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MSRV Ch 97 Part 5 – A Well-Matched Couple (V)

The Xianxia production quickly finalized the cast, and to Wenwen’s surprise, the female lead was neither Fang Xueruo nor Xia Wannian. It was an unknown newcomer, rumored to be very talented and full of vitality. Both the director and investors were highly satisfied with the choice.

Once Wenwen was certain that the cast wouldn’t change again, he stopped paying attention.

The new production hadn’t started yet, so his life returned to normal, with him obediently going to kindergarten every day.

Wenwen now started to cherish this normal, everyday life. He knew that once the sci-fi film aired, he would officially become a child star, and life would never be as peaceful again, no matter where he went.

With these thoughts in mind, he looked at Kangkang and the other kids with an accepting gaze. Yes, he had to cherish these little friends of his.

As time flew by, the kindergarten soon welcomed its end-of-term exams. During this period, Wenwen studied diligently and didn’t dare to divert his attention elsewhere.

Even though he had memories from another lifetime, he couldn’t look down on his classmates. The kids in this kindergarten stood at the top of the pyramid IQ. If he let down his guard even a bit, others would quickly surpass him.

Today’s kids were too amazing!

In one exam, he actually scored only 99 out of 100 points. Many other kids in his class achieved perfect scores, and he missed out on receiving the coveted red flower reward. For Wenwen, it was like a black mark in his history, and he would never dare to be careless again.

Every time he took an exam, he gave his utmost effort, fearing that he wouldn’t achieve a perfect score. It was really tough for him.

Lately, most of his focus had been on filming, and he hadn’t paid much attention to his studies. He worried that his grades might decline, and if that happened, his mother wouldn’t allow him to continue acting.

Fortunately, his hard work was rewarded. Wenwen received perfect scores in all subjects. Although there were several other classmates who also achieved perfect scores and shared the top spot in a few subjects, he was the first in class! So happy!

In order to reward Wenwen for his good grades, Fu Yunruo promised to take him to a water park.

Afterward, Wenwen officially entered his first summer vacation, and he was excited for several days.

They had explored all the fun places in the capital city, and Fu Yunruo was considering taking him to other cities for more adventures. However, Wenwen didn’t want to go.

He wanted to be considerate of his mom. Going out to play was also tiring, and it was better to stay close to home.

Mom went to work at the flower garden every day and seemed more exhausted whenever she took him out to play.

Seeing that he didn’t want to go, Fu Yunruo didn’t insist. She took this opportunity to focus on her live-streaming career.

Wenwen spent his days playing in the flower garden. He felt like he was back in the old days when Mom worked in the garden and he played nearby.

But the flower garden in the countryside was quiet and peaceful, while the one in Beijing was very bustling and lively.

A few days later, Yuan Xin and Si Yue came to the flower garden to see Wenwen. Si Yue ultimately didn’t take the role recommended by Director Mo and instead became a producer for the Xianxia films, becoming the biggest investor in the production. As a result, he had a lot of free time and often appeared in front of Wenwen, teasing him and then smoothing things over.

After several lessons, Si Yue had understand one truth: If he wanted Fu Yunruo to genuinely accept him, he had to earn the recognition of this little guy first. Otherwise, Fu Yunruo would never agree to be with him.

Every time Wenwen saw Si Yue, he felt extremely awkward. He wanted to ignore him, but Si Yue always managed to get under his skin, creating a never-ending cycle.

Upon seeing Si Yue, Wenwen instinctively turned his head and made a disgruntled sound to express his unwelcome attitude.

But he was very sweet to Yuan Xin: “Uncle Yuan, welcome!”

Si Yue gritted his teeth inwardly every time. This brat!

Yuan Xin enjoyed watching the father and son compete, but he came here today for a proper business, so after Fu Yunruo arrived, the four of them moved to the living room to have a talk there.

“The movie is scheduled for the summer season and has already been extensively promoted. This is the perfect time for Wenwen to open a social media account.” Yuan Xin said to Fu Yunruo. He was here to ask for her opinion. Although this was the initial plan, Fu Yunruo’s approval was necessary.

Yuan Xin had seen the post-production result of the movie. As a result, he could confidently assure that once it was released, Wenwen would definitely shine as the brightest child star, possibly even overshadowing Si Yue’s popularity.

Fu Yunruo had no objections to Wenwen opening a personal social media account, but she had one request: she hoped Wenwen wouldn’t be used for hype, just like Si Yue. Apart from news related to acting, there should be no irrelevant gossip.

When he was involved in a project, they would make an announcement but should maintain a low-key attitude at other times, so much so that the entertainment industry might forget about him.

She knew that Wenwen had just started acting and couldn’t even be considered a 18th-line child star, but she still hoped that from the beginning, Wenwen could be treated like Si Yue.

Yuan Xin could protect Si Yue to this extent, so he should be able to do the same for Wenwen, no?

Although Wenwen didn’t like the idea of being likened to Si Yue nor did he want to imitate him, there was a part of him that secretly longed to achieve the same level of recognition in the entertainment industry. He wished that he would only be known for his works and remain clean and independent, free from any gossip or scandals.

To have people talk only about his works and achievements was a great temptation for Wenwen, whose past life was ridden with scandals and ridicule. He had seen enough of the dark side of the entertainment industry, so his eyes looking at Yuan Xin were bright with expectations.

Of course, Yuan Xin also had the same idea and agreed without hesitation, “Don’t worry, with me around, there won’t be any messy gossip or scandals.” Placing Wenwen on the same level of treatment as Si Yue? Not an issue at all. It was never Yuan Xin’s responsibility in the first place — it was Si Yue’s own ability that made it happen.

Wenwen was Si Yue’s son. Even if Yuan Xin did nothing, Si Yue would definitely arrange for his protection in private, so there was no problem here.

Fu Yunruo chuckled and thanked Yuan Xin repeatedly.

Wenwen was also very grateful, “Thank you, Uncle Yuan!”

“You’re welcome, it’s the least I can do,” Yuanxin smiled and waved his hand, taking credit for himself and completely ignoring the deathly glare from Si Yue behind him.


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