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MSRV Ch 119 Part 1 – Verdict (I)

When Fang Xueruo saw Fu Yunruo, she immediately became agitated. She had repeatedly pleaded to see Fu Yunruo, wanting to apologize and seek her forgiveness, hoping she would drop the charges, but there was never any response. The last time her mother visited, she dropped a bombshell: Mom and Uncle were getting divorced!

Fang Xueruo felt like her world was collapsing. Fu Zonghong divorcing her mother meant he would not only stop taking care of her, but he also blamed her mother. She had seen with her own eyes how much effort her mother had poured over the years to keep her position of Madam Fu, and how she gradually gained control over her husband, keeping him focused on her and preventing other women from approaching.

Fang Xueruo was proud of her mother and subconsciously imitated her. Growing up, she decided that Chang Zhuyou was the best man in her circle and thus set her eyes on him. She figured out Chang Zhuyou’s habits and preferences, gradually drawing him to her side…

So, her mother’s divorce threw Fang Xueruo into a spiral of panic. If Fu Zonghong could break free from her mother’s control, what about Chang Zhuyou? Now, he was all she had left. Losing him meant her total downfall.

Fang Xueruo’s eyes, filled with unspoken words and tears, looked pitifully at Chang Zhuyou.

Chang Zhuyou’s heart ached with extreme pity and sadness, desperately wishing he could immediately comfort her in his arms. Unfortunately, he could only remain sitting in the audience, where any slight movement would draw attention.

Soon, the judge opened the trial, and the court fell silent as the procedure progressed step by step.

Si Yue had hired a team of elite lawyers, the best money could buy, who effectively led the opposing lawyers by the nose. The expensive legal team hired by Chang Zhuyou stood no chance, knocked out by the difference in skill.

With each passing minute, Chang Zhuyou’s expression grew uglier.

Fang Xueruo also looked defeated, her face ashen with despair. By this point, her fate was sealed, regardless of whether or not she admitted her guilt. She had no way to refute the charges, but she couldn’t understand how the evidence came to be. She was sure that she had destroyed everything thoroughly. The other party shouldn’t know who he was dealing with, and it was impossible to trace the IP address back to her…

What Fang Xueruo didn’t know was that the evidence was partially fabricated. Si Yue had directly pinpointed her as the mastermind from the beginning, allowing his subordinates to uncover some traces. These alone were not enough to prosecute Fang Xueruo, so they created flawless evidence based on what they had found. As a result, the evidence, while fabricated, was indistinguishable from the real thing, even by Fang Xueruo herself.

As the trial intensified, the judge announced a 30-minute recess to deliberate on the verdict.

Finally, Chang Zhuyou found a chance to confront Fu Yunruo. Now that he was seeking a favor, he deliberately lowered his posture, but, being accustomed to superiority, his tone was unconsciously harsh. “Fu Yunruo, what will it take for you to let Xueruo go?”

Fang Wanping also approached, looking worn out and much older, with a heavy and gloomy expression. “Yunruo, if you hate me, come at me. Xueruo is still so young. I beg you to spare her,” she said plaintively, about to kneel, but was stopped in time by those around her.

Yuan Xin was not impressed, “You are older than Yunruo, yet you want to kneel before her. Are you trying to shorten her life?”

Fang Wanping’s face turned pale.

Fu Yunruo looked at them emotionlessly, “I should be the one who asks this question. What will it take for you to let me go?” She had never initiated any provocation, only wishing to live her life peacefully. It was they who kept intruding into her life, flaunting their presence, and even harming her son!

They were free to direct their malice towards her, but to harm a child? The term ‘vicious’ was an understatement for Fang Xueruo; that woman was utterly heartless.

Chang Zhuyou said in a harsh voice, “Xue’er has been locked up in the detention center for so long, her reputation is ruined, and she’s been abandoned by everyone. Isn’t this punishment enough? Why not just reconcile? Your child is fine, isn’t he?”

