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MSRV Ch 85 – He is Your Father, Your Biological Father

Wenwen squirmed around, trying to stand up with great effort. From the rear mirror, he watched as the view outside faded into the distance. Seeing Fang Xueruo’s livid face when the bodyguards held her back, Wenwen gloated inside. She must hardly be treated like this, huh? But the time was different. Just see if she could still stand high!

Wenwen almost couldn’t hold back his laughter when suddenly, his little butt was slapped twice.

“Don’t be naughty. Sit properly.”

Wenwen rushed to cover his butt and sit back before protesting, “Mom, I’m not a kid anymore. Please don’t spank me!” How humiliating!

Fu Yunruo pinched his pouty face, “You are my son. Even if you are half a century years old, I will still spank you if you dare to do something wrong.”

Wenwen was astonished. Would mom still beat him even after he grew up? How could it be! Where would he put his face then?

In the end, all Wenwen could do was cast a helpless glance. Well, who made her his mother? He could only indulge her!

Wenwen sighed. He really didn’t have it easy, ah!

Fu Yunruo wasn’t aware of what her son was thinking, as her own mind was preoccupied. She was considering how to break out the truth about his parentage to Wenwen. She had a premonition that Fang Xueruo would not let this matter go. Fang Xueruo had tried approaching her before but met a dead end, so there was a high chance that her next target would be Wenwen.

Fu Yunruo was afraid that Fang Xueruo would talk nonsense to Wenwen. Today, knowing that Fang Xueruo was actually filming next door, her worry only intensified.

Wenwen indeed disliked the existence of his father, but… if he knew that his father was actually Si Yue, maybe he would be happy instead?

After a long internal battle, Fu Yunruo finally made up her mind to carefully break the truth to Wenwen.

Since it was only a matter of time before the secret leaked, it was better if Wenwen learned it from her.

Wenwen was ignorant of his mother’s inner struggle. After the car stopped in front of the house, he impatiently jumped out and walked hand in hand with Fu Yunruo.

“Mom, homework!” Wenwen reminded. Tomorrow was a school day, and he hadn’t finished his homework yet. He must finish it well today, or he will miss his little red flower!

Seeing her son’s energetic figure, Fu Yunruo temporarily let go of her worries as she helped the boy with his homework.

At nine, after they both had dinner and showered, Fu Yunruo took Wenwen to her bedroom upstairs.

Wenwen felt a little shy. He got used to sleeping alone not long after moving to Beijing. Every night, his mother would put him to bed and wait until he fell asleep before leaving, but it wasn’t the same as sleeping together!

Tonight, Mom suddenly said that she wanted to sleep with him. It was a bit embarrassing for a big boy to still sleep with his mother, but he was happy inside.

He missed sleeping with Mom too!

Lying on his mother’s fragrant and soft bed, Wenwen rolled around happily. He was wearing a set of kid’s raccoon pajamas today, making it look like a fat little raccoon was rolling on the bed.

Fu Yunruo walked over with a smile. She lay on one side of the bed and took her rolling son into her arms.

Wenwen obediently lay down beside Fu Yunruo, stealing glances at her from time to time and breaking into cheerful laughter.

Fu Yunruo was infected with his joy, “So happy?” She asked with a smile.

With his small body wriggling and cheeks blushing, Wenwen nodded truthfully, “I feel happy!”

The two played for a while. After some time, Fu Yunruo hesitantly began to speak: “Wenwen, Mom has something to tell you…”

Wenwen’s eyes sparkled, “What is it, Mom?” Was Mom going to tell him to stay away from Fang Xueruo again? He also would like to, but those people always came to them, just like annoying flies!

Wenwen couldn’t wait to see Fang Xueruo go completely out of the picture. Unfortunately, with the Chang family and the Fu family behind her, it would be difficult to drive her out of the entertainment industry — unless she got herself involved in a major scandal. Barring that, it was hard to think that Orange Entertainment — or rather, the Chang Group behind it — would give up on her.

Wenwen looked at his short limbs and couldn’t help but sigh again. Alas, there was little he could do with this small body, and Mom was also not suitable for dirty tricks, so they could only watch the enemies annoyingly making appearances.

Forget it. He should focus on protecting his mother. The rest could come slowly…

Meanwhile, Fu Yunruo gathered all her courage and finally blurted out the truth, “Si Yue is your biological father!” She said decisively.

Oh, so it wasn’t about that woman Fang Xueruo?

Wenwen sighed in relief before he suddenly startled awake.

Wait a minute, what did Mom just say? Why couldn’t he understand it?

Wenwen stared at Fu Yunruo blankly.

“This matter is quite complicated. Your father never wanted to neglect you, but he actually didn’t know about your existence before. Ever since he knows about you, he has been very attentive…”

Si Yue? Father?

Wenwen never imagined that these three words could be combined.

How was this possible? The idol he admired and adored for so many years was his biological father?

Fu Yunruo was still talking nonstop, but Wenwen was finding it difficult to follow. Her words seemed to be getting jumbled inside his mind, clouding his brain and depriving it of the ability to think clearly.

Fu Yunruo omitted the night’s incident at the hotel, but told Wenwen everything else. She also spoke objectively and didn’t try to discredit Si Yue. In any case, there was no real conflict between the two of them.

Fu Yunruo thought that Wenwen would be ecstatic when he learned the truth, but after speaking for a while, she finally realized that the child had fallen unusually silent.

“Wenwen, are you upset?” Was he too shocked?

“Mom, April Fool is over.” Wenwen’s voice was flat.

“Forgive Mom, Wenwen. Mom only found out about this not long ago. I definitely didn’t deliberately hide it from you, but what Mom said is the truth.”

Wenwen blinked; he slowly turned his head, “Mom, does Uncle Yue want to be my stepdad? Are you afraid I won’t accept it, so you told me he is my real dad?”

Wenwen found the situation extremely ludicrous. How could Siyue be his real father? What a big joke!

Impossible. Anyone else in the world might be his father, but Si Yue couldn’t.

How could he?

The most logical explanation Wenwen could think of was that his mother wanted to remarry and get him a stepfather. Afraid that he wouldn’t be able to accept the new family, she took advantage of his young age and lied by claiming that the stepfather was his real father.

“It’s okay, Mom. I don’t mind if you get me a stepdad. As long as he is dependable and can accompany you for the rest of your life.” Wenwen said earnestly.

“As long as you like him, I can accept it.” So, don’t deceive him with a ridiculous lie, okay?

“…” Fu Yunruo was speechless. How to explain to her son that this dad is biological, not a step one?


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