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MSRV Ch 97 Part 4 – A Well-Matched Couple (IV)

When Wenwen saw the hateful person shouting at his mother, he quickly ran over and asked nervously, “Mom, did he bully you? Are you okay?”

Wenwen gave Chang Zhuyou a warning glare. This couple must be sick in the head! One came to seduce Si Yue, and the other flaunted his presence in front of Mom. Could it be that he also wanted to seduce Mom?

Wenwen was anxious, fearing that his mom would be deceived by this scumbag. If Chang Zhuyou became his stepfather, it would be better to have Si Yue as his biological father!

Chang Zhuyou’s expression darkened even more upon seeing the chubby boy. Although he hated Fu Yunruo, she had been his former fiancée, and yet here she was, having the audacity to have a child with some unknown man!

It was something he couldn’t accept, and he had subconsciously ignored it until now. But upon seeing this child, the unpleasant feelings of being cuckolded resurfaced, causing a surge of anger within him.

Meanwhile, seeing her son running to her, Fu Yunruo lifted the boy up and placed him on her lap, her face beaming with a smile. “Wenwen, did you have fun?” In Fu Yunruo’s eyes, Wenwen going to the audition was simply for the sake of having fun. “Have you been a good boy? Did you cause any trouble?”

The little fatty was quite heavy. Fu Yunruo didn’t want to speak about Chang Zhuyou in front of Wenwen, so she intentionally changed the subject.

Wenwen protested: “I wasn’t playing, I was very well-behaved and didn’t cause any trouble!”

“Good boy,” Fu Yunruo moved a plate of untouched cakes in front of Wenwen, “Our Baobao is the best-behaved.”

Wenwen happily exclaimed, “Of course!” He was the best behaved!

The mother and son enjoyed their time together, filled with joy and harmony.

On the other side, Si Yue and Chang Zhuyou faced each other, with sparks flying in the air.

Si Yue was the first to look away. He sat in another empty seat, and said with a smile, “Wenwen is very good today. Everyone likes him.”

Wenwen proudly tilted his nose up.

Fu Yunruo smiled and said, “Well then, this is a reward for Wenwen, you can have two pieces of dessert.”

Wenwen smugly acted coquettish, “Mom, feed me.”

“Okay, okay.”

Si Yue gave Wenwen a disgusted glance. A boy was also a man. Why did he speak so sweetly?

But a smile involuntarily appeared on the corner of his lips.

Fu Yunruo fed Wenwen bite by bite. The boy was extremely happy, swinging his short legs with joy, finding the sweet cake even sweeter.

“Oh, right. I ordered these for you.” Fu Yunruo said to Si Yue.

Si Yue had confirmed the location with Fu Yunruo beforehand, so she knew they were coming to find her soon and intentionally ordered some extra when she was ordering.

Si Yue looked at the plates and sealed drinks she pushed over and said with a smile, “Thank you.”

“You’re welcome.”

The atmosphere was so happy and harmonious, as if a certain someone did not exist.

“You…” As soon as Chang Zhuyou’s words came out, several pairs of eyes turned toward him. Si Yue even looked surprised, “Why are you still here?”

Chang Zhuyou: “…”

“Are you here to pick up your fiancée?” Si Yue asked.

Chang Zhuyou was taken aback.

Si Yue pointed to the building across the street, “Your fiancée has had bad luck, even tripping while walking. You two are truly in sync, seeing that you especially coming to pick her up.”

Hearing this, Chang Zhuyou immediately forgot about everything else and hurriedly went out to find Fang Xueruo.

Once Chang Zhuyou left, Fu Yunruo suddenly felt the air become fresh and clean. “Finally, he’s gone!” She let out an exaggerated sigh of relief.

Wenwen solemnly spoke up, “Mom, if these people bother you again, just tell me, and I’ll drive them away for you.”

Fu Yunruo rubbed his squishy face and happily said, “Yes, Mom will rely on Wenwen for protection.”

At this moment, a waiter in a uniformed vest approached and respectfully said, “Mr. Si, Miss Fu, there are reporters gathering outside the door. It seems that news about you being here has leaked.”

Fu Yunruo and Si Yue exchanged a glance.

Si Yue said: “Let’s go.”

Fu Yunruo nodded.

Wenwen jumped off Fu Yunruo’s lap. When Fu Yunruo stood up, she felt a bit numb in her legs which took a while to recover.

This coffee shop often had celebrities coming and going, so they were skilled at handling such unexpected situations. The three of them wait for a while before leaving discreetly through a side door.

After safely avoiding the reporters, Fu Yunruo bid farewell to Si Yue, “Thank you for taking care of Wenwen. We have other matters to attend to, so we’ll leave first.”

Time was still early, so Fu Yunruo planned to take Wenwen sightseeing, then had dinner in the evening before returning home. It had been a while since they last had a good meal outside.

However, Si Yue didn’t play along. He raised an eyebrow and sighed, “I feel like I’m just being used and discarded.”

Fu Yunruo: “…” It’s not like she did that!

Wenwen raised his head high and confidently said, “We’re going to mind our own business.” Of course, he never considered taking Si Yue along.