“Reconcile? Impossible.” Fu Yunruo coldly retorted, “Even if it costs me everything, I will seek justice.” Fu Yunruo couldn’t understand where Chang Zhuyou got the audacity to casually suggest reconciliation, as if nothing serious had happened. Did he think that as long as the victim is not dead, the criminal shouldn’t be punished? Thankfully, her Wenwen was alright, otherwise, she wouldn’t be seeking justice through legal means; she would drag them all to hell.

“You grew up together as kids…”

“Don’t say that. You were the ones who grew up together, don’t lump me in with you.” Pausing for a moment, Fu Yunruo sharply retorted, “Besides, she’s not dead. What’s wrong with serving time in prison as atonement?”

Fu Yunruo wished this walking scourge would stay in jail forever, but she knew that Fang Xueruo would be charged with inducing crime and other moderate offenses at most. The sentence would only determine the length of imprisonment, and there was no danger to her life. Her son, on the other hand, had narrowly escaped death!

Fang Wanping bitterly said, “Your father has already divorced me. Xue’er and I will stay far away from you in the future, I promise…”

Fu Yunruo was surprised to learn they had divorced. She did not expect this, but still replied indifferently, “Your divorce has nothing to do with me.” She thought she would feel happy hearing this news, but she felt nothing. The memories of the original ‘Fu Yunruo’ no longer affected her.

“Xue’er has lost everything, and you, you have gained everything,” Chang Zhuyou said through gritted teeth, reluctantly proposing, “If you are willing to let Xue’er go, I will marry you.” He believed Xue’er would understand his difficulty; Fu Yunruo would only have a nominal status, while his heart and person would forever belong to Xue’er.

The thought of wronging her beloved made Chang Zhuyou extremely pained, but this was just a temporary strategy. Once Fu Yunruo wrote a letter of forgiveness and agreed to a settlement, then he…

Fu Yunruo: “??? Have you seen a doctor?” Is this person mentally ill? Does he think he’s a gold nugget coveted by everyone? Where did he get the delusion that she’s desperately in love with him and wants to marry him?

Si Yue originally didn’t plan to speak to Chang Zhuyou, but the last words displeased him, and his icy gaze pierced through, “Mr. Chang, watch your words. You have no relation to Ruoruo.”

Chang Zhuyou looked at Si Yue, feeling a sudden alarm as he thought of his possible identity. His complexion paled a bit, but for his Xue’er’s sake, he still said through gritted teeth, “I don’t mind if you bring the child.”

Fu Yunruo shuddered with disgust.

Si Yue stepped in front of Fu Yunruo, confronting Chang Zhuyou with a sneer, “Where do you get the confidence, thinking you can compare to me?” Not only did he dare to covet his future wife, but he also had the audacity to look down on his son?

Fu Zonghong had been paying attention to this situation. Seeing Fang Wanping and Chang Zhuyou harassing Yunruo again, he finally couldn’t stand it anymore, “Enough! Do you not take the Fu family seriously?”

Although the Fu family was not as prominent as the Chang family used to be, they were still strong. These people had been attacking the Fu family’s heirs, and yet he had refrained from retaliation out of respect for their past relationship. Recently, the Chang Group had suffered significant losses due to investment mistakes and was no longer its former self — if they really angered him, they shouldn’t blame him for not considering the years of friendship between the families.

“Old Fu…” Fang Wanping’s expression was sorrowful, “I only have this one daughter…”

Fu Zonghong’s voice was cold, “I also only have this one daughter.”

Fu Yunruo looked at Fu Zonghong, refusing to say a word. If the original ‘Fu Yunruo’ had heard these words, she would have been so happy, but unfortunately…

Before long, the judge and the jury returned to the courtroom. Chang Zhuyou and Fang Wanping reluctantly returned to their seats.

The verdict was about to be announced.


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    1. He has the mind of a protagonist. Thinking that the world revolves around him and he is in fact right. Until MC’s possession the world was in fact turning around him and since he grew up like that he cant believe this is something unrelated to him

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