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MSRV Ch 71 Part 1 – Taken Away (I)

Wenwen lined up with other kids and followed the teacher out. When he caught sight of Qian Shengnan, he quickly looked around but did not see his mother. “Sister Shengnan, where’s Mom?”

“Your mother can’t make it in time and asked me to pick you back.” Qian Shengnan said. After finishing the pick-up procedure with the teacher, she took Wenwen to the parked car.

Wenwen was suddenly gripped with worries. He raised his small head and asked Qian Shengnan, “Sister Shengnan, what happened to Mom?”

Wenwen knew that if not for a major matter, his mother would definitely not fail to pick him up in person.

Qian Shengnan thought for a moment. Once Wenwen was home, he would know about Fu Yunruo falling ill anyway, so she decided not to hide it any longer and answered truthfully, “Your Mom is sick and resting at home now…”

Hearing this, Wenwen became anxious and quickly climbed into the car, urging: “Let’s go back. I want to see my mother!”

Seeing the boy’s flustered look, Qian Shengnan also quickly got in the car and drove away after confirming that the seatbelt was properly fastened.

Although Wenwen kept urging her to hurry, Qian Shengnan still paid attention to the traffic rules and did not exceed the speed limit.

Wenwen felt very guilty. His mother must have been sick since this morning, but he didn’t notice it…

She was sick for a whole day, and he was not by her side…

The kindergarten was close to the community, only ten minutes away by car, but these ten minutes felt so long for Wenwen today. He was so eager to get home quickly, and once the car finally stopped at the gate, he hurriedly got out and rushed into the house.

The door was unlocked, so Wenwen pushed it open and ran in. Si Yue saw that the little guy was running so quick — so hasty to run upstairs and see his mother — that he didn’t even see him standing on the other side of the door.

When Wenwen passed by, Si Yue deftly caught him and picked his small body up.

Wenwen’s short hands and feet flailed around in protest, “Uncle Yue, let me down. I want to see my Mom!”

Si Yue simply told him: “Your mother is sleeping. Do you want to wake her up?”

Hearing this, Wenwen stopped struggling in an instant. He looked up at Si Yue, his big eyes full of anxiety, “Uncle Yue, is Mom okay?”

Si Yue’s voice softened, “She is okay. Your Mom is too tired, so she has a cold and a fever. Now she needs to rest more.” He then told the boy, “You can go in quietly and have a look, but be careful not to wake her, okay?”

Wenwen nodded seriously. Si Yue carried him upstairs, gently opened the door to Fu Yunruo’s room, walked in softly, and stopped a few steps away from the bed.

Eyes wide, Wenwen looked at his mother in distress. Fu Yunruo’s complexion was already much better than in the morning, but she was still a little haggard. Having never seen her looking so weak, Wenwen burst into tears. Mom works so hard to bring him up…

After letting Wenwen in for a while, Si Yue quietly took him out and began a man-to-man conversation with the little guy. In Si Yue’s view, raising a child required teaching them to be enlightened and understand the hardship their parents went through for them. Therefore, he told Wenwen the reason why Fu Yunruo fell ill. Then he said, “Although young, you are also the family’s man, and your mother is a woman. We must protect your mother well, and together be sensible and considerate…”

“Your Mom is most concerned about you. So in order to not make her worry, you must take care of yourself, okay?”

“I will take care of myself!” Wenwen nodded seriously and clenched his tiny-sized fist, “I will take good care of Mom too!”

Si Yue rubbed Wenwen’s head silently.

When Fu Yunruo woke up again, her head was still groggy. The lights in the room were turned on, and the sky outside the window was already darkened. Qian Shengnan and the others had been checking on her from time to time and soon knew that she had woken up.


Fu Yunruo saw Wenwen come in with tears in his eyes, but Si Yue was holding his back collar, preventing the little guy from getting too close. “Wenwen,” Fu Yunruo called with a smile, “Sorry for lying to you. Mom didn’t send you to school not because of an urgent matter in the garden…”

Wenwen of course knew that his mother told him a lie because she didn’t want him to worry, so he said, “No, it’s okay…” But he used this chance to negotiate, “But I won’t go to school tomorrow. I want to take care of Mom at home.”

Fu Yunruo hesitated.

Wenwen said again: “I will ask Teacher Su to send me tomorrow’s lesson and homework. I can still study at home.”

Si Yue chimed in: “I will teach him.”

Fu Yunruo had no choice but to agree. It was okay for Wenwen to stay home tomorrow, but he couldn’t stay in her room for too long, lest he got infected by the cold.

After saying a few more words to his mother, Wenwen was taken out by Si Yue. Qian Shengnan came in a bit later, carrying a tray of a light meal. Fu Yunruo only ate a few bites earlier, so Qian Shengnan made her a more appetizing tomato and egg noodles, which she managed to eat more.

After a meal, it was time to take medicine. Fu Yunruo swallowed the pills in one gulp and returned to sleep.


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