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DDDV Ch 114 Part 2 – It’s So Funny (II)

That disciple lowered his head and glanced at the little girl’s height. No matter what, this lie was too exaggerated, wasn’t it? It would be much more believable if she claimed to be eight instead of eighteen. “Little girl, don’t make the fuss. Come back three years later when we open the next recruitment. You will be of the right age by then.” He said patiently.

Lu Yaoyao frowned, “I’m really eighteen!” She retorted seriously.

However, no one believed Lu Yaoyao’s claim. She still wanted to persuade, but the disciple just smiled and carried her away.

The disciple sitting at the table shouted, “Next!”

Seeing Lu Yaoyao being carried away, Chao Muxue was worried and wanted to catch up, but she was stopped and told to take the test first.

Chao Muxue couldn’t help asking: “Excuse me, why did the little girl just now being taken away?”

The disciple replied, “She doesn’t meet the age requirement.”

“…” Chao Muxue remained silent for a moment, unsure of what to say. Yaoyao had consistently emphasized being of a much older age, and it never came to her that she was lying…

“Water spiritual root. Eighteen years old.”

After Chao Muxue finished the test, she followed another disciple who was going to lead her to a separate place, but she kept glancing back at Lu Yaoyao.

“Can I go and have a word with her?”

The disciple thought for a while, “Alright.”

“Thank you!” Chao Muxue hurried over.

Du Qianshan’s result had also come out: water and wood dual spiritual roots, bone age sixteen.

Of the four who had made a promise to face the trial together, only Lu Yaoyao was singled out and removed due to her short height.

The disciple who carried her away smiled and took a candy out of nowhere, “Little girl, where is your family?”

“I came here by myself.” Lu Yaoyao puffed up her chubby face. She never expected that her plan to enter the Guiyuan Sect would be thwarted right at the first step. Lu Yaoyao was aware of the sect’s basic requirements, and she never considered them as obstacles because she knew she had spiritual roots and her age fell within the range, but…

She looked at her tiny arms and legs. Her appearance was too deceiving!

The disciple continued in a coaxing tone, “Be a good girl and go home, okay? Big brother is busy here, and good children shouldn’t cause trouble!” He then turned around and left.

Lu Yaoyao: “…”

“Yaoyao!” Chao Muxue ran over, “Are you alright?”

“Muxue…” Lu Yaoyao pouted her lips.

Chao Muxue stopped in front of Lu Yaoyao and leaned down to pat her head. “It’s alright. If I’m lucky enough to join the sect, I’ll try to find an opportunity to bring you in as well.”

Lu Yaoyao responded, “…Okay.” In order not to worry her new friends, she gathered her spirits and cheered up. “Muxue, you have to do your best!”

Chao Muxue gave her a few more words before leaving with a worried face.

The boys and girls who successfully cleared the initial test stood in a designated area while groups of Guiyuan Sect disciples escorted them on flying swords to the starting point of the entry trial. Lu Yaoyao looked on and couldn’t help feeling envious as she saw a dozen or so energetic young boys and girls quickly departing under the guidance of senior brothers and sisters.

She turned her head, taking a quick glance around, and caught sight of the smiling young man who had given her candy. Without hesitation, she swiftly dashed towards him.

“Senior Brother!”

“What’s the matter, little girl?” Ziruo lowered his head and asked with a smile.

Lu Yaoyao looked up, trying her best to put on a serious expression to appear mature and earnest. “Senior brother, judging people by their appearance is not right.”

Ziruo squatted down and asked with interest: “Why not?”

“Do you think appearance is the standard for judging someone’s age?” Lu Yaoyao countered.

“Of course not.” Ziruo shook his head.

“Then why do you think I’m not up to the standard just by looking at my height?”

Ziruo chuckled, “For cultivators who have reached a certain level of cultivation, we naturally cannot judge their age based on their appearance. However, for those who have yet to embark on the path of cultivation, we can generally estimate their age by their physical appearance.”

With a puffed-up face, Lu Yaoyao retorted, “Are you saying it’s not allowed for someone to start cultivating and reach the Foundation Establishment stage, which would keep their physical appearance unchanged?”

Ziruo sized the little girl up and down, “Are you trying to say that you’re a genius like that?”

Lu Yaoyao raised her chest proudly, “Of course.”

“Haha…” Ziruo was amused.

“Junior Brother Ziruo, what are you doing?” Zixu had just finished directing a group of people preparing for the trial and took a while to find his own junior brother who had run off to slack off, so he walked over.

“Senior Brother Zixu, this little girl claims she reached the Foundation Establishment stage when she was four,” Ziruo rubbed his belly, sharing a joke with his senior brother, and couldn’t resist turning his head to continue teasing, “So, what cultivation level are you at now?”

Lu Yaoyao let out a huff. She could tell that this young senior brother didn’t believe her and was laughing at her expense.

Lu Yaoyao crossed her arms over her chubby waist. “I’m at the Golden Core stage!” she proudly declared, very triumphant and confident.

“Haha…” Ziruo burst into laughter, bending over in amusement.

He did not believe her! And even had the audacity to laugh at her! If her cultivation weren’t restricted, she would have performed a live demonstration and showed him what it meant to be a Golden Core!

Zixu saw that the little girl was about to explode with anger because of his junior brother, so he gave him a slap, sending Ziruo sprawling to the ground.

“Don’t mind him, little girl. My junior brother can be a bit crazy at times.” As expected of a senior brother. Zixu was much more composed than his junior brother.

Lu Yaoyao took a look and found this senior brother to be more reliable. She quickly said, “I’ve been waiting in line for a long time to have my bone age and spiritual roots tested. Why don’t you just let me go so we can know if I really meet the requirements?”

“You’re right. It’s our negligence. Come with me.”

Ziruo rubbed the back of his head as he got up from the ground. Seeing his senior brother’s intention to take the little girl for the examination, he quickly caught up and asked, “Senior brother, do you really believe her?” It was too outrageous. How could it be true?

Zixu said: “Since she has lined up, there is nothing wrong with letting her try.”

Lu Yaoyao smiled, “Thank you, Senior Brother.”

Zixu brought Lu Yaoyao to the registration point where she queued up before. He waited until the last person finished before coming up to speak a few words with the disciple on the desk. He then turned around and said to Lu Yaoyao, “Little girl, go ahead.”

Lu Yaoyao walked over and reached out her hand confidently.


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  1. Idk I have a feeling that it wouldn’t shown well because her cultivation was sealed or because of her demon blood….or they’d be completely shocked.

  2. I think it’ll correctly show her bone age, but since her golden core has been sealed, she certainly can’t prove that she’s at the golden core stage. Luckily for her, though, she doesn’t need to prove her cultivation level at this point, so she should be fine for now. I’m just glad that someone was sensible enough to let her test!
    Thanks for the chapter! 😀

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