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MSRV Ch 118 – Court Day

Before Fu Yunruo could respond, Si Yue half-squatted down, pulled out a handkerchief, and wiped Wenwen’s puffy face, red after moving around a lot. “Your mom and I were discussing whether to take you to the island for a trip.”

Wenwen’s eyes immediately brightened. His little mouth curved up, and he glanced at Fu Yunruo several times, eagerly asking, “Really?” Mom had always wanted him to go to school. If they went to the island, it would take at least one or two weeks, right? Then he would miss the start of school.

Fu Yunruo kept a straight face, “Not really.”

Wenwen immediately pouted and then angrily sat back in his mini car, showing an ‘I’m upset, come and coax me’ attitude.

Si Yue smiled and teased the little guy, “Look whose lips are pouting so much? You could even hang an oil bottle on it.”

Wenwen immediately pursed his lips, putting on a mature expression befitting a big boy.

Si Yue looked at Fu Yunruo, “The child is so eager to go, why not just agree for his sake? He had gone a lot recently.”

As if being signaled, Wenwen’s eyes instantly turned teary as he looked pitifully at Fu Yunruo, making her heart waver. Actually, if it wouldn’t interfere with Wenwen’s studies, going out to relax might not be a bad idea… right?

Not a bad idea, my foot! Even though her son was also Si Yue’s, they were not husband and wife. Their relationship was already ambiguous enough, and now he wanted her to take a huge jump and directly meet his parents?

“Let’s talk about it later,” Fu Yunruo said. Immediately afterward, she quickly turned and left, afraid that she might give in if she saw the sad expressions of Wenwen and Si Yue for too long.

Wenwen didn’t get his wish, and Si Yue also didn’t get what he wanted. They exchanged glances, and Si Yue frowned, “Mr. Wenwen, you’ve failed.” He couldn’t make his mom soften and change her mind.

Wenwen replied with a snort and kept a stern face, “Mr. Si Yue, you haven’t done better!”

“Nonsense, it’s because you’re not persuasive enough.” Si Yue argued.

“It’s clearly your own failure, and you want to blame a child? Doesn’t your conscience hurt?” Wenwen looked at Si Yue dissatisfiedly and suddenly said, “Do you have some ulterior motive? You’re not planning something bad behind my back, are you?” Otherwise, why would he be so kind as to take them on a trip and let him skip school?

“…” Si Yue calmly changed the subject, “When are you going to start calling me dad?”

“…” Wenwen gripped the steering wheel, zoomed off with a turn, and quickly drove away.

Si Yue was left in a mix of exasperation and amusement. Was it really that hard to just change how to address him?

In the next two days, Fu Yunruo basically avoided both Si Yue and Wenwen, fearing that they would pester her and make her change her mind.

At the same time, Fang Xueruo’s case, which had been progressing for so long, was about to come to an end. Both Fu Yunruo and Si Yue wanted to witness the verdict with their own eyes. However, in Si Yue’s heart, this was not the end, but the beginning. Mere legal punishment was not enough — he would never let her go so easily.

When the time for the court session arrived, a lot of public attention was on this trial, with fans and media eagerly wanting to know the verdict immediately. Fu Yunruo and Si Yue both attended, as well as Chang Zhuyou. The moment he saw Fu Yunruo, his eyes were so red with hatred that they seemed almost to bleed. He never imagined that Si Yue would be so stubborn, even refusing to give a face to the person he had asked a favor to mediate a meeting. And that person didn’t seem offended either, indicating that Si Yue’s status was higher. At this moment, if Chang Zhuyou did not realize that Si Yue’s identity was not as simple as it appeared, he would be truly foolish.

No wonder he had been unable to touch Si Yue all these years. He thought it was just because Apple Entertainment, a big player in the entertainment industry, was protecting their cash cow. But now he realized it was Si Yue’s personal background that mattered, not his status in the entertainment industry.

Without a strong backing, Apple Entertainment would not protect someone so tightly, nor would a mere actor dare to be arrogant.

But who exactly is Si Yue? Why has he never heard of such a figure?

Could Si Yue be from overseas? No, he was aware of prominent Asian families abroad. Even if he hadn’t met all of them, he at least could recognize their representatives.

Still, it was pretty common for direct descendants of an important family to be tightly protected, basically hiding their existence from the public eye.

Surname Si… Which family could it be?

No, wait, Si…?

Chang Zhuyou’s complexion changed instantly as he suddenly thought of the most unlikely family. Could it be them?

When they arrived at the courtroom, Fu Yunruo noticed that not only Chang Zhuyou had come, but Fang Wanping and Fu Zonghong were also present. She had been living quite comfortably these days, except for the troubles caused by the father and son pair. Fu Yunruo originally did not want to pay attention to Chang Zhuyou, but his staring eyes were too conspicuous, making it hard to ignore him.

When she looked over again, she found Chang Zhuyou staring at her blankly.

Si Yue noticed Fu Yunruo’s gaze and shifted his body to block her view, saying earnestly, “Look at me, I’m more handsome.”

“…” She fell silent for a moment, then burst out laughing.

Then, Fu Yunruo shifted her gaze to Fang Xueruo. After not seeing her for a while, Fang Xueruo looked much more haggard, giving off a pitiable and weak impression. One month in detention had certainly taken a toll on her. Perhaps, because she finally realized that no one could pull her out of this predicament, there was a trace of melancholy in her expression.

Honestly, Fu Yunruo was more surprised than anything, as she initially thought she wouldn’t be able to get justice. After all, Fang Xueruo was the world’s female lead, and with the powerful Chang family backing her, she thought Fang Xueruo would be out soon.

Si Yue, perhaps noticing her concerns, eventually told her to leave the matter to him. Since then, she hadn’t had to worry, only occasionally hearing updates from Yuan Xin.

Thinking of this, Fu Yunruo couldn’t help but take a few more glances at Si Yue. She used to think that the male and female leads were the beloved children of God, but now it seemed she had been mistaken. If this world’s god had children, then the male and female leads must be the illegitimate children, while Si Yue was the favored golden boy. No wonder, whether in the original plot or this world that had changed beyond recognition after she arrived, neither Chang Zhuyou nor Fang Xueruo had fared well against Si Yue. Of course, who could win against the real golden boy?

In short… she was enjoying the blessing brought by her son!


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