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MSRV Ch 116 Part 1 – A Sudden Call (I)

Fu Yunruo, even though she had watched the movie once, couldn’t help but immerse herself in it again, much like reading a book, where each reading brings a fresh feeling. The first time she watched the movie, her focus was mainly on the special effects and the actors themselves. This time, she paid more attention to analyzing each character’s plot and narrative.

As the screen faded to black, bringing the end to the movie, Fu Yunruo’s stirred emotions had yet to settle. The others felt similarly. Uncle Mei and Auntie Mei were at a loss for words. They, who weren’t good at saying flattering things, were unsure of how to express their admiration. In the end, they kept repeating, “The acting is great! Really great!”

Si Yue wasn’t particularly moved, but he also looked pleased and relaxed. Wenwen, on the other hand, blushed from the overwhelming praise from his grandpas, grandma, uncles, and sister. He was extremely happy, even more so than when he won his first Best Actor award in his previous life.

After his initial happiness subsided, Wenwen started feeling nervous. Those who gathered here today were close family friends and relatives, so they were likely to view his performance through thick rose-tinted glasses. How to tell if the movie itself was genuinely good?

Being relatives, the adults probably only praised the movie for his sake. You know, in his previous life, this movie was heavily criticized and considered a flop. Even later, it was often used as a negative example, giving it a somewhat legendary status. It was for this reason that Wenwen couldn’t feel at ease. Although the special effects were more refined, the cast had changed significantly, and the script had been carefully revised with more developed characters, making it somewhat different from its previous incarnation, but still…

However, Wenwen’s concerns were unnecessary. Regardless of whether his relatives were biased, the movie was a huge hit. The trending topics about Si Yue and Wenwen, just starting to calm down, instantly jumped up again along with the title of their movie. Perhaps, one of the reasons for such a reaction was because the public had low expectations for locally produced science fiction, so they were doubly surprised by the high quality.

The movie’s special effects were the work of a highly reputed overseas company, which, despite its international presence, mainly consisted of Chinese nationals. Therefore, it was commonly accepted that this movie was produced domestically. The effects were outstanding, with no awkward moments and a storyline free of dull patches, combining national sentiment with Hollywood-level quality. It became a hit on its opening day.

Yuan Xin became busy again, elusive as ever. Wenwen’s second movie, the Xianxia film, also gained traction due to this success.

Si Yue and Wenwen’s incident happened during the filming of this Xianxia movie. As a result, the production team had to tread carefully, in fear of fan backlash. Thankfully, the project was heavily invested by Si Yue, and the crew’s shortcomings in the incident were not severe, so the fans did not vent their frustrations on the movie. As a result, the production team was allowed to continue working quietly and low-key.

Wenwen had finished his part, and the scene that caused his injury was also completed. He also felt that it would be a great loss if the movie he worked so hard on and even got injured for didn’t get aired.

Now, because of the sci-fi movie’s release and the buzz it generated, the Xianxia team was also tempted to ride the wave of popularity.

Meanwhile, seeing the massive traction, the cinemas held an emergency meeting overnight and decided to increase the screening rate to 80%. Every day after that, the management grinned from ear to ear at the sight of the crowded theaters.

The director of the sci-fi movie was also beaming every day and decided to organize a celebration party.

Unfortunately, Si Yue and Wenwen were unable to attend, which was a significant regret for all. Even though they didn’t join the official celebration, Fu Yunruo and Si Yue organized their own gathering, inviting friends and family to celebrate together.

It was a good opportunity for their close friends, who had wanted to visit after hearing about their injuries, but were politely declined to allow quiet recuperation. This gathering finally allowed everyone to pay a long-overdue call and have a celebration together.

The movie’s popularity did not wane, and eventually, it attracted international interest. Other countries, not just Asian but also Western, expressed their desire to introduce the movie in their regions. Consequently, the movie gained fame both domestically and internationally.

During this surge of popularity, Si Yue and Wenwen were quietly recuperating in the villa, paying no attention to the commotion online. At this time, the children’s quick ability to recover was evident — after nearly a month, the doctor announced that Wenwen’s health was back to normal. Si Yue, being in his prime, also recovered quickly; a little over a month later, his cast was removed, and he began rehabilitation, though still avoiding strenuous activity.

Fu Yunruo finally felt relieved. A month had passed since the incident, and she was no longer as anxious and overprotective, but she still kept a close eye on Wenwen.

A week after the movie’s release, Uncle Mei and Auntie Mei returned to the village despite Fu Yunruo’s and Wenwen’s efforts to persuade them to stay. The couple insisted on leaving, as they had many responsibilities at home, so Fu Yunruo finally had no choice but to see them off.

As Fu Yunruo and her family enjoyed their peaceful life, Fang Xueruo’s case was steadily progressing. Fu Zonghong never returned home after he proposed a divorce that day, leaving Fang Wanping constantly on edge, fearing that he would return and insist on her signing the divorce papers. For some reason — perhaps out of soft-heartedness or something else — he never did.

While Fang Wanping was relieved, she remained anxious. She was determined not to divorce. As long as she didn’t sign the divorce papers, she was still Madam Fu, and people had to give her the respect she deserved.

Fang Wanping was too preoccupied with salvaging her marriage to worry about her daughter, who was still in detention. Her foolish daughter had ruined the marriage she had worked so hard to maintain, making her wish she could stuff the child back into her stomach. Now, Fang Wanping’s focus was on saving her marriage. As for Xueruo, that girl still had the Chang family kid. If even he couldn’t get Xueruo out, there was nothing she could do.

While Fang Wanping was busy trying to save her marriage, she suddenly received a call from an unfamiliar number. Answering it, she heard a hoarse middle-aged male voice.

“Wanping, where are you? Let’s meet,” the voice said.

Recognizing the voice, Fang Wanping frowned and replied coldly, “Didn’t we agree not to contact each other anymore?”

“You didn’t even tell me about such a big thing happening to our daughter, so I had to find you. I’m in the town now…”

“Why pretend to care? If you really cared about our daughter, would you have waited until now to find me? We don’t need to meet. Just tell me what you want,” Fang Wanping said, not believing her ex-husband, who hadn’t contacted her for years, suddenly called out of concern for their daughter. The news had been available online for over a month.

“Look at what you’re saying. I always stayed away because you didn’t want me to come. She’s still my daughter anyway. How could I not care?”

“Shut up! Xueruo has nothing to do with you!” Fang Wanping spat out hatefully.

“No matter how much you deny it, it won’t change the fact that she’s my daughter,” said the voice on the other end of the phone, belonging to Fang Xueruo’s biological father and Fang Wanping’s ex-husband.


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