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DDDV Ch 86 – Conflict

The disciples left Cangwu secret realm one after another. Lu Yaoyao and Shen Changyuan, who were hiding in the depths of the woods, watched them disappear one by one. “We don’t have a token; how do we go out?” Lu Yaoyao was anxious.

Lu Yaoyao originally wanted to steal a token from a disciple, but stopped herself after finding out that the number of tokens was fixed, meaning that the owner of a stolen token wouldn’t be able to leave the secret realm. Moreover, leaving with a token would make them appear at the place where the original user first entered the secret realm. As far as Lu Yaoyao knew, most of these people were disciples of a sect, and they entered and left the secret realm from their respective sect.

Fortunately, Lu Yaoyao didn’t have to worry long. The secret realm soon noticed the two uninvited guests and quickly spit them out.

For a split moment, Lu Yaoyao thought they were thrown back into the Abyss, but she quickly noticed the towering trees around, a scenery impossible in the Abyss. With the thick foliage blocking the sunlight, the whole place was dark and damp with a musty smell. No wonder she almost mistook this place for the Abyss. Lu Yaoyao frowned, “Where are we?”

The Cangwu secret realm was located in the Cultivation Realm. After leaving Cangwu, they must also fall into another part of the Cultivation Realm. But why was it so remote here? Where exactly were they?

When Lu Yaoyao and Shen Changyuan were trying to figure out their whereabouts, a big commotion was happening at the upper echelons of the Cultivation Realm. Li Shengyuan, the only son of the Wentian Sect Leader, was attacked by a mysterious assailant in Cangwu secret realm and had his hand chopped down.

For this reason, Sect Leader Li activated the image stone, the communication method used by the leaders of large sects to conduct an emergency meeting.

The images of the sect leader and deputy sect leader of various sects were projected from the image stone, each assuming their own seat in the hall. Being suddenly summoned, everyone was at a loss, and all eyes fell on Sect Leader Li of the Wentian Sect, who initiated the summons. Lu Chongyun was the first to ask, “Sect Leader Li, what is the emergency?”

Beneath his stern and stoic appearance, Lu Chongyun’s mind was actually full of the matter of Yao Jiuxiao’s sudden daughter. The little girl was his martial niece, the only girl in their next generation. How could he not dote on her? Even if Senior Brother refused to divulge any information about the girl or her mother, he could at least tell him when she would return home to Guiyuan Sect, right?

With this thought in mind, Lu Chongyun came to East Ninth Peak three times a day, asking the same question again and again. As a result, the annoyed Yao Jiuxiao directly put on a restriction that prevented Lu Chongyun from entering the peak.

Even though he couldn’t dig anything from Yao Jiuxiao, Lu Chongyun didn’t sit idle either. Next, he was busy planning the meeting gift for his martial niece. Lu Chongyun rummaged through his inventory, but didn’t see anything satisfactory or suitable. He then put his idea of the sect’s treasure house, which housed all kinds of treasures collected by generations of Guiyuan Sect’s leaders. When the time came, he should let his martial niece come in and select anything she fancied from the treasure house, which surely would make her thrilled…

Sect Leader Li’s stern eyes swept across the images of everyone present. When his gaze fell on Lu Chongyun, there was a sarcastic smile on his face. The next moment, he frowned and said harshly, “Cangwu secret realm is one of the resources shared by the inhabitant of the Cultivation Realm. We commonly manage the secret realm and make it a training ground for young disciples on the Foundation Establishment stage and below. It has always been the rule. Unfortunately, some people have broken the rule and suppressed their cultivation base to enter Cangwu secret realm. If we allow this behavior to continue, wouldn’t it mess up the order in the Cultivation Realm?”

The sect leaders who didn’t know the inside story frowned subconsciously. Sect Leader Li put on the stance of self-justice, but they couldn’t understand why Wentian Sect cared so much about such a small matter and even activated the emergency communication method to hold a meeting.

Suppressing one’s cultivation base to enter a minor secret realm was indeed a violation of rules, but it was such a trivial one that no one ever bothered to make a fuss over it, so why did Sect Leader Li bring this up all of a sudden?

A few who knew the inside story frowned even more, and the Medicine Sect Leader snorted coldly, “Let’s put this matter aside for the time being. We from the Medicine Sect have a more important question for Wentian Sect. Your Young Sect Leader Li Shengyuan used a despicable method during his time in Cangwu secret realm, intending to insult the disciple of my Medicine Sect. Sect Leader Li, shouldn’t you give us an explanation?”

As soon as the words came out, the atmosphere instantly changed. There was indeed a rumor that the heir of the Wentian Sect was trying to marry a Medicine Sect’s disciple. But both the girl and her sect were uninterested in his proposal, so everyone thought this matter was over. Unexpectedly, Li Shengyuan didn’t back off after being rejected and even tried to use a despicable means to force the girl to submit?

