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MSRV Ch 89 Part 2 – I Don’t Look Like You! (II)

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Then Si Yue said: “How can you prove that I’m not your father?”

Wenwen: “??”

He retorted confidently, “I don’t look like you; I look like my mom!”

“Well, sons tend to resemble their mothers. But haven’t you noticed? We do have some resemblance; everyone says so. You have to admit it,” Si Yue said. Although the little bit of similarity in their appearance was obscured by the boy’s chubby baby fat and softer contours, their demeanor still shared some similarities.

Wenwen firmly replied, “That’s because I imitated you, so my behavior is a bit like yours, but that can’t be used as evidence.” Inside, he was annoyed with himself. Even if he had to imitate someone, why did he have to choose to imitate Si Yue? Otherwise, they wouldn’t even have this little bit of resemblance!

“We both can’t keep plants alive.”

“There are many people who are like that, not just us.”

“We both eat grapes without spitting out the seeds.”

“Many people do that.”

“I’m good at acting, and you’re also very talented.”

“There are countless talented actors and actresses in the world.”

“I like to eat fish and meat, but not vegetables.”

“Most children don’t like veggies.”



“Boy, if coincidences happen too often, are they still coincidences?”

“Who knows if it was intentional.”

“…” Si Yue stared exasperatedly. This brat was not easy to deal with!

Si Yue realized that he couldn’t foo—… no, couldn’t convince his own son. This little guy spoke very logically and always had a way to refute his arguments.

So, he used Wenwen’s own logic to counter, “Since that’s the case, how can you prove that I am not your father?”

Both of them glared at each other, failing to persuade the other, and eventually parted ways with dissatisfaction.

Wenwen quickly ran home, vanishing in a blink of an eye.

Si Yue followed behind and watched until the child entered the gate. Once the gate closed, he turned around and returned to his house. Sitting on the sofa, he leisurely extended his limbs and looked at the untouched plates of snacks. He grabbed a piece, placed it in his mouth, and chuckled while muttering, “Stinky brat!” But he was quite smart indeed.

Wenwen stormed home and threw himself into Fu Yunruo’s arms without saying a word. Fu Yunruo had initially planned to ask how the talk went, but when she noticed Wenwen’s flushed cheeks and pouted lips, she burst into laughter, “Didn’t go as planned, huh?”

Fu Yunruo did not believe that a four-year-old child could come up with any brilliant ideas, so she allowed him to vent. She had thought that Si Yue could soothe Wenwen, but it seemed that he had only managed to anger the boy even more.

“Okay, okay, let’s stop being angry.” Fu Yunruo led Wenwen to the dining table. “Look, Mom made a lot of delicious food for you.”

Wenwen’s nose immediately picked up the scent of his favorite dish, sweet and sour pork ribs! He looked up at Fu Yunruo, his eyes shining with excitement.

Fu Yunruo smiled and took Wenwen to the kitchen to wash his hands before returning to the dining table.

Wenwen sat on his special children’s chair, looking at the complete menu of four dishes and one soup on the table. Most of the dishes were meat, with only one dish of vegetables and a bowl of seaweed soup.

Wenwen licked his lips, his stomach telling him he was starving and needed to eat tons of nutritious meat!

Fu Yunruo picked a piece of ribs for Wenwen.

Wenwen took a bite and smiled in satisfaction. So delicious! Mom’s sweet and sour pork ribs were the best in the world!

As he quickly finished the first piece, Fu Yunruo gave him another one. Today’s meal was her reward for her son. Recently he had been very busy with filming, which was not easy for a young child, so she was determined to feed him a lot of meat to nourish his body.

Wenwen was about to eat the third piece of meat when he suddenly recalled Si Yue’s words just now.

He froze immediately.

Fu Yunruo was originally watching with a smile as Wenwen enjoyed his meat, but then he suddenly stopped eating. Concerned, she asked, “What’s wrong, Wenwen?”

Wenwen put down the meat and said indignantly, “I don’t like meat anymore. I want to eat vegetables!” Starting today, he would start correcting all the little and big habits that were similar to those of Si Yue! Let’s start with eating vegetables!

Fu Yunruo immediately reached out to touch Wenwen’s forehead. Could Wenwen be sick? How could he not want to eat meat and only want to eat vegetables?

Wenwen never liked vegetables. Until a year ago, he had to be coaxed well before reluctantly taking a few bites of vegetable dishes, and only in the past year would he eat it voluntarily. Even so, his dislike of vegetables remained, and he would only take a few bites before stopping.

So, his sudden declaration, of course, made Fu Yunruo worry.

The accuracy of using a hand to feel for temperature was not enough, so she leaned forward and touched their forehead. Hmm, she felt the temperature was not particularly high, so it should be normal.

“…Mom, I’m fine.”

“Then why don’t you eat meat?”

Of course, Wen Wen wouldn’t say he wants to change his habits to be less like Si Yue. His eyes rolled as he found a reason, “I want to lose weight!”

Fu Yunruo tapped his forehead, “Lose weight for what? Where are you fat? I think you look fine.”

Wenwen scanned his own body. Looking at the round watermelon belly and chubby limbs, he pouted, “I’m fat everywhere.”

“Nonsense, this isn’t fat. All children are like this. When you grow up, you’ll thin out.”

“Doudou isn’t like this.”

“He’s too thin. You can’t be like him. Think about it, in your class, aren’t you the most popular?”

Wenwen thought about it and realized it was true.

“That means you’re the most likable this way. Don’t you want to be the cutest kid in kindergarten?”

“…” Wenwen hesitated. He liked being popular, so he naturally wanted to stay as the most popular child.

“Do you still want to lose these cute weights?”

Wenwen shook his head immediately.

Fu Yunruo was satisfied and gave him another piece of meat, “Good boy.”

Wenwen continued to nibble on the fragrant pork ribs. When his belly became even more round, he suddenly realized something was wrong. Wasn’t saying he wanted to lose weight just an excuse?

“…” Wenwen rubbed his belly and stared at the sky outside in depression. With his mother’s watchful eyes, what should he do to change his habit?


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  1. Thanks for the chapter ❣️

    Looks like the war between father & son is just beginning ????

  2. I have suspicion that in the previous life, Si Yue found out about Wenwen late after he already quit acting and then when Wenwen begin acting, he secretly helped him to raise as a star.

    After all, they’re using his name to publicize Wenwen and the company he’s in might actually be one of Si Yue’s because the fact that Wenwen didn’t know about why Si Yue is quitting might mean that they still kept Si Yue lineage a secret.

    1. I think his father in his last life was someone else.

      In his last life Yunruo didn’t “escape” the trap that that beach set up. But in this life our Yunruo was aware and escaped the man that was supposed to do her and ran into Si Yue. Hence, new father.

      I think that Wenwen just looks like his mother so much that he hasn’t noticed any difference in his looks compared to his last life.

      1. But it’s not possible. If the father was different this time, how could Wenwen be born again? And he was dubbed as little Si Yue when he started acting, not only due to his mannerism but similar features

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