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MSRV Ch 97 Part 2 – A Well-Matched Couple (II)

The elevator arrived quickly. After the doors opened, Si Yue carried Wenwen inside and pressed the button for the first floor. Once the doors closed, Wenwen furrowed his brows and said seriously, “You’re not Mom’s man!” He didn’t refute it immediately earlier because they were facing a common enemy, but now that he no longer had the use of Si Yue, he immediately spoiled the atmosphere.

Si Yue patted the boy’s soft butt and said contentedly, “Up to you.”

Wenwen: “…” For some reason, he was still upset.

“Put me down, put me down!” Wenwen started struggling again.

Si Yue put the little guy down and said to him, “When we see Mom later, don’t tell her about these unpleasant things, okay?”

Wenwen snorted. He knew that without being told! He wouldn’t let Mom worry about these things!

After the two exited the elevator, Wenwen looked around and asked, “Do you know where Mom is?”

Si Yue waved his phone, “Your mom told me.”

Wenwen’s eyes widened, “How could Mom tell you?” Mom promised not to have any contact with Si Yue! Did she secretly get in touch with this guy behind his back?!

Si Yue chuckled but said nothing. He lowered his head to look at the pouting little guy and thought, well, that’s because he had a ‘hostage’ in his hands!

With Wenwen in tow, Si Yue left the elevator. Both of them put on matching hats and pulled the brims down. If you didn’t look closely, you couldn’t see their faces clearly. Si Yue even wore sunglasses, adding an extra touch of low-key as they walked out through the glass doors.

Unknown to the two of them, Fu Yunruo was also having an unpleasant encounter. She had arranged to meet with her business partner at a coffee shop downstairs. They had a pleasant discussion about their collaboration and enjoyed a cup of coffee along the way.

However, before long, an annoying person emerged and spoiled her good mood.

Chang Zhuyou had been going through a tough time recently. His investments had suffered losses, resulting in a significant financial setback. Fortunately, his company had a strong financial foundation, allowing them to cover the losses and successfully overcome this crisis.

But they didn’t come out unscathed.

ng enjoyed smooth sailing for so many years, it was the first time the Chang Group encountered such trouble. Chang Zhuyou inevitably had to devote more energy to work. When he finally turned his attention back to his woman, he realized how much grievances she had suffered.

And these grievances were all brought about by that vicious woman, Fu Yunruo.

Chang Zhuyou had his subordinates track down Fu Yunruo’s whereabouts and came storming toward her, ready to settle the score.

“Fu Yunruo, you malicious woman!” Seeing Fu Yunruo happily conversing with a young man, Chang Zhuyou’s disdain for her grew even stronger. This woman was truly fickle, not only seducing one man but also maintaining an ambiguous relationship with another. These men must be blind, as if they had never seen a woman before, to be attracted to someone like Fu Yunruo.

When Fu Yunruo saw Chang Zhuyou, she rolled her eyes in a very rude manner. These people were like persistent ghosts, coming one after another — as annoying as flies that couldn’t be swatted away.

Seeing Chang Zhuyou’s fierce expression, Fu Yunruo feared that he would disregard his image and strike her in public. She didn’t let him get close, keeping a distance of three steps away, and promptly threw the unfinished coffee at his face.

“You…” Chang Zhuyou’s words were interrupted as the black coffee splashed onto his face. He instinctively closed his eyes and felt stickiness all over his face.

“Fu, Yun, Ruo!” Chang Zhuyou gritted his teeth.
Fu Yunruo blinked and said, “Your expression was so scary, I was afraid you would hit me, so I instinctively threw it at you.” As she spoke, she even shrugged her shoulders, showing timidity.

The person who was discussing cooperation with Fu Yunruo was Tan Minxi, the young master of the Tan family, He had been working with Fu Yunruo for several years, and today’s meeting was about renewing their contract. Originally, there was no need for him to intervene, but since he had known Fu Yunruo personally and they had been partners for many years, he took this opportunity to meet with her.

Tan Minxi stood in front of Fu Yunruo and faced Chang Zhuyou with a polite and distant smile. “Mr. Chang, please don’t come too close to us. You give us the appearance of a violent threat.”

Seeing Chang Zhuyou’s irritable appearance, Tan Minxi seriously doubted his previous judgment. Although they didn’t belong to the same social circle, they had some interactions. He used to have a good impression of Chang Zhuyou, but now, seeing him, the man seemed completely lacking in grace. He was like someone with an uncontrolled temper, constantly agitated, as if he was about to go berserk and hit someone at any moment.

Tan Minxi stood by Fu Yunruo’s side, instinctively understanding why she had thrown the coffee. Chang Zhuyou did look quite frightening just now, and it’s normal for a girl to feel scared.

“Mr. Chang, would you like to tidy up your appearance first?” Tan Minxi politely suggested.

Chang Zhu wiped his face, feeling uncomfortable with the stickiness on his hands as well. Looking around the cafe, he could sense some subtle gazes coming their way. Not wanting to be a public spectacle, Chang Zhu gave a fierce glare at Fu Yunruo behind Tan Minxi, then turned and left.

“I think he will return. You should leave first.” Tan Minxi said.

Fu Yunruo shook her head, “It’s fine. He can’t do anything.” Just a paper tiger trying to appear threatening. She was not afraid of him.

“Thank you for earlier,” Fu Yunruo expressed her gratitude, then continued, “If you have something to attend to, you should go ahead.”

The Tan family was still slightly behind the Chang family in terms of status. It wouldn’t be beneficial for Tan Minxi to offend the Chang family for her. Considering the methods commonly used by the Chang family, it was highly possible that they might retaliate against the Tan family because of this small dispute. Given the halo surrounding the male lead, the consequences of offending the Chang family were never favorable. Naturally, Fu Yunruo didn’t want her friend to face such a fate either.

“Don’t worry, I’ll call Shengnan in. I will be fine.” Fu Yunruo didn’t want to involve more people in her troublesome situation and directly called Shengnan to assure Tan Minxi. As she made the call, she deeply pondered about how she could make them stop pestering her.

Unfortunately, the network she had built up over the years was nothing compared to the giant tree that was the Chang family. Just thinking about it was distressing.

Tan Minxi originally wanted to stay and protect Fu Yunruo, but seeing her insistence, he had no choice but to leave. “Then be careful.”

Tan Minxi also realized that Fu Yunruo didn’t want others to get involved in her affairs.

After seeing Shengnan enter, Tan Minxi left. He knew that Shengnan was Fu Yunruo’s bodyguard and assistant, so he felt reassured.

After Tan Minxi left, Fu Yunruo considered changing location. But then she thought, wouldn’t retreating make her appear afraid? Besides, she had already made plans to meet with Si Yue here, and he should be arriving soon.

Chang Zhuyou lost so much face just now, so he probably wouldn’t return, right?

With these thoughts in mind, Fu Yunruo returned to her seat and ordered some light food and drinks for herself and Shengnan.

Unfortunately, she had miscalculated.


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