Many of the sect leaders present sighed in silence. This Sect Leader Li was famous for his talent, but he was so confused when it came to his only son.

As the next generation of the Li family, Li Shengyuan only added shame to his family.

This matter was also news for Sect Leader Li, as neither Li Shengyuan nor the disciples who accompanied him had mentioned a word. Still, Sect Leader Li believed that his pure-hearted son wouldn’t do such a despicable thing and surely only made an empty threat at most. Even if the boy really did something bad, he must be led astray by people with bad intentions, as it was not in his nature to do such things at all.

“There must be a misunderstanding.” Sect Leader Li firmly said.

Another sect leader couldn’t help commenting, “Sect Leader Li, your son needs to be properly disciplined.”

“Such a despicable action is unforgivable. Truly without the slightest demeanor demanded from a future sect leader.”

“Right, right……”

Sect Leader Li put on a fake smile, “My son has made you all worry.”

The sect leaders: “…”

“Forget it. There is no need for us to nag about other people’s children.”

“Do you want to brush your son’s action aside under the guise of ‘misunderstanding’?” The deputy sect leader of Medicine Sect Ye Chanyi — also the master of the Ye sisters — gave Sect Leader Li a cold glare. “We are still not finished yet.”

“After this meeting ends, I will immediately go to find out the truth. If the accusation is true, I will definitely give proper compensation for Medicine Sect.” Sect Leader Li said gloomily, “There is a more pressing matter that needs to be discussed first.”

“One, or probably some, high-ranking disciples of a certain sect suppressed their cultivation base to enter a minor secret realm, breaking the rules. We must find who they are and give them a proper punishment.”

Medicine Sect Leader and his deputy got even more furious. “What? Is Sect Leader Li want to find out the identity of the cultivator who accidentally cut off the hand of Young Sect Leader Li when he was about to commit a despicable action towards our Medicine Sect’s disciples? This person is the benefactor who saved our disciples, and yet Sect Leader Li blatantly want to seek revenge on them?”

“How much does Wentian Sect look down on our Medicine Sect?!”

When the other sect leaders heard this, they finally understood the ins and outs of the matter.

It turned out that Sect Leader Li made such a big ruckus just because his son’s hand was cut off by someone?

How could Sect Leader Li do such a ridiculous thing? Merely cutting off one hand — compared to the stupid things Li Shengyuan did, this punishment was very light, and a severed hand could easily be regrown with a high-rank pill anyway.

To put it simply, the person who broke the rules by entering the Cangwu secret realm was the benefactor of the Medicine Sect. Unfazed by Wentian Sect’s tyranny and power, they had the courage to stand up in the face of injustice — truly an example of benevolence and righteousness.

Sect Leader Li had become more and more absurd in recent years. Image stone was not to be used except for major matters that involved the life and death of the Cultivation Realm, but he was now using it to seek personal revenge?

The other sect leaders frowned and sighed.


“This is the end of the matter.” Lu Chongyun said solemnly, “The heir of the Wentian Sect has indeed committed a despicable action, and Sect Leader Li must give the Medicine Sect an explanation.”

Lu Chongyun despised the likes of Li Shengyuan from the begin with, but now that he had a martial niece, he couldn’t tolerate it even more. Behind his martial niece stood the entire Guiyuan Sect, not to mention her status as the biological daughter of Dao Venerable Hengwu. Once her identity was known to the public, which man wouldn’t come flocking to her?

It was obvious, but his martial niece couldn’t have multiple Dao companions. If some people with dark minds and low morale dared to follow the example of the Li family’s boy…

A burst of anger rose from the bottom of Li Chongyun’s heart. Just chopping off the hand? Too easy! If it was him, he would directly chop that bastard’s head!

“From today on, disciples who suppressed their cultivation base to sneak into minor secret realms will no longer be tolerated. Once discovered, they will be dealt with severely.”

Once Lu Chongyun made this statement, the crowd instantly became even more displeased. Which large sect didn’t have one or two disciples who often ventured into a small secret realm below their cultivation base? What was previously a tacit agreement between sects was no longer tolerated, and everyone suffered a collective loss.

Lu Chongyun waved his hand, “The meeting’s dismissed.”

The projected images disappeared one by one. Lu Chongyun’s image also disappeared, leaving only the people of the Medicine Sect and Wentian Sect.

The Medicine Sect Leader glanced coldly at Sect Leader Li, “Since this is the case, our Medicine Sect is waiting for Wentian Sect’s explanation.”

The next moment, the last images disappeared, leaving the ashen Sect Leader Li alone.


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