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Aerial Rain
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MSRV Ch 88 Part 1 – He Deserves It! (I)

After Fu Yunruo saw off Si Yue, she didn’t feel like working and almost knocked over a pot of orchids absentmindedly. Then, Uncle Guo rudely kicked her out of the flower shed, afraid she would damage his precious plants.

With nothing else to do, Fu Yunruo walked around to see if anyone needed help. It was still early in the day, and the flower garden was in full bloom, attracting butterflies that added a bright touch to the scenery. As she took a stroll around an area, Fu Yunruo noticed a photography studio that had signed a cooperation contract with them. Today, a couple, a client of the studio, had come to take their wedding photos amidst the flower.

From afar, Fu Yunruo saw the bride in her white wedding dress, smiling in happiness as she posed for photos with the groom. Out of a sudden, a twinge of envy stirred within her heart. Since arriving here and having Wenwen, she had never thought about the possibility of wearing a wedding dress herself.

A figure suddenly flashed in her mind.

Fu Yunruo hastily shook her head and threw that figure away from her mind. Honestly! What made him so sticky anyway?

“Yunyun!” Just as Fu Yunruo was lost in thought, the bride noticed her presence and ran excitedly towards her, lifting her dress while the groom nervously trailed behind. The bride stopped before her, thrilled and nervous, “Yunyun, I’m your fan!”

Fu Yunruo smiled, “Thank you for being a fan of mine.” She then offered her heartfelt congratulations, “Congratulations! I wish you a lifetime of happiness and a long-lasting marriage!”

“Thank you! Thank you!” The bride was so thrilled that her cheeks flushed with excitement. She stood before Fu Yunruo, seeming to have many things to say, but her mind went blank, and she couldn’t find the right words.

“Would you like me to give you an autograph?” Fu Yunruo asked.

“Yes, please!”

“I don’t have any paper or pen on me right now. Can I give it to you later?”

The bride nodded enthusiastically, not minding the delay. Then, she asked timidly, “Would it be okay if I take a picture with you?”

“I would be honored,” Fu Yunruo replied warmly.

In the end, Fu Yunruo and the bride took numerous photos with the help of the wedding photographer. If not for the sight of the neglected groom looking at the brink of tears, the bride probably would have continued forever.

Fu Yunruo didn’t dare to stay any longer and hastily left.

When the bride saw the photos of herself and her idol in the camera, she couldn’t contain her excitement. She felt like she had reached the pinnacle of her life, having taken a photo with her idol while wearing her wedding dress! “This photo is amazing! I’m definitely hanging it up in my bedroom!”

The groom complained heartbrokenly, “What about me?”

The bride gave him a disdainful look, but after his tearful pleas, he eventually agreed to hang the photo in the study.

Afraid she might run into a fan again, Fu Yunruo left the public area. Although her fans were generally very sensible, those who lived relatively close often liked to visit the flower garden to try their luck in case they ran into their idol.

Fu Yunruo usually worked inside, so such encounters were relatively rare, only three or four times so far. Though she seldom made appearances, fans were always on the lookout for her. Even if they couldn’t find her, they would guess she was either absent or in an off-limits area and never made a fuss and would just enjoy the flowers before coming back again next time. Those lucky enough to see her would ask for an autograph and take a few photos together, then leave satisfied.

This time, the other party was a new bride, so Fu Yunruo didn’t have the heart to decline. She didn’t want to spoil the bride’s happy mood, so they spent considerable time taking pictures in various locations.

Wait, did she go from lamenting that she might not have the chance to wear a wedding dress to taking photos with someone in a wedding dress?

After being stunned for a moment, Fu Yunruo let out a sigh and went to fetch a beautiful notebook. This was a special notebook for autographs she had purchased after people began to seek her autographs. She quickly signed her name on a page and asked Keke to deliver the fresh autograph to the waiting bride. Others seemed to have caught the news and also wanted an autograph for themselves, so Fu Yunruo counted the requests and made sure to sign enough for everyone.

After that, she stayed indoors and continued tending to the flowers. Right as she finally got into the flow, a text from Wenwen’s teacher arrived. Fu Yunruo hurriedly replied to thank the teacher but lost her motivation to work. She finally left earlier than usual and waited by the kindergarten’s gate.

Did she act too hastily by telling Wenwen about this matter, considering its significant impact on him? She suddenly regretted her previous action and was unsure whether she had handled the matter properly…

Suddenly, a knocking sound disrupted the quietness. Fu Yunruo looked up and saw a very familiar person standing outside the car. She rolled down the window, and Si Yue’s bare face appeared before her.

Fu Yunruo: “…”

Si Yue put one hand on the car and leaned slightly, “Ruoruo.”

“Aren’t you in the set? Why are you here?”

“I’m done filming today.”


“I want to pick up Wenwen with you,” said Si Yue. His tone was completely humble, indicating that he was merely seeking Fu Yunruo’s opinion and would respect it if she declined his request.


“Can I get in the car? I just want to say a few words.”

Fu Yunruo was about to refuse but hesitated when she noticed Qian Shengnan’s gaze from the driver’s seat. Si Yue took Fu Yunruo’s silence as consent, opened the door on the other side, and got in the car.

The weather had been getting increasingly hot recently, so when Si Yue opened the door to get in, a wave of hot air rushed into the car. After he settled in, a bouquet of yellow roses suddenly appeared in front of Fu Yunruo. “I saw these on the way and bought them for you,” he said.

Fu Yunruo looked at the bouquet and saw how well the yellow roses were when professionally paired with the other flowers. Feeling a bit perplexed, she said, “Did you forget I work with flowers?” She had a whole garden filled with various blooms… so why did he get her another bouquet?


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