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DDDV Ch 143 – Is It Reincarnation, or Resurrection From Death?

Hall Master Mo pushed aside the familiar feeling that lingered in his mind, focusing instead on reviewing Lu Yaoyao’s homework. After a while, he set it down with a satisfied nod and a kind smile, “For someone your age, you have excellent self-discipline, and your ability to comprehend surpass your senior brothers. But never become arrogant or complacent; you must continue to work hard.”

Lu Yaoyao solemnly bowed, “I will heed Master’s teachings.”

Next was a time for the verbal assessment and another round of lectures. Lu Yaoyao stayed with her Master for a full two hours before leaving with new assignments. As soon as she returned to her pavilion, she went straight to her bedroom. She took out the teleportation jade and activated its array, disappearing from her room and arriving at Ninth East Peak in the blink of an eye.

“Father! Father!” Lu Yaoyao immediately began searching, and after only a couple of calls, Yao Jiuxiao appeared before her.

“I was taking my lesson from Master,” Lu Yaoyao explained why she was late. She hugged Yao Jiuxiao’s knees, about to share her experience of meeting Lu Qingyu at her house in Tianyan City, but Yao Jiuxiao interrupted, “Sword practice.”

Lu Yaoyao: “…” Father, you’ll lose your little cub at this rate.

Her eagerness to share was cut short, Lu Yaoyao pouted and reluctantly took out her little wooden sword.

So why was she so eager to find her Father, braving mountains of hardships through countless miles of road, just for him to watch her practice swordplay?

After practicing for the required time, Yao Jiuxiao’s expression softened. “What did you want to tell me?”

Lu Yaoyao huffed, “Nothing!” She had her temper too, hmph!

She turned her small body and activated the teleportation array to leave.

“…” Yao Jiuxiao’s brows slowly furrowed. What was wrong with the child now?

Lu Yaoyao returned to her pavilion, took out the pastries she had planned to give Yao Jiuxiao, and ate them herself. She wouldn’t leave any for Father, that big baddie! She wouldn’t go to him tomorrow night!

While eating, Lu Yaoyao wondered. Why Daddy hadn’t shown up? It wasn’t like him! She had important things to discuss with both Father and Daddy.

With these thoughts, Lu Yaoyao washed up and climbed into bed, ready to sleep.

Well, the night’s already late. Maybe she would talk about it in a couple of days, but for now, she needs rest.

As the night deepened, the moon was high, and a mist hung in the air. A group of Guiyuan Sect disciples patrolling with swords passed along the corridor. The night breeze caused the candlelight under the white gauze to flicker for a moment, gently swaying the green leaves on the tree branches in the courtyard.

In a beautifully decorated courtyard on the main peak, silence prevailed. Moonlight streamed through the window lattice, illuminating the room clearly. Behind the beaded curtain of the inner chamber, one could faintly see a figure lying in bed, half-covered by the partially drawn bed hangings.

A tall figure in red appeared silently by the bedside, his back to the moonlight, making his features unclear. If the person in the bed were to open her eyes at that moment, she might be frightened out of her wits, but she remained undisturbed, deep in sleep. A bright luminous pearl suddenly appeared, hovering above the bed, clearly illuminating the woman’s face. The man in red looked down for a long time before reaching out his hand towards her delicate neck…

Yao Jiuxiao, who was meditating on his peak, suddenly opened his eyes, and in the next instant, vanished from his spot. “Lu Qingyu,” when he appeared again, his cold voice rang out, laden with a strong warning.

The hand that had not yet touched the neck paused, then withdrew. Lu Qingyu turned around nonchalantly, his mesmerizing peach blossom eyes slightly lifted as he gazed at the newcomer with a smirk, though the smile didn’t reach his eyes.

“Why so nervous? I was just confirming something, nothing lethal,” Lu Qingyu strolled over leisurely. “But now, I no longer need to confirm.”

Yao Jiuxiao’s eyes turned colder.

Lu Qingyu pulled out a jade fan, leisurely fanning himself, “I didn’t expect to encounter such an interesting situation. This trip hasn’t been in vain.”

Yao Jiuxiao’s expression remained unchanged, his gaze indifferent and cold: “Leave.”

Lu Qingyu raised an eyebrow, his tone lazy, “When you say ‘leave,’ and This Venerable should just go? Wouldn’t that hurt my pride?”

Yao Jiuxiao’s face darkened, “Don’t make me repeat myself.”

But Lu Qingyu seemed amused, chuckling as he slowly paced out of the inner chamber and casually sat down on a chair.

Yao Jiuxiao, still with a cold expression, followed behind, “Lu Qingyu, she is not her.” He warned.

Lu Qingyu closed his fan, feigning surprise, “Really? Do you think I would kill her again?” He tapped his chin with the fan, a curious smirk on his lips, “I’m just intrigued. How could someone believed to have perished appear once again?”

“Do humans truly have reincarnation? Or is it resurrection from death?”

A cultivator, regardless of one’s race, would eventually meet the end of their lifespan if they couldn’t break through and ascend. But there were always those unwilling to accept their fate, seeking ways to start anew in various ways. Devils and demons may resort to possession, essentially stealing someone else’s body to prolong their life, while humans might use reincarnation to continue their cultivation. Essentially, those were the same, but humans framed their method to appear more nobly.

Lu Qingyu chuckled softly, murmuring, “I’m curious, really curious.”

Yao Jiuxiao remained cold, “You’re not calm now. Leave.”

Lu Qingyu’s smile slowly faded, “And if I don’t?”

The two equally stunning figures faced each other in a standoff. The atmosphere tense, as the air fills with an invisible confrontation.

After a long while, Lu Qingyu stood up, scoffing, “Boring.”

Shrouded in a mist of dark aura, the red figure vanished as if swallowed by the shadows.

When he reappeared, Lu Qingyu stood at the head of another bed, looking down at his sprawled, sleeping daughter.

Lu Yaoyao was sleeping soundly when she suddenly jolted awake, opening her eyes to meet a pair of icy, blood-red eyes.

She gasped. If it weren’t for her naturally bold nature, she would have screamed out loud!

“Daddy?” After the initial shock, Lu Yaoyao recognized the person standing by her bed. She sat up, now fully awake.

“Daddy—” Lu Yaoyao was about to scold him for his unwelcome late-night scare, but sensing something off about him, she changed her words to, “What’s wrong?”

Lu Yaoyao had only seen her Daddy’s eyes turn red when he was in his beast form, so something serious must have happened. Blood-red eyes was a characteristic of the devil race, and while higher-ranked devils or those with high enough cultivation could conceal them, intense emotional fluctuations could make them uncontrollable.

Lu Qingyu chuckled softly, raising his hand to gently poke the little girl’s chubby cheek.

Feeling the icy touch on her face, Lu Yaoyao shivered. She grabbed Lu Qingyu’s hand, rubbing it against her cheek before standing up to hug him. “Daddy, are you sad?” Lu Yaoyao comforted him in her soft, childlike way, just as she did when she was younger.


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  1. It’s pretty cool that the ideas of reincarnation and resurrection exist in the human realm, but even more interesting to think if the former could be related to Chao Muxue, especially since I can’t remember if she was supposed to be the senior sister’s descendant or something, lol.

    Thanks for the chapter! 😀

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