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DDDV Ch 142 Part 1 – A Familiar Face (I)

Amidst laughter and chatter, the group reached their destination. The grand gates of the estate were closed. Lu Yaoyao stepped forward, raised her hand, and knocked on the door, “Brother Yaqing, I’m back!”

The next moment, the door opened to reveal Yaqing, dressed in black. “Welcome back, You—… Miss Yaoyao,” he greeted.

Lu Yaoyao looked up with a smile, “They are my senior brother and fellow disciples from the sect, my good friends, here to visit our home!” She introduced.

After the introductions, Yaqing nodded and stepped aside, gesturing for them to enter, “Welcome.”

Lu Yaoyao stepped inside first. She then turned back to say, “Don’t be shy, make yourselves at home.”

“Pardon our intrusion.” Lu Junyang followed in.

Wen Zixing was next. He couldn’t help but cast a few curious glances at the person Yaoyao introduced as her distant cousin. This person was handsome, but for some reason, seemed to have no sense of presence.

The entire estate was splendid and had been thoroughly cleaned by Yaqing in the past month. Despite being the owner, Lu Yaoyao hadn’t had time to get familiar with the house before. Finding everything fresh and new, she simply suggested, “Let’s take a tour around.”

Everyone agreed.

Lu Yaoyao added, “There are enough rooms for you all to stay. Choose any room you like. This will be our secret base!” She genuinely hoped her friends would stay. The house was big enough to accommodate a hundred people! As for safety, she could guarantee that no devil beings would dare harm them with her around.

“I’ll take this room!”

“This one looks nice.”

Her friends didn’t feign politeness and quickly chose their rooms, excited by the idea. Although they might have no chance to use the rooms, who wouldn’t like to have a secret base?

As they approached another courtyard on the other side of the main building, Yaqing suddenly appeared, “Miss Yaoyao, Master is here.”

“Master?” Lu Yaoyao’s eyes widened in shock, first thinking of their Masters back in the sect. “Did he follow us here because we skipped classes?” But why? Isn’t the sect pretty lax with disciples not attending the classes?

Others seemed to think so, too. “Is it your Master? Is he here for you?” Wen Zixing blurted out.

Lu Yaoyao was just as confused. Entering the hall, they saw a strikingly handsome man in red attire, so stunning that his presence seemed to brighten the whole room.

Chao Muxue, Wen Zixing, and the others were captivated by his beauty and were stunned for a moment. Where did this handsome man come from?!

But Lu Yaoyao’s eyes sparkled, and she rushed forward, “Daddy!”

Daddy?! Her friends returned to their senses and gasped in disbelief. Chao Muxue’s eyes flashed in shock. How, how could it be possible? Is this really Yaoyao’s father?!

Wen Zixing exclaimed, “He’s your dad?” So young and handsome?

Lu Junyang was surprised too. Unlike his inexperienced juniors, however, he had seen a lot and found it reasonable that someone so extraordinary would have Yaoyao as a daughter.

“Of course, he’s my real Daddy,” Lu Yaoyao said proudly, then looked up at Lu Qingyu, “Daddy, what are you doing here?”

Lu Yaoyao quickly climbed onto Lu Qingyu’s lap and gave him a hug. She hadn’t expected Daddy to be here instead of at the sect. He must have known she bought this house. How smart!

Lu Qingyu’s lips arched into a beautiful, yet dangerous, smile, “What? Aren’t you happy to see your Daddy?”

Lu Yaoyao shook her head quickly, “Of course not, I’m happiest when you’re here!” She was genuinely happy. No matter how strong Daddy was, the Guiyuan Sect was the strongest sect in the Cultivation Realm. It must be inconvenient for Daddy to stay for a prolonged time, having to conceal his presence all the time. But if Daddy stayed in Tianyan City, it would be easy for her to visit him!

Lu Yaoyao was into her usual routine and spent a few minutes coaxing Lu Qingyu. When she finally remembered her friends again, she jumped down and happily introduced them: “Daddy, they are my best friends!”

