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MSRV Ch 63 Part 2 – Do You Have Children, Mr. Yue? (II)

Fu Yunruo and Uncle Guo had just entered the supermarket and taken a shopping cart when Fu Yunruo’s phone rang. She took it out and saw Si Yue’s name on the caller ID. After the call was connected, Wenwen’s tender voice came from the receiver, “Mom, where are you?”

On the way back, Fu Yunruo ‘ruthlessly’ abandoned Wenwen and went back in her own car with Uncle Guo and Qian Shengnan. “We are in the supermarket now. You and Uncle Yue should go home first.” Fu Yunruo paused for a moment, “Mr. Yue, please take care of Wenwen. Shengnan should be there soon.”

Fu Yunruo remembered that Si Yue should be driving now, so she just said a few more words to her son before ending the call.

Befitting of its target market, everything was pricier in this supermarket, with many imported brands filling the display racks and fewer products per category. Large furniture, for example, was only available as display products and had to be custom-ordered. But smaller items such as daily necessities and groceries could be bought directly.

Still, with all the conveniences and services provided, the higher price tag was worth it.

Fu Yunruo first went to the home department to buy some odds and ends.

“Excuse me, are you Yunyun?” A deep voice came from the nearby aisle. Fu Yunruo looked up and saw a handsome man in a suit and leather shoes, looking at her with a very surprised yet excited face.

The man originally saw a slender figure that he found familiar, so he tried to look closer. Believing that the other party was Yunyun, he called tentatively and finally got a 100% confirmation upon seeing her face. “Hello, I’m your fan, Lin Ji.” He introduced himself, “My online username is Anon0000, and I am a member of your fan list.”

Fu Yunruo replied, “Hello, too. Yes, I know your username.” Only her fans called her Yunyun, and she was also familiar with the username Anon0000. Although still not comparable to the legendary long-digit username, Anon0000 was also one of her oldest and most generous fans.

“Did you move here? What a coincidence!” The fans were informed when Fu Yunruo was moving to Beijing, but they didn’t know exactly where. As a Beijinger, Lin Ji was naturally happy to have his idol closer, but he didn’t expect Yunyun actually move to his neighborhood!

“Yeah, what a coincidence!” Fu Yunruo didn’t expect the world to be so small. Who knew that she would meet a fan right after moving?

“If other fans knew about our meetings, they would be so jealous and wish to jump through the screen to give me a punch in the face.” Lin Ji laughed.

Fu Yunruo was amused, “It’s nothing…”


Fu Yunruo turned her head and saw Si Yue and Wenwen, holding hands and walking toward her.

Wenwen let go of Si Yue’s hand and rushed over to hug Fu Yunruo’s thighs. Displeasure was written all over his face. “Mom, you are too slow,” Wenwen pouted. He waited at the door for a long time, but no one was there.

“Sorry, it’s Mom’s fault. Mom will definitely bring you together next time.” Fu Yunruo coaxed the sulking boy.

When Lin Ji saw Wenwen, he was even more overjoyed. He, who disliked small children, was currently experiencing what netizens described as ‘cuteness overload.’

In Lin Ji’s opinion, the real Wenwen was much more adorable than the screen. This little guy was practically a walking cutie bomb!

Lin Ji then deliberately made his voice as soft and gentle as possible, “Hello, baby…”

Hearing his nickname called, Wenwen turned around and blinked, “Hello, uncle!”

“Yes, yes, hello too!” Lin Ji suppressed his inner excitement and said with a bright smile, “I’m your fan.”

Wenwen tilted his head. This was the first time he met a real fan, not counting the people he personally knew.

“Do you want an autograph, uncle?” Wenwen clenched his small fists tightly, his eyes sparkling.

“Of course!” Lin Ji took out a pen from his breast pocket. He didn’t bring any paper or a notebook, so he simply took out a clean handkerchief and spread it open.

Wenwen took the pen. His chest puffed up, full of confidence. This was his first autograph, so he was determined to write his name in the most beautiful font possible. But the reality was cruel. Despite his best effort, the end result was crooked writing that took up most of the handkerchief’s surface.

Wenwen blushed when he saw the finished autograph. How could it be so ugly?

However, Lin Ji was full of praise: “Baby is so amazing! You can even write your own name! Awesome!”

The deluge of rainbow farts instantly restored Wenwen’s confidence. The boy held his head high and smiled proudly.

Lin Ji turned to Fu Yun and said, “Can I ask for an autograph from you too?”

Had to say — when a handsome man smiled shyly, his attractiveness instantly doubled.

“Of course.” Fu Yunruo smiled. She took the pen and signed her name on the empty side of the handkerchief.

Watching their interactions, Si Yue raised his eyebrows. His eyes fell scrutinizingly at Lin Ji. The next moment, he quickly walked over, picked up Wenwen, and spoke intimately to Fu Yunruo, “Have you finished shopping?”

Fu Yunruo looked at the contents of her shopping cart, “Not yet.”

When Lin Ji saw Si Yue, his smile faded, and his gentle gaze turned into a stern one.

Si Yue casually returned the stare.

Two pairs of eyes met, and for a moment, there seemed to be a crackling sound in the air.

“Are you Mr. Si Yue?” Lin Ji extended his hand politely with a smile, “Nice to meet you.”

“Nice to meet you. May I ask who you are?” Si Yue returned the handshake.

“My surname is Lin. Lin Ji.”

“Hello, Mr. Lin.”

“Does Mr. Si Yue also live here? I haven’t seen you before.”

“Nothing strange about that. I am often away for months during filming, and I rarely leave home even when I am in town.”

“Really? That’s such a pity…”


Meanwhile, Fu Yunruo was looking at the contents of the shopping cart, listing the remaining items she had to buy. When she raised her head again, she saw the two men shaking hands while exchanging greetings. Both of them were smiling, but she felt something was off for some reason.

For a split second, Fu Yunruo wondered – did they know each other before and have a bad relationship? She tilted her head and looked more attentively. No, they didn’t seem to be on bad terms of some sort. Based on their conversation, these two should be total strangers.

“Do you two hit it off right away?” Seeing the tightly shaking hands, Fu Yunruo muttered in amazement. It’s nice to make friends!


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