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MSRV Ch 59 Part 1 – Everything Is Going for the Better! (I)

It seemed that the owner was in a hurry to sell, so the process was done at record speed. Right after Fu Yunruo expressed her intention to purchase the house, Mr. Mo quickly brought her to various bureaus, completing the procedures in just three days.

After three days, Fu Yunruo was left with a nearly empty bank account and a shiny real estate certificate. Although her savings was now bottomed up, Fu Yunruo suddenly felt a huge relief — this certificate was a legal document that she now owned this house, and she and Wenwen finally had a house that truly belonged to them.

The purchase of a house gave Fu Yunruo a sense of taking roots. Although they regarded the house in Shanghe Village and the bungalow in the flower garden as home, those were never their houses after all.

Wenwen was also ecstatic. It wasn’t a small feat to buy a property in the capital city, where a piece of land was more expensive than gold. How amazing!

“Mom, you are amazing!”

“Wenwen is amazing too!”

After the transfer procedures were over, the house was now completely Fu Yunruo’s. Since the previous owner had moved their belongings in advance, she could theoretically move in right away.

But Fu Yunruo was not in a hurry, mainly because she lacked the money to decorate the house and buy new furniture at this moment. She indeed liked the interior of the house and didn’t intend to revamp it, but the furniture in the bedrooms — such as beds, cabinets, wardrobes, and the likes — was very private and had to be replaced. Moreover, Wenwen was a big kid now and needed his own room, which had to be furnished according to his size and preferred style.

After the house was bought, Fu Yunruo took Wenwen to her studio. This was Fu Yunruo’s first time seeing the studio staff in person. Their number was not many, but Tiantian was very discerning, and the people she chose were excellent. The staff adored their boss and little boss from the bottom of their hearts. Fu Yunruo also found out that some of them were actually Wenwen’s ‘Mom and Daddy’ fans.

When Chi Weicheng learned that Fu Yunruo and Wenwen were in Beijing, he hurried to meet them, complaining, “Why don’t you inform me that you are in Beijing?” If not for his excellent network, he would still be kept in the dark even after they returned home.

Fu Yunruo smiled in response, “We are only staying for a few days. I’m afraid of bothering you.”

“We are students under the same teacher. No need to be so polite.” Fu Yunruo was not only his youngest junior sister but also their teacher’s favorite student. As a senior, it was just a given that he took good care of her, or the Teacher would chase him away the next time he visited.

Seeing that Fu Yunruo and the others were about to go out, Chi Weicheng asked where they were going.

“We are visiting the suburbs to survey a rental garden.” The new flower garden didn’t have to be located in an urban area with higher property prices. Considering the need for a larger site, it was more cost-effective to rent something in the suburb, which was why Fu Yunruo focused her search there.

As for Wenwen, this little guy refused to allow others to look after him and insisted on following his mother, so Fu Yunruo had no choice but to take him along.

“Uncle Guo will never agree to part with his precious orchids, so I plan to rebuild the flower garden here. With a site to grow his orchids secured, he should be willing to move with us.”

This plan was the most realistic. Having a new flower garden built in Beijing would not only allow Fu Yunruo to continue doing her job as before, but also eliminate Uncle Guo’s biggest concern and give her perfect ammunition to persuade the old man to move with them. Once this matter was settled, she and Wenwen could immediately launch their attack and beg Uncle Guo coquettishly. See if his attitude would not soften by then!

When Chi Yucheng heard Fu Yunruo’s plan, his eyes suddenly lit up, “Will Teacher be willing to move here?”

“I’ll do my best to persuade him.”

In fact, Fu Yunruo was not too confident. If Uncle Guo was still unwilling no matter what, then the only thing she could do was to bring Wenwen back to the village to visit the old man as often as possible.

“Since you have the plan, what about you meet with our other seniors? Unlike me, most of them work in this industry and are well-connected. They surely know better about suitable sites in the market.”

Fu Yunruo chuckled, “I’ve actually asked Tiantian to help.” Tiantian was both her employee and best friend, so it was just right to ask for her help. In any case, it was not in Fu Yunruo’s character to bother others with her affairs.

In the end, Chi Yucheng also tagged along today. It was a pity that the results were not satisfactory. The garden was too far from the house Fu Yunruo had just purchased, and the site was also not big enough. In the end, the group returned in disappointment.

“It’s alright. I’ve contacted the seniors and asked them to give you a call if they found anything suitable.”

“Thank you, Brother Chi.”

In fact, Fu Yunruo no longer had enough money to lease a garden and was doing some tours just to check on the local market situation. If she was lucky enough to find a suitable place, she planned to mortgage her newly-purchased house to a bank and slowly repay the loan with her income over time.

Fu Yunruo’s career was still going on steadily. A few days ago, an agent came in with an endorsement offer to represent a popular clothing brand called Yishang, a domestic brand famous for high-quality products made from comfortable fabrics and its simple yet fashionable design.

It was common knowledge that foreign brands were more popular in China. Yet, Fu Yunruo was a loyal fan of Yishang, thanks to their competitive prices compared to foreign brands despite the same level of quality and comfort. Since Fu Yunruo revealed her face to the public, she often appeared on the camera wearing Yishang’s product, which probably was why the brand reached out to her.

Fu Yunruo accepted the offer without much thought. The contract had just been signed a few days ago, and she had not yet officially started representing the brand. Once the endorsement started, however, various fees would start to be paid to her account one after another, and her financial situation would improve greatly by then.


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