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MSRV Ch 41 Part 3 – Fu Family’s Young Miss (III)

But what vicious thing did you say she did? She bullied her stepsister and stepmother! If not, how could her ex-fiancé scold her for being stupid and vicious, and then pity her poor stepsister?

However, in fact, the so-called bullied people actually had a very good life. One enjoyed the life of a wealthy madam with a good reputation, while the other relied on Fu and Chang family as her backing to have a prosperous career in the entertainment industry.

And the so-called ‘bully’ could only hide in a remote mountainous village and make a living by growing flowers.

[I suddenly feel sick……]

[Me too……]

Everyone stared at the names that frequently occupied the trending topics with their love stories. But at this moment, the spectators only felt that the name ‘legendary couple’ was actually bullshit, and the dog food they had been eating until now suddenly made them nauseous.

A large number of Snowballs came to make a commotion, but in front of the powerful Clouddust, they were as weak and vulnerable as little chickens.

[Xuexue is not a third party! She and Young Master Chang are in true love! True love is innocent!]

[Yeah, how can you say she is a third party? So unreasonable! Xuexue is so pure and kind. How can you slander her?]

[Oh, I wish your boyfriend could find his true love too. You have to bless them sincerely. After all, true love is innocent!]

[Well, someone like her must be a single dog, so there is no boyfriend whatsoever. But anyway, if one day your father brings his true love to your mother, you have to persuade your mother to give them her blessing! That isn’t cheating; that is your father’s true love. True love is innocent!]

Following that were a bunch of comments, all with the same sarcastic tone.

The passersby were watching with wide eyes. OMG, where did these fans come from? Their tongues were so sharp!

Thanks to the constant stream of fresh and juicy content, passersby couldn’t stop watching the ‘online war’ with relish.

These sharp and sarcastic comments were too eye-opening!

Where did these people come from, and why did they suddenly speak for Fu Yunruo? Oh, it turned out they came from the livestreaming circle. What? It turned out that Fu family’s real Eldest Miss grew flowers in the deep mountain village and started to do livestream in order to make a living, but she became very popular as a result!

Fu Yunruo was the first-line livestreamer Yunjuan Yunshu!

The video that went viral some time ago was made by her! And that flower was also grown by her…

Fu Yunruo was that beautiful rural girl from before! She was very beautiful! And she also talked very sharply in the video. Sure enough, like the idol, like the fans!

The melon-eating spectators1 flocked to Fu Yunruo’s livestream channel out of curiosity, which soared her popularity for a while.

Fu Yunruo’s fans divided themselves into three groups to handle this matter. The first group consisted of sharp-tongued fans, who filled the social media with sarcastic comments attacking Fang Xueruo, Mother Fang, and Chang Zhuyou. The second group consisted of filthy rich fans, who supported their beloved Yunyun by paying money to put the comments made by the first group into the top of the trending topics list. As for the last group, they consisted of middle-aged and elderly fans who didn’t make any direct splash but instead went to call either their students, old friends, or younger generation in their family with an order to ban Fang Xueruo’s jobs.

Of course, Fang Xueruo still didn’t know that her resources in the entertainment industry were about to shrink significantly. At this moment, she was fuming over the situation on the internet. These trending tags, this video — no matter how much she spent, she couldn’t take them down at all, even when she took out Chang’s and Fu’s names.

Fang Xueruo almost went crazy. She called the person who took the video that day, but couldn’t get through. Fang Xueruo couldn’t believe that the person actually didn’t destroy the video and even published it online.

Fang Xueruo was so angry that she smashed her phone. How dare he!

In that case, don’t blame her for being cruel!

Fang Xueruo picked up the phone and was about to make a call when her agent suddenly called; her voice lost her usual composure: “The material in the safe is gone!”

“What?” Fang Xueruo’s expression suddenly changed. The reason she used that person to do many things for her was that she had his blackmailing materials in her hand. This made her unafraid of his betrayal. But it turned out that he took refuge under someone else! No wonder! Fang Xueruo’s first thought was Si Yue. These trending topics, these water army — must have something to do with Si Yue. Except for him, no one was against her so much!

Fang Xueruo said coldly, “Can you find out who did it? Check Si Yue too…”

Fang Xueruo was halfway through her instruction when another call came in. When she saw the caller id, she immediately said to her agent: “Okay, check it out quickly and tell me the result. I still have something to do.”

Fang Xueruo hung up her agent and immediately answered the new call: “Mom…” Her voice was aggrieved. But after hearing the reply from the phone receiver, her eyes suddenly lit up…

Fu Zonghong felt that his company employees were a bit strange today. Usually when he walked past the office area, the employees worked hard to avoid his sight, for fear of being noticed. But today, he somehow felt that the employees frequently glanced at him with strange eyes.

When Fu Zonghong glanced back, all the employees quickly avoided his sight and lowered their heads to work seriously.

Fu Zonghong walked to the elevator in confusion, waiting for his executive assistant to press the floor button. Fu Zonghong looked down at himself and asked: “Is there anything wrong with me today?”

The executive assistant touched his glasses and replied: “Chairman Fu, there is nothing wrong with you.”

Fu Zonghong’s brows wrinkled, outlining the contour of his face. As the elevator door dinged open, he stopped asking and entered the elevator with the executive assistant.

After the elevator door was closed, a staff member quickly put down the document in his hand and asked the colleague next to his desk, “Hey, do you think what is said on the internet is true?”

“I think it’s ninety percent true…”

Another colleague also came over, “I really can’t tell. When Madam Fu came to the company before, she looked very gentle and kind.”

“I always thought that the current Madam Fu is the Chairman’s only wife. I also thought that they only have one daughter, the Movie Empress Fang.”

This staff member had just joined the company for two years. Before this, she always looked up to Chairman Fu and Madam Fu’s love with envy and assumed that Fang Xueruo was using her mother’s surname as a stage name as an actress.

But it turned out that Fu family still had another daughter, who was the real eldest miss!


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  1. Melon-eating spectators: people who are not fully clear about what’s going on but are interested in the event.

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