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MSRV Ch 70 Part 2 – Caring for the Sick (II)

When Fu Yunruo slowly opened her eyes again, she was still lying on her bed, but there was an unfamiliar stand next to the bed with an infusion bottle hanging on it. She tried to get up, only to find that her right hand couldn’t move. At the same time, a low voice came from her side, “Don’t move.”

Startled, Fu Yunruo turned her head to the source of the voice. Now that her head was no longer so heavy, she had regained some clarity. There she found Si Yue sitting on the edge of the bed, his hand on hers. Upon closer look, a needle was inserted into the back of her right hand, which was connected to the hanging drip.

“Mr. Yue?” Fu Yunruo called, her voice still hoarse, “Why are you here?”

Si Yue stared at her and answered, “You are sick.”

He then let go of her hand and went to pour a glass of warm water.

Now that Fu Yunruo saw that she was getting a drip, she stopped trying to get up. When Si Yue brought her the water, she used her left hand to take it.

“I’m sorry for troubling you.” Fu Yunruo was surprised to find Si Yue personally taking care of her.

Si Yue refused to let Fu Yunruo hold the glass. He sat on the head of the bed and carefully helped her up, “You’re still not well. I will help you.” His tone was firm, clearly not allowing a rebuttal. He held Fu Yunruo in his arms and put the glass on her lips.

Fu Yunruo almost froze in shock. She quickly grabbed the glass and gulped half before saying, “Thank you.”

Si Yue helped her to lie down again before putting the glass on the bedside table.

“What happened to me?”

“Your temperature was 40 degrees. The fever has finally subsided a bit, but you still cannot move yet.”

Oh, no wonder she felt so weak and hot.

Fu Yunruo looked outside the window and asked anxiously, “What time is it now?”

“3 pm.”

Fu Yunruo sighed relievedly. It wasn’t half past four yet, so she still had time to pick up Wenwen from school.

Si Yue saw her thoughts at a glance, “You need total rest.”

“I’m already much better.” She was so dizzy and weak that she couldn’t even walk properly this morning, which had given her quite a scare. In contrast, she felt a lot more energetic now.

Si Yue’s attitude was firm: “No, you are not.”

After Si Yue learned that overwork was one of the causes of Fu Yunruo’s sudden illness, he regretted his past decision to not interfere in her career. More than anything, he was annoyed at himself for not just quietly providing her with some convenience. As long as he helped a little bit, she wouldn’t be so tired, let alone falling sick like this. But the consequence had been done. Seeing Fu Yunruo’s current weak and thin figure, Si Yue was determined to let her return to her full health before allowing her to move around again.

“…” For some reason, seeing Si Yue’s attitude made Fu Yunruo feel inexplicably guilty.

“Yunruo, you finally woke up.” After a brief knock, Qian Shengnan pushed open the door and came in. Seeing Fu Yunruo was awake, she sighed in clear relief. When she came back after sending Wenwen to school this morning, she was startled to see Yunruo’s state, which was clearly not as simple as a common cold. Fortunately, there was Mr. Si Yue, who not only had been looking after Yunruo when she was away, but also called his personal doctor over.

This doctor was very skilled and came fully equipped. He quickly brought Yunruo’s fever under control, which finally put her at ease. Otherwise, she would have rushed Yunruo to the hospital.

Fu Yunruo gave Qian Shengnan an embarrassed smile, “Sorry for making you worry.”

“It’s fine.”

After confirming that Fu Yunruo was okay, Qian Shengnan left the room before quickly returning with a bowl of light porridge. “You haven’t eaten a bite since morning. You must be starving.”

Fu Yunruo actually had no appetite, but she knew she needed a proper meal to build up her energy and get better quickly, so she forced herself to finish half a bowl.

Si Yue and Qian Shengnan persuaded for a while, but seeing that Fu Yunruo couldn’t eat anymore, they didn’t force her.

Not long after, a middle-aged man in a white coat came in and gave Fu Yunruo a kind smile, “Hello, Miss Fu, my surname is Meng, and I’m Mr. Si Yue’s family doctor.”

“Hello, Dr. Meng.” Fu Yunruo greeted the doctor and expressed her thanks. She then couldn’t help glancing at Si Yue, thinking: Mr. Yue actually has a family doctor?

Seeing the curiosity in her eyes, Si Yue explained, “I often need to adjust my physical state when filming, so it’s safer to have an attending doctor.”

Fu Yunruo nodded in understanding. Acting was indeed very hard. Sometimes the plot demanded the actor to be thin, and sometimes he needed to look fat. Having a doctor to keep watch would make the adjustment safer and more effective.

Wait, should she look for a family doctor too? Maybe Wenwen would need it when he seriously started his acting career one day…


“Doctor Meng, can I go out in half an hour?” She had to pick up her son from school.

“…” The corners of Doctor Meng’s mouth twitched, “No matter how good I am, it’s impossible to make a patient recover in a few hours…”

Fu Yunruo wanted to facepalm. It seemed that the fever had eaten her brain, ah! What a silly question — only a miracle would make her recover so quickly!

But what about Wenwen?

Si Yue said, “Let Qian Shengnan go.”

Fu Yunruo hesitated. She didn’t send Wenwen to school this morning. If she also didn’t appear to pick him up, the child would certainly be upset.

“Wenwen is a sensible boy. Wouldn’t he be sad if he knew that you pushed your sick body to pick him up?”

This was true. Fu Yunruo finally relented and lay back on the bed, as well-behaved as a cute kitten, “Mr. Yue, I’m already much better. Please don’t mind me if you are busy. I am alright on my own.” Although she didn’t know how long Si Yue had been here, she was now much better and didn’t need to be looked after, so she didn’t want to waste more of Si Yue’s time.

Si Yue’s tone was firm, “I’m not busy.”

“Oh……” Fu Yunruo still wanted to say more, but finally decided to keep silent. It seemed that the sickness had brought up her vulnerable side, and she actually really wanted someone to accompany her…

Fu Yunruo hadn’t fully recovered, so after lying down for a while, she soon became sleepy and fell asleep again.

Si Yue sat quietly at her bedside, careful not to wake her up, waiting for the remaining drip to finish.

Dr. Meng had also gone out at some point, leaving the two alone.


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