone’s attention.

Fu Yunruo immediately returned to the seat next to Wenwen and stared at the screen.

The movie started soon after, captivating everyone in the theater.

Meanwhile, in other cinemas across the country, countless audiences were already in their seat, chatting with their friends and fellow fans as they waited for the movie to start.

“I wouldn’t even come if not for Brother Yue. I just hope the special effects will be decent.”

“You’re supporting Brother Yue, but I’m not. I’m doing it for my family’s little cub. No matter how bad it is, I will definitely go and watch this movie twice!”

Similar conversations occurred everywhere. The fans, who came only to support their idols and had no expectations for the movie itself, equipped themselves with various drinks and snacks. They were determined to stay in their seats until the credit roll, and this ammunition would certainly help them overcome boredom.

Contrary to initial expectations, barely minutes after the movie’s start, even the most indifferent audience found themselves engrossed in the story, their emotions fluctuating with the characters on screen.

Until the movie ended and the audience walked out of the cinema, they still held buckets of popcorn, cola, sunflower seeds, and other snacks that were left almost untouched.

After a moment of silence, someone excitedly exclaimed, “I’m buying another ticket!”

“It’s too good!”

“I will buy two, no, three more tickets for myself!”

“Me! Me too!”

They didn’t mention much about the plot, but from their reluctance to leave and their eagerness to rebook tickets on their phones, it was evident the audience was highly satisfied with the movie.

The cinema had been almost fully booked for tomorrow and the day after, so they could only book tickets for later viewings. Even after securing tickets for their second and third viewings, many people were still not content. Each one of them took to their social media to share their thoughts and enthusiastically recommend the movie.

Such a great film is definitely not to be missed!


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