With a smile on his lips, Lu Qingyu’s gaze casually swept over the group. When his eyes fell on a familiar face, he paused abruptly for a very brief moment.

Lu Yaoyao didn’t notice that Lu Qingyu’s expression stiffened for a moment. After introducing her friends, she didn’t forget to mention Li Dazhuang, who wasn’t there, promising to introduce him next time. They had wanted to bring Dazhuang along this time, but he had refused, so he was absent from their group.

Lu Junyang and others formally greeted Lu Qingyu.

Lu Qingyu’s eyes were full of smiles, but no one noticed the dark, bottomless gloominess hidden in the depth of his pupils. His gaze once again swept over his daughter’s friends, finally stopping on Lu Junyang’s face.

“Yaoyao is quite mischievous. I’m grateful for your care during this time,” Lu Qingyu said warmly, maintaining the demeanor of an elder.

“No, no, we are friends.”

“No need for thanks, Uncle.”

“Yaoyao is a good kid…”

Wen Zixing and the others were slightly restrained. Even though Yaoyao’s father seemed approachable, his aura was so commanding that they dared only look at him from a distance. Lu Junyang, however, was more experienced and spoke more comfortably.

Lu Qingyu, thinking of these children as his daughter’s friends, showed unprecedented patience and chatted with them for a while. But he didn’t stay long; after telling them to enjoy themselves, he left.

After Lu Qingyu’s departure, the slightly tense atmosphere immediately relaxed. Wen Zixing, still in disbelief, looked in the direction Lu Qingyu had gone. “Yaoyao, is he really your father?”

“Of course. What, you think there’s a fake?” Lu Yaoyao rolled her eyes at Wen Zixing.

“I just didn’t expect your father to be such an outstanding man,” Wen Zixing scratched his head. The person just now looked so young and handsome, more like Yaoyao’s brother rather than her dad. Yaoyao’s look was also exceptional, but she was currently tiny and small, so she looked more cute than beautiful. In time, however, she would surely surpass the number one beauty in the Cultivation Realm.

After seeing the person just now, it all made sense. Yaoyao and Yaoyao’s father looked so similar — both were stunningly beautiful and handsome — that no one would believe them if they said they were not a biological father and daughter.

Lu Yaoyao proudly put her hands on her chubby waist. Her Daddy was handsome, and so was her Father; she was sure to be a great beauty in the future!

“He looks so young. I find it hard to believe he is already married with a daughter. Yaoyao, your mother must be an outstanding woman,” said Chao Muxue softly.

Wen Zixing sighed like an old man, “Cultivators are too deceiving; who would have thought that such a charming person is already a greasy married man?”

Du Qianshan was curious, “Is he the father you were looking for? Which peak does he belong to?”

Right, they all knew Yaoyao came to Guiyuan Sect to find her father. Such a remarkable man, whose cultivation was unfathomable at a glance, couldn’t be a nobody in the sect.

This was news for Lu Junyang, “The senior just now is from the sect?” He was confused, why hadn’t he seen this person before?

“…” Lu Yaoyao crossed her fingers nervously. Her little face filled with trouble, trying to figure out how to explain, and sweat beaded on her forehead as she desperately gathered her words, “My Daddy isn’t from the sect…” If she said both her parents were men, and her other father was actually from the sect, known as the Dao Venerable Hengwu, her friends would surely be shocked. But Daddy and Father weren’t a couple… Their family’s situation was too complicated to explain in a few words, and it might even harm Father’s reputation.

Lu Yaoyao summed it up, “In short, I’m an accident.”

Wen Zixing patted Lu Yaoyao’s head with a loving look, “I understand. Parents are true love, and kids are accidents.”

Lu Yaoyao: “…” No, you don’t understand.

Seeing Lu Yaoyao in such a difficulty, the others did not pry into her personal affairs. Though still curious, they tactfully changed the subject—

“Shall we continue our tour?”

Lu Yaoyao, relieved, responded with more enthusiasm than usual, “Yes, let’s continue!”


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