Si Yue gave Wenwen a sidelong glance, thinking the little brat was no longer adorable. He then turned to Fu Yunruo and began to take out his best acting. His eyes displayed a mix of sadness and vulnerability. Seeing this, Fu Yunruo couldn’t help but feel a pang of guilt, realizing that she had been too heartless and ruthless in pushing him away. She almost succumbed and agreed to let him join!

However, when she lowered her gaze and saw her son who looked as proud as a rooster, she finally struggled to utter, “I’ll leave it to Wenwen.”

Very well, just let this father and son solve their own dispute!

Wenwen was triumphant. Humph! Of course, Mom listens to him!

Si Yue crouched down, “Wenwen, can you take me with you? I can be your laborer. When you get tired, I can carry you.” He glanced at Wenwen’s plump little figure, his eyes clearly saying: Are you aware of your own weight? Do you expect your mother to carry you when you get tired?

Wenwen was furious. These are all baby fat, he is not fat! Si Yue dares to look down on him!

“Fine! You can be our laborer!” Let Si Yue carry him the whole way and exhaust himself! How dare he criticize his weight!

Fu Yunruo: “…” She weakly rubbed her temples, unsure of whether to comment or not.

In the end, the family of three went out together. Since they were all public figures, they avoided crowded places and went to a secluded yet entertaining establishment Si Yue recommended.

Wenwen sat on Si Yue’s arm all the time, holding a toy gun that added to his weight. He directed Si Yue to walk around incessantly, now looking here, now going there.

Hmm, something didn’t feel quite right, but he couldn’t figure out what it was at the moment. Oh well, never mind — he would exhaust Si Yue first and then figure it out later.

Fu Yunruo watched the big and small figures in front of her and thought to herself that Wenwen would definitely get annoyed once he realized what was happening. But he agreed to it himself, so she let it slide and brushed off her concerns.

Wenwen thoroughly went through his plan to exhaust the ever-obliging Si Yue and ended up quite tired himself. By the time they returned in the evening, he could barely keep his eyes open. He bathed while half-asleep and had to ask his mother to wash him.

The next day, Wenwen woke up feeling refreshed and energetic. Suddenly, he remembered what happened yesterday, and he became furious.

He had fallen into Si Yue’s trap so easily and forgot to ignore him!

Wenwen stomped downstairs in a huff and saw Fu Yunruo. Unhappily, he said, “Mom, you didn’t even remind me yesterday!”

Fu Yunruo casually apologized, “Okay, okay, it’s Mom’s fault.” Didn’t she see that Wenwen was having fun? But she couldn’t say that, or he would get even angrier.

After Fu Yunruo comforted Wenwen for a while, he reluctantly sat at the dining table.

Well, he forgave Mom.

Next time, next time, he absolutely, definitely wouldn’t pay any attention to Si Yue anymore!


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8 thoughts on “MSRV Ch 97 Part 4 – A Well-Matched Couple (IV)”

  1. ????????????
    Even though he’s regresed.. he still behaved as his age ???? smour wenwen is so cute~ ????????????

    Tha ks for the chapter ❣️

  2. The Czech Warriormaiden

    Thank you for the chapter.

    I’m starting to feel annoyed by Fu Yunruo. I understand asking your child about their feelings and thoughts And taking them into considiration. But she seems to be hiding behind her 5 year old son. IT was the same when Wenwen told her not to talk to Si Yue until he talks to him.
    Her attitude of ‘Wenwen is in charge’ is rubbing me the wrong way.

    1. I agree as well it’s starting to get a lil disgusting. She’s the adult in that house not wenwen. So she needs to sort herself out.

      1. ItsMachiavellianCheese

        I had the same feelings too. Her relationship is giving ‘boy mom’s vibes. That’s why I don’t like when people say things like: Your the son, so you’re the man of the house.’ Or ‘You’re the eldest daughter, so when mom’s away you take care of the house.’

        It feels icky! It also adultifies and places stress on children. Ngl, I thought, maybe she doesn’t want to force him, but as a parent, one should take charge.

    2. I can see why some people may see it this way, but all three of them are in a difficult and estranged situation so it’s understandable why she’s like that. She’s also human, too. While she may not know that her son has been reborn, she’s very conscious and looking out for the best for her son. She does have feelings for Si Yue but she’s making it very clear that her son will always come first, regardless of any entanglement. Afterall, Wenwen has come to reconcile with her being his mother and have been with her longer; he also knows with his head that Si Yue is not at fault but knowing with his heart is a different matter. He’s spent a life of hell that was so miserable that he’s ended it with his suicide, so there is a lot of undue blame and grievance that he’ll have with father too, just as he’s had with his mother due to the misunderstanding that she had abandoned him before. I find her understanding and deference to her sons venting as more than understandable, as even a normal child would have difficulty adjusting to such a situation. She, as his mother, also knows her son is not unreasonable and has affection for Si Yue and takes a backseat in them sorting out their feelings themselves. This is how I see it.

      A mother and son who had a hard start and only had themselves to rely on would naturally be wary of this man who had clearly manipulated himself into their lives, albeit with good intentions. They are protective of this small and happy world they both have cultivated after having such miserable lives. As much as I feel sorry for Si Yue, he’s going to have to go through a rough patch too before all three reach a consensus to their family arrangement. That’s a more healthy and honest approach then them ignoring such a huge elephant in the room and playing happy family with unresolved issues.

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