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DDDV Ch 104 Part 1 – The Boundary Gate (I)

Lu Yaoyao didn’t participate in the process when Shen Changyuan formulated the Abyss law back then, but she knew every single article by heart. Now, all she needed to do was to write everything down from her memory. She began to write with great vigor, filling up a thick volume by hand. Once done, she began adding modifications according to the unique situation of the devil race.

Lu Qingyu soon discovered that his daughter had recently been cooping up in her study all day. Not only didn’t she return to the cultivation chamber, but she didn’t even go out to play. When he came over and took a look, he saw the little girl busy with a brush in hand. Her desk was littered with piles of handwritten papers, and she was so preoccupied with her work that she didn’t even notice when her white and tender face was smudged with ink stains.

Lu Qingyu casually picked up a piece of paper and glanced at it.

When Lu Yaoyao looked up and saw Lu Qingyu, she was ecstatic, “Daddy, help me take a look! See if anything is missing!” Lu Yaoyao was very eager. She meticulously stacked the edited papers and handed them over to Lu Qingyu, then went to fetch a chair and put it behind him. Her service was perfect.

Lu Qingyu sat on the chair, slowly picked up the stack of papers, and said leisurely: “My shoulders are a little sore.”

Lu Yaoyao stood on the edge of the chair and began to pound with her little hands, asking, “Daddy, is this strong enough?”

“Barely enough.” Lu Qingyu’s tone was strained, but there was a content smile on his face. After reading the rules written by his little girl, he felt proud and satisfied with her cleverness. “Didn’t you say you wanted the devil race to do good deeds?” he added with a teasing tone.

“I don’t want to force them; it must come from the heart!” said Lu Yaoyao earnestly, “I’ve thought it over carefully. Everything has a progress, so we must do it step by step and not rush.”

What Daddy said was correct. The devil race lacked the will to do good deeds. Her original idea was to make them do more good deeds and accumulate merits in order to offset the sin caused by their excessive killings and bloodbaths. This would make crossing the heavenly tribulation less difficult. However, even the human race was not entirely composed of individuals who have done only good deeds. Hence, she finally concluded that she shouldn’t set her expectations too high. It would be enough if the devil race could change their nature somewhat to stop killing the innocents.

Lu Yaoyao refused to believe that the devil race was truly devoid of emotions. The lack of trust between devils was a result of long-standing cultural practices. For example, her own Daddy. Despite being a high-level devil of pure blood, she knew he loved her no less than Father did, just as she loved both Father and Daddy equally.

Even though the devil race had a strong tendency for brutality and bloodshed, Lu Yaoyao hoped they would still possess humane emotions when interacting with their own kind, much like her Daddy. In essence, Lu Yaoyao wanted the devils to have a sense of identity and belonging to a community. It was tragic to see how many of them lacked the strong emotional bonds that typically existed among family members, siblings, spouses, and close friends.

The devil realm was actually akin to the Abyss in some ways. At first, the inhabitants of the Abyss viewed everyone but themselves as enemies, but after she and Brother Yuanyuan took control and ruled, things improved and moved in a positive direction. The positive effects were even more evident because there weren’t many inhabitants to begin with.

In contrast, the Devil Realm was more massive with more inhabitants, making it even more complicated. But Lu Yaoyao was optimistic that slow and steady changes would definitely show positive effects in time.

“Once we can ingrain in the hearts of the devil race the concept of how reducing killings can lead to a smoother road of cultivation, wouldn’t those who long for ascension would actively curb their behavior?”

Lu Qingyu poured cold water on her enthusiasm: “This Venerable has been in the Great Ascension stage for so many years without ascending.” Let alone other devils?

“But what if there is a glimmer of hope?” Lu Yaoyao said eagerly. “Daddy, look carefully. Would these work?”

Lu Qingyu lowered his eyes and rubbed the edge of the papers with his fingertip. Lu Yaoyao lay sprawled on his back. Her chubby hands wrapped around his neck, hanging on him. “Daddy spent a thousand years shaping the Devil Sect into its current form, allowing many major aristocratic clans and sects to emerge. Yet, they all recognized the authority of the Devil Sect, creating orders and structures that allowed the Devil Realm to develop rapidly. Daddy is so amazing!”

The tone of admiration from his daughter pleased Lu Qingyu, “Daddy just made it easier to manage things.”

Lu Yaoyao grinned, “Daddy, I know you want to make the Devil Realm better. Let me help you! Together, we will develop the Devil Realm!”

Lu Yaoyao had another reason to be motivated. That is, she wanted to prevent another war from breaking between the three races. She grew up in the Demon Realm and had many close acquaintances there. Her father was also a human, and her Daddy was a devil. She simply couldn’t imagine where she would stand if the three races started warring one day.

Lu Yaoyao thus believed that peace could be maintained for longer if the devil race could improve. While she didn’t expect the Devil Realm to transform into a utopia full of beautiful things and goodness, she believed there was still hope to develop it into a place where right and wrong, kindness and evil, bloodthirstiness and camaraderie, went hand in hand.

“This Venerable isn’t as bored as you,” Lu Qingyu placed the papers back on the table, “You are the little princess of the devil race. You are free to do as you please, even if you turn the world upside down.”

Lu Yaoyao’s eyes brightened. Daddy meant she could do whatever she wanted with his backing!

Grinning from ear to ear, she tilted her head and proclaimed, “Daddy, you are so nice!”

With boundless energy and enthusiasm, Lu Yaoyao quickly rewrote her thoughts and transferred them onto the spiritual tablet, then hopped out of the room.

Watching the little girl’s joyful departure, the corners of Lu Qingyu’s raised lips gradually straightened, and his eyes slowly turned gloomy as complicated emotions rose in his heart.


Lu Yaoyao left the palace and rushed to the appointment with Nani Gu. The place where they had agreed to meet was still as gray and desolate as before. With no passersby around, Nani Gu looked very conspicuous, standing in front of the alley.

Seeing Lu Yaoyao’s coming, the devil boy let out an exaggerated sigh of relief, “Your Highness, you are finally here! I thought you weren’t coming, so I was going to the palace to find you!”

Lu Yaoyao checked the time, “I’m not late.”

“Well, I’m the one who arrived early.” Nani Gu said impatiently, “Alright. Now tell me your requirements.”

Lu Yaoyao was not in a hurry, “Let’s find a place to talk.”

Nani Gu looked around. Except for himself and Her Highness, there was no third person around, but this didn’t rule out the possibility that someone might pass by, “Your Highness, please follow me.”

Lu Yaoyao followed Nani Gu for a while until he stopped in front of the gate of an opulent residence. This was the property Nani Gu purchased not long ago, which he intended to use as the base of his operation in the Devil Capital.

The houses in the Devil Capital generally looked rough on the outside, but they were extravagantly decorated with carved jade and glistening gold on the inside. The devils were known for their love of luxury, which showed in their housing. “It’s safe here, and no third demon will hear our conversation.” Nani Gu stopped in a hall, “It’s very safe here. No third person can overhear our conversation.”

Lu Yaoyao didn’t waste any time and directly pulled out the spiritual tablet, “Your Nani clan can join my command, but all of you must follow my rules. In exchange, I will fulfill your request.”


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  1. I’m interested to know what the rules are for following her! On another note, I’m actually surprised that Nani Gu isn’t trying to butter her up or hold her in high regard with a respectful attitude, rather than treating her more like an equal and speaking to her as he pleases.
    Thanks for the chapter! 😀

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