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MSRV Ch 41 Part 4 – Fu Family’s Young Miss (IV)

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A veteran employee who had worked in the company for more than four years knew a bit more information than the newcomers: “Chairman Fu seems to dislike this Eldest Miss. Every time she comes to the company, they frequently end up in a big argument.”

Another veteran employee chimed in: “Yes, every time someone mentions Eldest Miss Fu in front of Chairman Fu, he always gets very angry. Over time, no one dares to mention her anymore, just like a plague.”

In fact, if not for the sudden commotion on the internet, they wouldn’t have remembered that there was such a person. When the staff saw this eldest miss on the internet again, they were a bit dazed, and it took them a while to pull out the memory of this person from the depths of distant memory. However, the image of Fu family’s eldest miss in their memory had long been blurred.

They had only met this Eldest Miss Fu a few times before, and now that more than four years had passed, it was normal for the memory to fade. Looking back now, they only remembered that they seemed to hate this Eldest Miss Fu a lot at that time, and the most profound memory left was their disgust towards her.

So this eldest miss actually looked like this? It was only this time they finally remembered her clearly. In a daze, they began to ponder. Why did they actually hate this eldest miss before? It was as if their disgust was actually unfounded.

Because she was always hysterical? Because she was always entangled herself with Young Master Chang? Because it was her fault that the kind and gentle Miss Fang couldn’t be together with the person she liked?

Eh? But it seemed that Young Master Chang was still Eldest Miss Fu’s fiance at that time! Something didn’t seem right??

One of them said weakly: “It seems…”


“Cough!” At this moment, a stern-looking manager coughed slightly, and the entire office area suddenly became quiet. Having been caught gossiping about the big boss in public, all the staff had a guilty conscience. They quickly returned to their seat and began to work diligently with their head down.

The manager gave her subordinates one last glance before walking away on her high heels.

Though the staff stopped gossiping, they all secretly used their mobile phone to browse the news on the internet. The more they found out, they more they felt that their three views had been refreshed again and again.

Fu Zonghong was invited by the chairman of a partner company and spent two hours in the meeting to finalize the cooperation. After the business talk was over, Fu Zonghong invited President Jiang to play tennis to relax, but was declined by the other party.

President Jiang glanced meaningfully at Fu Zonghong, and suddenly gave the latter sincere advice: “Chairman Fu, everyone knows that you are a workaholic. But for men, family and career are equally important. You must not ignore your family for your career!”

Fu Zonghong was confused, but he replied seriously, “I understand.”

There were no social events that evening. Fu Zonghong originally wanted to go back to the company, but when he suddenly thought of President Jiang’s words, he ordered the driver to take him home.

Madam Fu, whose name was Fang Wanping, was taking care of the roses in the garden when she saw Fu Zonghong’s car driving in. After a moment of surprise, she quickly put the sprinkler in her hand and went to greet her husband.

“You are back so early today?” Fang Wanping took Fu Zonghong’s suit and hung it on the hanger at the front entrance.

“Yes.” Fu Zonghong responded and walked towards the sofa.

Fang Wanping poured him a cup of tea and asked with concern, “What’s wrong? You don’t seem to be in a good mood. Is something bothering you?”

“It’s fine.” Fu Zonghong frowned. His work went well today, but he felt irritable for no reason.

Fang Wanping stood behind her husband and massaged his shoulders: “No matter what, remember to take care of your body first. Otherwise, if that girl Xueruo knows that I haven’t taken good care of you, I will never hear the end from her.”

Hearing this, Fu Zonghong’s body relaxed, and his frowning brows also loosened: “Xueruo is filial. How is her filming going?”

Fu Zonghong didn’t like the entertainment industry, but since Fang Xueruo liked it, he let her do as she pleased. Fu Group didn’t have any entertainment-related companies. Because it was out of his territory, he couldn’t help her much. Fortunately, Chang Group had a stake in an entertainment company, and Chang family took good care of Xueruo, so he was relieved.

Fang Wanping hesitated for a moment, then said gently: “Everything went well. She will finish the shooting in a few days. After this job’s over, I will tell her not to pick up another job so quickly so she can accompany you at home.”

However, Fu Zonghong noticed the pause of the hands-on his shoulders. He turned his head to look at his wife, frowned, and asked: “What’s wrong? Is Xueruo wronged over there? With Chang family and Fu family here, who can make her feel wronged? Could it be that kid from Chang family?”

“That’s not true. You know how good Chang family’s boy is to Xueruo.”

“Old Fu…” Fang Wanping hesitated for a while, but she still said, “I have something to tell you.”


“You know that Xueruo went to the countryside for this job, right? She saw Yunruo there. Xueruo wanted to convince Yunruo to go home and give us a surprise…”

“She told me that when I called her just now, so I scolded her. This girl is no longer a child; how can she be so ignorant? Since she found her sister, she should tell us as soon as possible, so that we can pick her up in person.”

Father Fu was stunned when he heard Yunruo’s name. But when he heard the last sentence, he immediately retorted angrily: “Go pick her up in person? Is she a three-year-old child? After so many years, she didn’t know to go home, and still want me to personally pick her home?!”

Fang Wanping patted Fu Zonghong’s hand lightly: “What are you talking about? Are you still arguing with that child? We haven’t heard anything from Yunruo for so many years. Aren’t you the one who worries about her the most?”

“You also know that the child misunderstood us a bit. Anyway, she is also your daughter. You can’t let her suffer anymore, can you?”

“Have I made her suffer? Didn’t she bring it on herself?” Fu Zonghong snorted coldly, “Did she bully Xueruo again? She is one year older than Xueruo, yet so ignorant!” With a wave of his hand, Fu Zonghong left angrily and went upstairs.

“Old Fu…” Fang Wanping called out from behind, then shook her head helplessly.


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  1. she doesn’t need you to pick her up anyway 🙄
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  2. Fake White Lotus

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    it is interesting how the staff is suddenly questioning their hatred. I know its for in-story reasons but it would be interesting if it was literally the heroine-halo affecting them and it began slowly shifting away from Xueruo.

    1. It’s possible, Si Yue did mention that he noticed that whoever crossed the original couple will somehow always get something bad happening to them.

      Although it can be because they used underground means, but the heroine-halo might also be a possibility.

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