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MSRV Ch 86 – Mom Has Been Fooled by Si Yue!

Wenwen’s reasoning was too logical, and even Fu Yunruo was almost convinced. She almost doubted whether she and Si Yue were really lying to the child so that they could get married.

“Wenwen, Mom knows you are a smart child. What Mom said is true, and besides, wouldn’t it be nice to have a father to love you?” Fu Yunruo patted her son’s head. The boy’s reaction caught her off guard. She originally expected that, given Wenwen’s admiration for Si Yue, he would accept the fact happily after the initial shock.

“What about you, Mom?” Wenwen looked up at Fu Yunruo.

“Don’t worry; he has no intention of breaking up us. We are still the same as before, and nothing will change.” Except that Wenwen would have another parent who cared about him.

“…” Wenwen buried his head in Fu Yunruo’s arms and fell silent.

“Wenwen?” Fu Yunruo called out, but received no reply. She ceased speaking and began to pat her son’s back in a rhythmic manner.

Wenwen closed his eyes, trying to ignore the complicated emotions brewing inside him.

How could he believe it? There was no way Si Yue was his biological father…

Wenwen wanted to find a flaw in his mother’s explanation, but his messed-up brain refused to cooperate. In the end, he couldn’t resist his body’s instinct and fell asleep before he knew it.

The next morning, Wenwen woke up dazedly. Still half-sleeping, he went to wash and get dressed with Fu Yunruo’s help.

As cold water splashed on his face, Wenwen couldn’t help but think in a daze. It seemed that he had a strange dream last night…

In the dream, Mom told him Uncle Yue was his biological father. How could it be? Did his inner desire suddenly manifest in the form of a dream?

In other words, he actually wished Uncle Yue to be his father?

Seeing that Wenwen was still staring in a daze, Fu Yunruo took his hand and walked to the dining room downstairs. They woke up early today and the kindergarten was not far away, so they had plenty of time to eat breakfast leisurely.

Fu Yunruo observed Wenwen’s expression and cautiously mentioned, “Wenwen, about the matter from last night…”

“…” Wenwen was suddenly startled awake. Wait, wasn’t it a dream last night?

In an instant, the delicious meat bun in his mouth suddenly felt tasteless.

However, in the spirit of not wasting food, he still finished everything.

After one night, Wenwen’s jammed brain started to work again, and he quickly found a suspicious point, “Mom, is there any evidence?”

“Evidence?” Fu Yunruo was stunned for a moment, “No…” She simply believed Si Yue’s explanation. Now that Wenwen had raised this question, she couldn’t help feeling doubtful — was she too quick to jump to a conclusion?

Suddenly, Fu Yunruo found herself too naive and simple. She trusted Si Yue’s character and believed he had no reason to fool her, but what if?

Seeing this, Wenwen’s brows furrowed tightly, “Then how can you know it’s true, Mom?”

“…” Fu Yunruo was speechless. Having no evidence, she lacked confidence and couldn’t help feeling a bit guilty, “Mr. Yue has no reason to lie to us…”

Wenwen shook his head and didn’t ask any further. He felt that his mother had been deceived, so he decided to communicate directly with Si Yue.

Now looking back, he had heard some people joking about how he resembled Si Yue. He believed this was probably due to the fact that he had unconsciously picked up some of Si Yue’s mannerisms while filming. In addition, being a child, he had the tendency to mimic the speech and behavior of the adults he admired, and he was aware that he often mimicked Si Yue without realizing it. Though he had made a conscious effort to change this habit, he wondered if anyone had already noticed it.

Was it just because of this that Si Yue got the idea of making him his son and fooled his mother?

Wenwen preferred to believe this reasoning over the other. He refused to equate Si Yue with the word ‘father.’ In his mind, his so-called biological father was a scumbag who seduced an innocent girl before dumping her irresponsibly.

Fu Yunruo couldn’t reason with Wenwen, so she consciously skipped over this topic. Maybe it was better to have Si Yue come up with the evidence first; otherwise, she didn’t know how to convince the child.

After Wenwen finished eating, Fu Yunruo took his schoolbag and was ready to send him to school.

Stepping out of the house, the two happened to run into Si Yue again. This time, instead of the usual enthusiastic greetings, Wenwen simply ignored him and turned away, leaving Si Yue with a view of the back of his head. Right, despite his vehement skepticism, Wenwen was already affected by what he perceived as Si Yue’s attempt to fool him and his mother. Deciding that he was busy with school and had no time for this nonsense, he simply ignored the other party.

Of course, only Wenwen himself knew whether he was actually avoiding Si Yue or not.

Si Yue: “???” How did he provoke this little ancestor?

Fu Yunruo saw her son’s attitude and felt a headache. She couldn’t quite ignore Si Yue’s greetings, so she responded on Wenwen’s behalf, “Morning.”

Si Yue came over, took a look at Wenwen, and then asked Fu Yunruo: “What happened?”

When the mother’s attitude was warm again, why did the son treat him coldly now?

Fu Yunruo didn’t know what to say.

Wenwen snorted at Si Yue and pulled Fu Yunruo away. “Mom, the car is here,” he said. Anyway, never let Mom talk to this liar!

The car had stopped just a few meters away. Wenwen took his mother away and hurriedly urged her to get into the car.

After the two got in, the car drove away quickly, leaving the speechless Si Yue behind.

“…” Why did it feel like he was being treated like a scourge?

Inside the car, Fu Yunruo glanced at Wenwen: “Didn’t you say you wanted to talk to him?” Why did you ignore Si Yue all of a sudden?

Through the rearview mirror, Fu Yunruo saw the figure standing by the side of the road quickly fade away. It was only now that she discovered that many of their encounters in the past were actually not coincidences. Si Yue did that intentionally, seeking reasons to pick up and drop off Wenwen without arousing suspicion, all because he wanted to spend more time with his son.

In hindsight, she should have noticed it earlier. How could there be so many coincidences in this world?

“I’m busy with school. Let’s talk again when I have time.” Wenwen responded. His brows furrowed into tight frowns.

“…” For some reason, Fu Yunruo suddenly felt a little sympathy for Si Yue.

Wenwen continued sternly: “Remember, Mom, until I have a good talk with him, you cannot have any contact with him!” Mom was too gullible. Now that it was clear that Si Yue had an ulterior motive, he must never let the two have contact without his supervision. What if Mom was fooled by Si Yue’s deceiving words?

“Pfft!” Fu Yunruo broke into laughter, thinking that her son’s stern expression was too cute.

Wenwen was very dissatisfied, “Mom, don’t laugh! I’m talking seriously here.” Wenwen wanted her to correct her attitude and not take his words lightly just because of his young age.

“Okay, okay.” Fu Yunruo retracted her smile and tried to put on a serious look, “Wenwen is right. Mom will listen to you.”

Seeing that Fu Yunruo had corrected her attitude, Wenwen nodded in satisfaction. Still, his worries remained, and he couldn’t help but repeat his warnings sternly.

Even though Fu Yunruo listened attentively, Wenwen’s reminders continued until they reached the kindergarten, “Mom, you must remember what I said!”

Fu Yunruo held back her smile and said, “Yes, yes, Mom remembers. You should go to school now. Mom will pick you up in the afternoon.”

Still full of worries, Wenwen followed the teacher and disappeared into the gate.


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