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MSRV Ch 89 Part 1 – I Don’t Look Like You! (I)

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During the short ten-minute ride, Wenwen behaved like a fierce little kitten, baring his teeth and claws, but in reality, he posed no threat whatsoever, using his cute appearance as a disguise. In order to prevent the little guy’s fur from getting too puffed up, the supposed target of his anger had to pretend to be scared.

As soon as the car stopped, Wenwen pushed Fu Yunruo into the house, casting occasional wary glances at Si Yue.

Fu Yunruo gave the two guys a glance, then went into the house as per Wenwen’s instruction.

He warned anxiously, “Mom, you absolutely cannot come out and eavesdrop! This is a negotiation between men! You must not eavesdrop, understand?”

Fu Yunruo held back an amused chuckle: “Okay, Mom will not eavesdrop.”

After entering the gate, Fu Yunruo turned to look back, wondering if Si Yue could manage to appease Wenwen. Though curious about their conversation, she had promised not to eavesdrop, so she resisted the temptation and instead went inside to start preparing dinner.

Wenwen crossed his hands, trying to make himself look more imposing. Unfortunately, his figure was too chubby, so he changed his posture and looked up at Si Yue: “Just say whatever you have to say here!”

Si Yue looked around, then raised his eyebrows, “Are you sure?”

Wenwen hesitated for a moment. The public roadside was indeed not a suitable place for a confidential talk, so he reluctantly suggested, “Let’s go to your place.” He then took the lead and walked forward with his short legs, trying to maintain a fierce demeanor.

Si Yue followed behind, holding the bouquet of flowers he failed to send over.

Wenwen walked to the villa next door and looked up at the gate that looked pretty similar to the one at his house.

When Si Yue passed him and opened the gate, he managed to anger Wenwen again.

Before, Wenwen was happy to find themselves neighbors, but now he had every reason to suspect this was intentional! This guy Si Yue must have the idea that ‘proximity begets closeness’ and cunningly devised this plan. When he found out that they had moved here, he secretly bought the villa next door, creating a coincidence!

With a humph, Wenwen strode in with the same aggressiveness as soldiers marching into the battlefield.

Considering the hot weather, Si Yue proposed to move the negotiating place indoors with Wenwen’s consent.

As they entered the living room, Wenwen originally sat on the sofa, but his small body looked even smaller in front of Si Yue, so he took off his shoes and stood on the sofa. Like this, at least the difference in height didn’t seem so obvious.

The father and son sat facing each other. Si Yue took out several plates full of Wenwen’s favorite snacks and placed them on the table. He also didn’t forget to prepare a cup of nutritious juice for the boy. “Aren’t you hungry? These are your favorites. Try them.” In fact, Si Yue had always stocked his house with various healthy yet delicious snacks suitable for young children. It was all for Wenwen.

Wenwen snorted disdainfully. Did he look easy to bribe?

Si Yue didn’t force it. This boy was like a firecracker now, exploding at every turn. “What does Wenwen want to talk to me about?” He said gently.

“What evidence do you have to prove I am your son?” Wenwen’s eyebrows were tightly furrowed. “My mother didn’t know you before.” He nitpicked. He had reasons to suspect Si Yue was taking the opportunity to fool Mom! He must have taken a fancy to Mom and wanted to take advantage of her!

Si Yue responded, “There is a reason behind it, and you will understand it when you are older.” Wenwen was still too young, and Si Yue didn’t want to reveal to him the details that happened between adults.

“I’m not a child anymore!” Wenwen rebuked dissatisfiedly. The grown-ups were all the same, always using this excuse to fool children. But he refused to be fooled! Last night, Mom also kept some details vague when explaining to him, so he didn’t know the whole picture.

Thinking of this, Wenwen once again regretted how he had never doubted the story of his origin in his previous life. If he knew about his parentage and went on to investigate the Fang Group, he must be able to dig up some information and wouldn’t be as clueless now. But it was too late, and his regret was useless.

Si Yue comforted him, “The situation is very complicated. You are still a child and don’t understand it yet. When you grow up, you will know. I never meant to deceive you.”

Wenwen glanced at his small body and stopped asking questions. Even if they refused to tell him, he could guess a few things. Following the pattern in the entertainment industry, his mother must have either been drugged or intoxicated, leading to an accidental pregnancy.

Otherwise, how else to explain the situation where Mom wasn’t aware of Si Yue, but he recognized her?

He had only asked earlier to confirm his suspicions, but deep down, he knew the answer.

“If you still don’t believe me…” Si Yue thought for a moment, “We can do a DNA test.”

“The test can be faked.” Don’t underestimate him because of his age. He knows a lot!

Si Yue: “…”

“Then what kind of proof do you want?”

“What proof do you have?”

“…” This stinky brat!

Wenwen insisted: “Anyway, there is no way you are my dad.”

“I am your dad.”


“I am.”

Two guys, one big and one small, argued like a bunch of grade school kids, immaturely bickering until their throats were dry. After a while, they calmed down and stared at each other, with Si Yue picking up his juice and taking a gulp.

Wenwen lowered his head and looked at the juice in front of him. In the end, he couldn’t resist the temptation and jumped to the floor. He then picked up the cup on the table and gulped it down. But he had no intention of keeping his mouth shut, let alone backing down. After burping, he climbed back onto the sofa and stood tall to continue their confrontation.

Then Si Yue said: “How can you prove that I’m not your father?”

Wenwen: “??”


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