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MSRV Ch 115 Part 1 – Opening Day (I)

Of course, Fu Yunruo was unaware that, because of her and her son, Fu Zonghong was preparing to divorce his wife of many years. She was currently facing a difficult problem of her own. Following the injuries of Si Yue and Wenwen, the news circulating online never subsided, despite Si Yue’s best efforts to suppress it. Eventually, some persistent netizens managed to track down their hospital’s location, leading to fans and reporters crowding its perimeter. Some even attempted to sneak in by disguising themselves as patients.

They couldn’t stay in the hospital any longer, and Fu Yunruo’s residence was no secret either, so returning there was not an option.

Eventually, Si Yue suggested they recuperate at one of his other properties, a place well-kept in secrecy known only to Yuan Xin.

But Fu Yunruo hesitated. Staying at Si Yue’s house with Wenwen felt somewhat awkward. Furthermore, the hospital hadn’t found a suitable private nurse for Si Yue. Wouldn’t it be more troublesome to have Si Yue discharged without a medical professional to take care of him?

Still, it was clear that they could no longer stay at the hospital. No matter how strict the security, reporters kept coming in relentlessly, trying to get exclusive scoops of Si Yue and Wenwen. Fu Yunruo knew they had to move, but she was concerned about Si Yue’s condition. Could he recuperate at home?

After some thought, she decided to consult the doctors first.

The doctors assured her that Si Yue could recover at home with careful attention. His condition was improving well, and with a year or so of rest, he could fully recover. Moreover, Dr. Meng would regularly visit to check on Si Yue, so there was no need to worry.

Ultimately, Fu Yunruo agreed to the plan.

Uncle Mei and Auntie Mei, having stayed at the hospital for a few days to get in touch with Fu Yunruo and Wenwen, thought it inconvenient to move with them to Si Yue’s house and decided to leave.

Fu Yunruo was stunned, “Uncle Mei, Auntie Mei, you’re leaving so soon?”

“There’s a lot to take care of at home…” Auntie Mei was also reluctant to leave so quickly. She hadn’t spent enough time with Wenwen and Yunruo and was sad to part so soon. But they felt they were more of a burden than help and didn’t want to trouble Yunruo, who was already busy enough taking care of two patients.

“But you don’t have to rush. Auntie next door is looking after your home, right?” Fu Yunruo held Auntie Mei’s hand, fearing they would leave immediately.

Wenwen also trotted in and quickly hugged Auntie Mei, his voice soft and reluctant, his eyes watery, “Grandma Mei, I don’t want you to leave…”

Being hugged tightly by the little guy, Auntie Mei’s heart softened immensely. She hugged Wenwen back and affectionately called him her darling several times. Still, they felt like they couldn’t stay longer. Not only they couldn’t offer much help, but they also didn’t want to burden Fu Yunruo.

What’s more, they indeed had many responsibilities back home, and couldn’t feel at ease being gone for too long.

Wenwen used his most powerful charm, but it was Fu Yunruo who finally came up with an effective persuasion, “Don’t you want to see Wenwen’s first movie?” she said hurriedly.

“Is it about to be shown?” Auntie Mei asked eagerly. They maintained regular contact with Fu Yunruo and knew about Wenwen’s playing a role in a big movie. The whole neighborhood had planned to go to the county town to watch it, as the small town closest to their village didn’t have a cinema.

Fu Yunruo checked the calendar and nodded firmly, “Yes, it’s going to be released soon.” She had been keeping track of the date.

Wenwen’s eyes lit up instantly, “Mom, my movie’s going to be released!” He only remembered the release date but hadn’t been aware of the current date.

“It’s the day after tomorrow.” Fu Yunruo told them.

“Then let’s all go watch it together.” Si Yue suggested, “Uncle Mei, Auntie Mei, don’t you want to watch the movie with Wenwen and Yunruo?”

The couple was obviously tempted. After exchanging a glance with her husband, Auntie Mei relented, “Then we’ll stay a few more days.”

Fu Yunruo was delighted. Once everything was settled, they quickly packed their necessary belongings from the hospital and quietly left, avoiding the crowd at the hospital entrance.

Si Yue’s hidden house was located in a villa complex surrounded by hills in the center of the city. The area was known for its high greenery and prime location. It was a luxurious neighborhood, with the villas spaced apart for privacy and strict security from the moment of entry. This complex was famous for its affluent and prestigious residents, and having money alone was not enough to purchase a property there.

The three cars drove up the mountain road for about twenty minutes before reaching the top and entering the gate of a villa. Fu Yunruo carefully helped Si Yue out of the car. His arm was in a sling, making his movement inconvenient, but he could walk fine.

Wenwen followed behind, holding onto Fu Yunruo’s dress as he looked around in wonder. This villa complex was very famous in Beijing, but he had only heard about it and had never visited it before.

The group entered the largest villa. Yuan Xin had prepared everything, including the room assignment, and was now busy instructing the bodyguards in black to move their respective luggage to the room.

Fu Yunruo later learned that the nearby two villas were also Si Yue’s, used to house the bodyguards and household staff. The main villa they were now was where Si Yue lived.

Fu Yunruo’s room was arranged next to Si Yue’s bedroom. Strangely enough, Wenwen was placed on a different floor, quite far from his mother. Uncle Mei and Auntie Mei were on the same floor, in a guest room next to Wenwen’s, and were quite satisfied with this arrangement. Fu Yunruo, thinking Si Yue might need care, did not object.

After settling in, Fu Yunruo took another video with Si Yue and Wenwen, thanking everyone for their concern and informing their fans and the media that they had returned home for recuperation and were no longer in the hospital. They hoped everyone would disperse and not disturb the hospital’s operations and patients.

Si Yue also released a statement, asking fans to stay calm and not trouble others, assuring them he was fine.

The fans, seeing that Si Yue and Wenwen had returned home and were not in serious danger, were somewhat reassured, despite not seeing them in person. The reporters, however, were still not content. Some of them went to Fu Yunruo’s address but to no avail, as they were not there.

Meanwhile, the fans’ attention, apart from following the case’s progress, shifted to the upcoming movie starring Si Yue and Wenwen.


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